Plexus Slim Pink Drink Microbiome Activating 30 Packets

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Plexus Slim Pink Drink Microbiome Activating 30 Packets

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  1. Love this product

  2. Tastes really good ! Looking forward to feeling and seeing the results

  3. Good stuff!

  4. Works great

  5. Good

  6. great taste, great product, full of prebiotics, However, the Amazon price of $105 is absolutely absurd! – get you an ambassador and pay $80-$85.THIS IS NOT A MIRACLE DRINK – YOU STILL HAVE TO DO YOUR PART IF YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT. IF YOUEAT BETTER, MORE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, COMBINED WITH THE DRINK (WHICH HELPS YOUR ENERGY LEVEL AND SUGAR CRAVINGS) YOU WILL BE ABLE TO LOSE WEIGHT. Nothing is a miracle, its a tool that can truly help if your consistent.

  7. I wanted this to not work just so I could tell all my friends I tried it and it did nothing so stop bugging everyone about it. Then I found out my sister had a major life breakthrough and was drinking this stuff, so I was intrigued and figured I had nothing to lose (60 day money back guarantee). I was blown away! I felt like a whole new person, I honestly am ready writing this… That’s how big of a difference it made for me and my husband! Just ordered another bag because a week without and I’m back to struggling majorly with exhaustion and some anxiety back too. This did wonders for my gut, first time in years that I have felt great! Nothing is a one size fits all, so maybe this didn’t help some, but it’s worth a shot on the chance you’re someone it makes a huge difference for!

  8. Great value for this item

  9. I’ve used slim in the past, the reason people leave a 1 star review is because they aren’t doing it the right way. If you do a whole packet the very first time you do it yes you are going to get very sick, because the liver is trying to clean up, the idea is to use a quarter packet everyday for at least one week until the organ gets used to it. Also drink water to help flush the toxins out. It helps a lot with bowel movements everyday, it’s safer than Miralax, you just gotta know how to detox correct.

  10. Love this supplement. Taste good and seems to do what its supposed to.

  11. Works for mood issues that can cause you to overeat. Have not found that by itself it helps weight loss.

  12. This product did nothing for me. It was s decent flavored water though! I did not gain any energy or lose weight. I already eat healthy and work out regularly, so I think this product is a great β€œtool” to get people started into a healthier lifestyle. Replacing sugary drinks with water/Plexus mix and it helps keep you mindful! Otherwise, ummm save your money!

  13. I absolutely cannot live without this product! Slim helps with body pain control, overall heath (with an immune deficiency it’s everything!!!), and helps you sleep better and maintain your energy throughout the day.

  14. don’t know how well it works yet. but the taste is awesome!

  15. I’ve been buying directly from Plexus, but saw this product on Amazon for the same price. As I was going to buy more of this and needed other items, bought it. If you are looking for a weight loss program I’d recommend this. Do a little research and by the Boost capsules as well. The flavor is nice, easy preparation and easy to use.

  16. I love the flavor of the packets! More importantly I love how less bloated I am!! Highly recommend

  17. Pros: Tastes good, super easy to mix, and it helps cleanse your body and put you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. It boosted my energy as well as cleaned out toxins in my body.Cons: While it works well, it still costs more than I would want to pay. To properly follow it’s use you need to purchase a bag of these each month, and the cost adds up quickly.

  18. Love this stuff. It may not help loss weight but my blood work is perfect! I don’t buy it here I buy from plexus! Along with probio5 It’s a game changer in my health. I’m plexus for life!

  19. A little pricey but when I use them I don’t crave soda and it evens out my blood sugar levels. It’s a healthy splurge that I do for myself to kick the soda habit.

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