Pink Stork PMS Tea: Warm Cinnamon Tea, 100% Organic, Natural Period Relief from Bloating + Cramping + Heavy Flow + Nausea Relief + Migraine Relief, Women-Owned, 30 Cup

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5 Great reasons to buy from us:


  • HONORING GOD: We are Faithfully Female, Women-Owned + Women-Run, honoring God in everything we do.
  • PURE: Includes Cinnamon + Turmeric + Red Raspberry Leaf + other herbs.
  • GENTLE: Herbal Cinnamon Tea – enjoy hot or cold!
  • PREMIUM: Organic vitamins & herbs to ease menstrual discomfort from cramping + bloating + aches & pains.
  • CLEAN: Made without GMOs, Gluten, Wheat, Sugar/Sweeteners, Dairy, Soy + More.

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Pink Stork PMS Tea: Warm Cinnamon Tea, USDA Organic, PMS Support for Bloating + Cramping + Nausea Relief + Migraine Relief, Women-Owned, 30 Cups

Pink Stork PMS Tea: Warm Cinnamon Tea, USDA Organic, PMS Support for Bloating + Cramping + Nausea Relief + Migraine Relief, Women-Owned, 30 Cups

Pink Stork PMS Tea: Warm Cinnamon Tea, USDA Organic, PMS Support for Bloating + Cramping + Nausea Relief + Migraine Relief, Women-Owned, 30 Cups

Pink Stork PMS Tea: Warm Cinnamon Tea, USDA Organic, PMS Support for Bloating + Cramping + Nausea Relief + Migraine Relief, Women-Owned, 30 Cups

Pink Stork PMS Tea: Warm Cinnamon Tea, USDA Organic, PMS Support for Bloating + Cramping + Nausea Relief + Migraine Relief, Women-Owned, 30 Cups

Pink Stork PMS Tea: Warm Cinnamon Tea, USDA Organic, PMS Support for Bloating + Cramping + Nausea Relief + Migraine Relief, Women-Owned, 30 Cups

Pink Stork PMS Tea: Warm Cinnamon Tea, USDA Organic, PMS Support for Bloating + Cramping + Nausea Relief + Migraine Relief, Women-Owned, 30 Cups

Pink Stork PMS Tea: Warm Cinnamon Tea, USDA Organic, PMS Support for Bloating + Cramping + Nausea Relief + Migraine Relief, Women-Owned, 30 Cups

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Pink Stork, Faithfully Female, Amy Suzanne
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Pink Stork, Amy Suzanne, Wellness
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Pink Stork, Amy Suzanne, Wellness, PMS Tea
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Pink Stork, Amy Suzanne, Wellness
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Pink Stork, Amy Suzanne, Fly High

  1. The tea was very soothing and had a great aroma! I typically get pretty bad cramps on the first day or 2 of my period. I drank a cup right before bed and was able to sleep comfortably without the usual pain and discomfort. Would highly recommend this product!

  2. This tea is wonderful and has a great flavor. I love the hint of cinnamon as it sweetens the tea perfectly. I am someone who suffers from bloating around the time of my period and this tea made my belly feel wonderful. This will definitely be a staple in my pantry.

  3. The PMS tea tastes amazing and really does help me!! I have been experiencing some of the postpartum emotions and body changes. It also helps with giving me energy. I have been recommending it to all my family and friends!

  4. This was SO soothing! It was a wonderful tea to have when my cramps were really bad. It helped to ease the discomfort. I definitely felt like it helped and I’m going to keep using it every month!! Highly recommend this product.

  5. This tea is delicious! I think you will want to drink it more than once a month. As far as handling pain, it was pretty effective. I normally suffer from horrible headaches, nausea, and some cramping. While drinking the tea, and about 2-3 hours afterward, my headaches went away and I felt pretty good. I definitely advise brewing the tea for more than 1 cup a day. If you suffer from PMS symptoms, it is worth a try! (worst case scenario, you have some really yummy tea)!Great job by Amy & her team!

  6. This tea is really tasty and perfect warm right now with the cooler temperatures, although I bet it’s delicious iced in the summer. I started drinking it as soon as it was delivered (even though I wasn’t pmsing yet. I’m a big fan of Pink Stork brand and can’t wait to see the benefits when I’m on my period.

  7. I actually don’t love tea. It has always grossed me out. But my mother forced me to drink an after-birth recovery tea following my 4th baby and it was amazingly helpful with the postpartum healing. Since then I’ve been a tea believer when it came to women’s health. I really like the taste of this PMS tea–which is weird for a tea hater. I didn’t even sweeten it. The flavor was great. I take it to help with mood swings before and heavy flow during. I have noticed that I feel a little more regulated and even keel.

  8. I bought this tea for my daughter. It is hard to believe she is old enough to be needing this! I put together a ‘PMS survival box’ for her and this was included. She loves the taste and I make it for her whenever she asks.Recently, I was having a rough day. I have always had incredibly awful periods. Unable to move, sick on my stomach, crampings- I am nearly 32 and I have not found much to soothe my symptoms.I decided to give it a shot- and I am so glad I did. Within, 30 minutes I was feeling so much better. Also, the scent and taste did not further upset my stomach. It is a very pleasant taste. Not needing sweetener. (Which I recommend against as sugar can increase pains all on its own.)I plan on keeping this on hand- whenever I can, financially. It has made a huge difference for me. I wish I saw the other products when I was expecting! I plan to share Pink Stork with all my expecting friends. 🥰

  9. I am really enjoying this PMS Tea from Pink Stork. I am not one who usually enjoys flavored tea but this one is different. I have only tried it warm but I really love it. The flavor alone is great and it gives me a comforting calming feeling. I say it is a must buy.

  10. My stomach’s been bugging me for days and this warm delicious cinnamon tea has reallyhelped calm it down!

  11. This tea tastes amazing and has really helped my cramps. Pink Stork has been a staple in my house for pre and post natal. Can’t beat em’

  12. Love this product! Tasty, warm and comforting in addition to help with pain and bloating reduction! I proudly recommend it!

  13. I purchased the PMS and Recovery tea blends to recover from a very early miscarriage and discomfort associated with endometriosis and an iud I find uncomfortable. I picked the PMS tea because the ingredients are uterine toning but also useful for making sure I don’t retain any tissue. I was in a lot of pain, especially emotionally and I appreciate Pink Stork and the care they put into their blends. I’ve always had terrible PMS and period symptoms, this seemed to help with that as well as regularity after my body was thrown out of whack. I strongly recommend this for any woman looking to heal from or manage a miscarriage, menstrual pain, or uterine discomfort. Also if you love delicious tea or brands that specialize in women’s health. Thank you for everything you do, Pink Stork 🙂

  14. Wonderful experience. Tea is on a sweet side but lovely. Customer service is fantastic. They send me a gift to try of thier products as well. Thanks so much guys!

  15. I love this company. I am allergic to all things orange, and orange flavoring so finding a company that is organic, woman owned and doesn’t use orange is a huge blessing! I love how Pink Storm takes care of their costumers as well, we received a letter in the mail, making sure our package arrived a few days after the original delivery date. I have nothing but good to say of the company. The taste of the tea is great with a little honey. The tea itself is amazing as well. It really eased my cramps and made me a better person.

  16. I can’t say enough good things! This tea is delicious and helped my symptoms so much. Plan on ordering more of their products in the future!!

  17. Tastes amazing!!

  18. This tea is very delicious and quite soothing.

  19. I really like the tea, it has a mild taste when cold but a great comforting taste when warm. I highly recommend

  20. This tea is awesome! So much tastier than can be conveyed in a review. It feels right to my body to consume this – highly recommend.

  21. I’ve only got to drink 1 cup so far, but I Definitely feel like this is going to help me get my Cycle (MIA for over 150 days now). Will Update if this does it for me 🤞.

  22. High quality organic tea. This company reached out to me personally by mail and offered to allow me to try an additional free product just as a thank you for being a customer. This was very impressive. So far I am enjoying this tea it taste good and I feel good knowing that it’s organic and caffeine free. I am taking it to regulate my cycles.

  23. I love the taste and the products, it relaxes and helped me in releiving mensural cramps, the company even reached out to me by offering me a taste for a free product.

  24. I gave it 4 stars, only because I am excited to see how my mentural cycles will be now. I have had irregular cycles for 2 years. & it tastes a little gross, even with 4 scoops of sugar *I know, too much* but I am drinking it for my future child:). I am drinking my second cup right now! Will do an update in 3 months

  25. I wish I would have discovered this company sooner! I am done having kids, but this tea is still the best! While I don’t find it a miracle cure, I feel MUCH better all around drinking the tea. No more debilitating headaches to complain about! My husband thanks you and so do I! Customer service and appreciation are amazing! Keep it up!

  26. I really enjoyed the flavor of this tea. It also seemed like it was excellent quality. I’m not sure it actually helped with my PMS, however I did find it helps me to relax a little. My only complaint is that it says 30 servings, there are 15 tea bags and you are supposed to be able to get 2 cups per tea bag. I find after I use the bag once there really isn’t enough flavor left for a second cup. That’s a little disappointing for the price.

  27. This tea taste really good and makes your stomach feel better. It didn’t really help me with cramps but I also have extremely bad cramps. I will still purchase again just because the taste is worth it.

  28. Wonderful blend!

  29. I felt like mood drastically improved along with cramping letting up a little.The tea tastes delicious, it’s not too herbal-y and has a very gentle flavor that even someone that doesn’t normally like tea could probably drink this. I didn’t tell my husband what it was and he smelled it and took a sip and said it was good too! Very excited to try more products from this amazing woman-owned company!

  30. I love this pms tea. It helped my cramps and the bloating. I love this company!!! And love the taste. And it didn’t take long to for the cramps to go away.

  31. I love the packaging

  32. I love this tea! I get such bad cramping with my period that it’s unbearable! I’ve tried other remedies to even try to lower the pain and nothing worked. And then I tried the tea and I sometimes forget I’m even on it! If you get bad cramps, I highly suggest this! Currently sipping my tea now!

  33. It works very well. I had ovarian cysts, caused me bad cramping. But it released cramping and back pain too.

  34. This did help soothe my cramps during my period. It worked best when I start drinking it days before. The taste is ok.

  35. Delicious! This tea is so tasty and relaxing to drink. I personally LOVE Raspberry Leaf tea (I buy it loose by the pound and drink it regularly to help with hormone balance & period cramps), so it’s cool that this is a blend. The packaging it lovely too, and would be cute to gift. Definitely can get two cups per bag as they note. Great tea! Will buy again.

  36. Works great for easing pms symptoms. I suffer badly and get every pms symptom imaginable. This really helped with nausea, sweating and grouchiness for me. It did not stop cramping but made cramps more tolerable for me. This will be part of my monthly routine

  37. I have used this product for several months and found it to be quite beneficial.

  38. I have extreme symptoms related to my menstrual cycle. I sever cramping with migraines, and I can tell a difference when I’m using this tea. The flavor is good too.

  39. God send. This replaces my Yogi moon cycle tea that is no longer sold.

  40. Made the tea into an iced drink and put in the frig. My girls lessoned their arguing in the house, didn’t mind helping with chores and watched tv together without arguments.

  41. It has a flavor that reminds me of fall! Two cups and I felt much better!!

  42. My husband loves this tea. Not because he actually drinks it but because it really helps with my PMS symptoms. When I’m being cranky now or suffering from cramps he always offers to make me a cup of tea. It helps ease my cramps and headaches and I’ve even found it helps with bloating. Since it’s caffeine free I can even drink it in the evenings without worrying about it keeping me up.

  43. Smells and taste good

  44. Pink Stork PMS Tea is not only good for easing PMS symptoms, but ingredients such raspberry leaf, cinnamon, and ginger are beneficial any time! I love warming spices and enjoy this tea in the morning or evening after dinner to aid in digestion. Add a little honey or sip as is. Plus, I can reuse the tin when I use up the tea.

  45. Loved this tea! I felt that it did help relieve some of my cramps and the taste is great! Excited to try more of their products.

  46. (writing as Trevor’s wife) 😉 I drink this tea every single cycle! I have struggled with longer cycles since having children and am trying to shorten them to be normal length. I drink two cups of this tea for about a week and I believe it helps my period show up. My kids like to take sips, too!

  47. Perfecto

  48. It tastes great and actually helps relieve cramps and PMS symptoms. I have PMDD & periods can be crippling. For full effect, I tested this on the first day of my third post partum period and didn’t take any pain killers. I drank some tea and went for a walk. I felt much better and only had mild cramps and pains for the rest of the day; very manageable.

  49. I genuinely love the flavor!!Cinnamon always seems to help when my period comes so excited i got this tea!!!

  50. Love pink stork and all they stand for! The products are awesome and truly work.

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