Pneumotrophin PMG 90 Tabs

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  • Pack of 90 tablets
  • Contains uniquely derived nucleoprotein-mineral extracts that support cellular health
  • Helps maintain the lungs in a good state of repair to support healthy lung function

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Pneumotrophin PMG 90 Tabs

Pneumotrophin PMG 90 Tabs

Pneumotrophin PMG 90 Tabs

Pneumotrophin PMG 90 Tabs

Pneumotrophin PMG 90 Tabs

Product description

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Standard Process – Pneumotrophin PMG contains Protomorphogen extracts which are uniquely derived nucleoprotein-mineral extracts that support cellular health. Bovine lung PMG extract helps maintain the lungs in a good state of repair to support healthy lung function.

  1. Avatar

    This product works faster and better than mucinex without any side-effects, except easier breathing ability! Product provides quick, effective results.

  2. Avatar

    Great product for anyone looking to improve lung health. It is worth taking this everyday, and 2-3x day if you get a cold in your chest

  3. Avatar

    I am an x smoker and I take these to help my lungs. So far all the Standard Process products have helped me and for sure this can’t hurt. Thank You

  4. Avatar

    I’ve had chronic asthma all my life. I’m 71 now. My doctor recommended this product and by taking it regularly, 3-4 tabs, two or three times a day, on an empty stomach, I feel much better. I’ve been able to get off the maintenance aerosols that have so many contraindications. I’ve been taking it for a year now and if I’m out for a few days I notice I need to use albuterol more often.

  5. Avatar

    I took one bottle of this. It came in good condition.

  6. Avatar

    Another greet product from Standard a Process.

  7. Avatar

    High quality products.

  8. Avatar

    Amazing product. Whenever I have bronchitis this seems to help clear it up Very fast. Would def recommend.

  9. Avatar

    Works great for anyone with breathing issues. Highly recommend. Fast shipping.

  10. Avatar

    I’m never disappointed with the speed and accuracy of my purchases. Thanks.

  11. Avatar

    This was for my father. The price is awesome and the product is actually what he wanted.

  12. Avatar

    this product does well…mine comes to me by my Chiropractor at $16.00 for 90 tablets….most reasonable!

  13. Avatar

    This stuff works SO well to minimize a cough!!

  14. Avatar

    We have used this for years and happy that we can purchase it without a dr’s appt. Recommended by a chiropractor in Ft. Wayne.

  15. Avatar

    This was great for a lung challenge I had recently.

  16. Avatar

    This was recommended to me by my niece – she had a bad case of pneumonia and was convinced that thiis was helpful. Previously I had to go to the hospital about once a year, as I have COPD. since using this product my lungs stay cleared, and I have not been re-admitted to the hospital. Neat.

  17. Avatar

    Helped to keep colds at bay this last winter. I have a tendency to catch every cold I’m near.

  18. Avatar

    this product will clear up lung congestion….FAST!

  19. Avatar

    Great for colds and flu!

  20. Avatar

    My holistic chiropractor recommended this to me when I had a chest cold and now I swear by it. Great product that clears up chest pain/congestion FAST! take one tablet with each meal!

  21. Avatar

    This is an excellent product, however; on the standard process site the suggested price is $19.00.

  22. Avatar

    I’ve suffered with bronchitis for five years, could not lay flat on my back to sleep at night. My Holistic Doctorrecommended I try this all natural product and since I starting taking it, immediately my breathing issueswent away. It really does work for me, I love it!Ms.BettyOxford,Georgia

  23. Avatar

    I have had bad coughs that last for about 2 months every year for the past 20 years. i had been taking symbicort and albuterol (inhaler and nebulizer) which didn’t help when i was having a bad episode. I landed in the hospital last year with pneumonia. Shortly after this i saw a chiropractor who prescribed this for me, for the past year i have had zero bad coughs, i had a few times where one started to happen and i made sure i took this and it fought it off! I rarely take symbicort or albuterol now as well.

  24. Avatar

    They work!!!

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