Plum Flower Economy Size – Free and Easy Wanderer – Xiao Yao Wan –

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Plum Flower Economy Size - Free and Easy Wanderer - Xiao Yao Wan -

Plum Flower Economy Size - Free and Easy Wanderer - Xiao Yao Wan -

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Plum Flower Economy Size – Free and Easy Wanderer – Xiao Yao Wan – 1,000 Teapills

  1. This product was recommended to me by my acupuncturist. It does what it says. It helps regulate your moods through hormonal cycles and enhances your well being.

  2. I used one bottle, all I needed.

  3. I’ve been reaching out to this formula for years. During most stressful times and during every day Blahha.within 30 minutes, my mood change and life gets a bit easier to manage.

  4. Plum Flower “Free and Easy Wanderer” was recommended by my acupuncture Dr. who I’ve been going to for over a year for lymphedema that the Western Drs. can’t figure out what is causing it. It doesn’t help with all the water on me….acupuncture does. But, we have been independently rescuing feral cats for well over 14+ years and in the past 8 months I’ve been helping with cats (feral and not feral) in the burn zone up in Paradise, CA. A horrendous Camp Fire started on November 8, 2018, and killed 86+ people, burned down 18k homes and businesses, killed thousands of pets and livestock. Still almost 9 months later, we have missing cats up in the burn zone. There are fire cat rescue groups up there that should be concentrating on rescuing cats and instead they engage in FB attacks against one another. A kitten nursery I was volunteering at closed down due to allegations of panleukopenia but the shelter manager said there was none, and it’s all out war. The acupuncturist is amazing! He feels the pulses in each wrist and he can tell from the pulse rhythm (there are 23+ of them) which organ is being affected by “stress.” He’ll say “What is going on now…your kidneys are severely deficient”. I freak out and say “I have kidney failure like cats gets and the Western Drs can’t detect that? He said its not kidney failure. He says its something caused by stress and burning the candle at both ends for so long..not giving your body proper rest…it’s causing my kidneys not to metabolize water (and my cortisol is high causing inflammation). He said “stick out your tongue” and says I have “Heartfire”? I said “Oh no…now my heart is impacted too? It’s Paradise and that orange clown that is the President!” He says “Heartfire means you are so emotionally full of ‘angst” from all this crap going on…that the brain and the heart are attached. Whatever it is…. he said to take “Free and Easy Wanderer” 8 tiny tea pills 2-3 times a day. I took just 8 one time and could feel it “takes the edge” off but doesn’t make you dopey like my friend who had to get Valium and could not drive. Now, I went back this week and he asked me if I was still taking them. I said “I thought you said just take a few times then I can go off of them…” He said “Is the war still going on on FB and in reality up there in Paradise?” Yeap. Then, you need to take them more like 2 times a day! Long story short…they REALLY work. My acupuncture Dr. wants me not to watch any Trump news…and I tell him “I don’t do it intentionally. OMG..he’s on my computer in the news, he’s on the TV, and he is on Alexa on the news…24/7 it’s impossible to escape! Hell, my parents run away camping and they are 82 years old and they hope they end up somewhere where they can’t get the news with him on it. LOL. It’s bad. I should tell them about these tea pills. Get them you won’t regret it!!!

  5. This is a good calming liver (bupleurum/peony) formula

  6. Nice to have a large size….

  7. Recommended by my Acupuncture due to stress and anxiety. Was desperate to try anything other than addictive pills. After approximately three weeks of consistent use I saw a significant difference in the way I reacted to perceived stressful situations, without any type of “medication” induced lethargy. I have become less reactive in my interactions and more open, I.e., I don’t lose it when things arent going smoothly nor does the daily grind seem so overwhelming. This product has enhanced my life. If this product was available for repeat delivery I would sign up immediately.

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