Premium Water Pills Diuretic Natural & Pure Dietary Supplement for Water Retention Relief Weight loss Detox Cleanse for Men & Women with Vitamin B-6 Potassium Chloride Dandelion Root by Phytoral - 90 Count (Pack of 1)

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  • WATER PILLS are a great way to keep balanced water and sodium levels – Diuretic helps with diet and exercise – Can help you lose weight – Reduce Bloating – Boosts metabolism and Immune system
  • Vitamin B-6 – Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine is part of B complex vitamins which plays an important role in converting food into energy and helps the body metabolize fats and is great for immune system
  • Potassium Chloride – Potassium plays a significant role in the maintenance of an optimal fluid balance in the human body – It also assists in the metabolic processing of nutrients
  • Dandelion – Dandelion leaf root has high antioxidant properties and plays a role in maintaining healthy vision – neurological function – healthy skin – aids the digestion system and more
  • Buchu plant – The leaves of the buchu plant are a fantastic source of minerals antioxidants flavonoids and vitamins and is one of the top natural health remedies

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Premium Water Pills Diuretic Natural & Pure Dietary Supplement for Water Retention Relief Weight loss Detox Cleanse for Men & Women with Vitamin B-6 Potassium Chloride Dandelion Root by Phytoral

Premium Water Pills Diuretic Natural & Pure Dietary Supplement for Water Retention Relief Weight loss Detox Cleanse for Men & Women with Vitamin B-6 Potassium Chloride Dandelion Root by Phytoral

Premium Water Pills Diuretic Natural & Pure Dietary Supplement for Water Retention Relief Weight loss Detox Cleanse for Men & Women with Vitamin B-6 Potassium Chloride Dandelion Root by Phytoral

Premium Water Pills Diuretic Natural & Pure Dietary Supplement for Water Retention Relief Weight loss Detox Cleanse for Men & Women with Vitamin B-6 Potassium Chloride Dandelion Root by Phytoral

Premium Water Pills Diuretic Natural & Pure Dietary Supplement for Water Retention Relief Weight loss Detox Cleanse for Men & Women with Vitamin B-6 Potassium Chloride Dandelion Root by Phytoral

Premium Water Pills Diuretic Natural & Pure Dietary Supplement for Water Retention Relief Weight loss Detox Cleanse for Men & Women with Vitamin B-6 Potassium Chloride Dandelion Root by Phytoral

Premium Water Pills Diuretic Natural & Pure Dietary Supplement for Water Retention Relief Weight loss Detox Cleanse for Men & Women with Vitamin B-6 Potassium Chloride Dandelion Root by Phytoral

Premium Water Pills Diuretic Natural & Pure Dietary Supplement for Water Retention Relief Weight loss Detox Cleanse for Men & Women with Vitamin B-6 Potassium Chloride Dandelion Root by Phytoral

Premium Water Pills Diuretic Natural & Pure Dietary Supplement for Water Retention Relief Weight loss Detox Cleanse for Men & Women with Vitamin B-6 Potassium Chloride Dandelion Root by Phytoral

Product description

Size:60 Count

Water Pills have become one of the most popular natural health supplements in recent years. This is due to its effectiveness in promoting water balance, reducing water retention, weight loss, and reducing bloating. It has also been shown to increase energy, support immune system, and boost the metabolism. This makes it one of the greatest potent supplements available. Our Water Pill capsules are packed with all natural and essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B-6 pyridoxine HCI – Chloride – Potassium – Dandelion Leaf extract – Pure Green Tea Leaf extract – Natural Cranberry Fruit Powder – Juniper Berry extract – Buchu Leaf extract – Pure Apple Cider Vinegar extract – Corn Silk Powder – Paprika Powder – Watermelon Powder Our products are 100% pure and natural ingredients. These potent water weight loss supplements are made in the United States by GMP certified facilities. Our Water Away pills are made with your needs in mind. We place great care into every bottle and capsule to ensure its premium quality.


60 Count (Pack of 1), 90 Count (Pack of 1)

  1. Amazing product. I was on prescription water pills and took myself off because it was taking my BP down and I wanted to go natural. I PROMISE that if you give this product a chance .. you will find it to be quite successful.I was not given this product at a discount or free in return for this review

  2. This was a really good product. I have been having a problem with water retention on my ankles and needed a solution. I came across this supplement during my search and purchased it. I was not disappointed. It took about three days to completely get the swelling down but it worked great. I would definitely purchase again and recommend it to others.

  3. This product definitely works; you just have to give it time. For me, it took about two days for me to really notice it working and its results. I tend to get edema in my ankles when I’ve been standing or sitting for too long; and lately, because of the current work I’m doing, I’ve had it in my hands. Using this product significantly reduced the edema to no visible signs, and I noticed more trips to the bathroom with an increase in water consumption but nothing excessive or a spike in my blood sugar (Type I diabetic). I think it’s helped with my blood pressure as well, as my last reading at my doctor’s office was excellent. As well, I’ve lost about six pounds in what I would say is water weight. Great product!

  4. I retain water like crazy and used to take prescription water pills but they were way to harsh for me. I wanted to find an all natural pill so I read reviews on many different products and decided to try this product. They do not work immediately but after a couple of days I noticed a huge difference. I let a friend try some and she loved them and asked me to order her some. I am so glad i gave these a try now i am a customer for life.

  5. In an effort to get off of lasix I decided to try Water Away. This product is effective yet works at a more acceptable pace throughout the day without the urge to go every 20-30 minutes. Will definitely use this in the future. I would recommend this product to anyone seeking a more reasonable diuretic.

  6. Premium Water Pills Diuretic Natural & Pure Dietary Supplement for Water Retention Relief Weight loss Detox Cleanse for Men & Women with Vitamin B-6 Potassium Chloride Dandelion Root by TevareThe Water Away is truly a tremendous product because i have been trying to fight water weight and Belly Fat for sometimes now. I have been using it for about 45 days now and the first 21 days i noticed a reduction in water in water on my stomach as well as water on my knees. One of my legs is longer than the other so it tends to add fluid to one of my knee caps that has tremendously reduced as well. WATER AWAY IS DEFINITELY THE BY FAR THE BEST PRODUCT ON THE MARKET AND I LOOK FORWARD TO BUYING THIS PRODUCT FOR A LONGGGG TIME TO COME. THANK YOU WATER AWAY

  7. My husband was under heavy prescribed medication to relieve his water retention due to congestive heart failure. He had severe side effects from the medication, i.e. severe dizziness to the point that he can’t even walk up the stairs and can only stand for a short time. He also had shortness of breath. This prompted me to do research of a natural diuretic pill. I found Water Away, which has very good reviews. I immediately made my order. My husband dropped the prescribed medication and used this Water Away dietary supplement. Water Away continue to eliminate his excess fluid with no side effects. In conclusion, Water Away is a significant addition to his health. Highly recommended!

  8. I purchased this product for my daughter who has a problem with water retention issues and it worked well enough for her so I then purchased a second bottle for myself but it works in a totally different way from my daughter it Regulated regulated my bowls which is awesome for me ♥️ I recommend and will purchase again!

  9. Well when i first got it I was disappointed to see i might need to take 2 tablets BUT I QUICKLY learned that just one pill worked better then the other brand i was required to take 2 of. I have been impressed and pleased with the results with no side effects. Would purchase again and recommend it

  10. Was pretty skeptical about any water weight control pill but this one actually within the first week helped me feel less bloated and it seems I was urinating more often than usual. It was looking like I was carrying about 8 pounds of unneeded water weight every week so this kept it under control.

  11. I have suffered many years with bloating and water retention. I’ve tried other OTC products that just didn’t work for me. I decided to take a more natural approach and I found these. They work great. I don’t feel bloated anymore and I don’t have to worry about getting a prescription for the doctors. I highly recommend trying these if you are suffering from bloating and water retention.

  12. I retain water which causes me to have high blood pressure. I have started using these pills when I am out of my prescription water pills and they work great, just as well as my prescription pills.

  13. This product works well. I’ve been using it three days a week and then off for four days and back on for three. I seem a lot less bloated and my rings aren’t stuck on when I wake.

  14. I take this on a daily basis. Every day due to my thyroid issues, I retain water like a sponge. This product helps reduce the inflammation. I highly recommend this. (I am a regular customer and I am not receiving any compensation for this review) still taking it everyday…

  15. After a few days all of a sudden I noticed my face had shrunk! I retain a lot of water, and these have been so helpful in getting rid of it. I’m going to keep buying these!

  16. I had a medical issue and one of the side effects was severe water retention. I had been up 5 pounds in weight and I was sure it was water weight. I bought these pills with the hopes that something would help and within a week, the water bloating was all gone and my weight was back to what it was. I definitely recommend these!

  17. I like water way because the pills work and they are excellent. what I like the most about water away the pills are safe for you and they have B-6 and potassium, so you want deplete your electrolites in your body and they are premium. Thanks!

  18. I have been battling edema since 2016. This product has surpassed all prescription medications that doctors have prescribed for me. I recommend this product hands down for anyone who is suffering from constant painful edema.

  19. Today is my second day of using This product. I lost 3 lbs overnight and reduced swelling in my fingers. Looking to see how much water retained I will end up losing with longer term use.

  20. This product helped with my water retention quite a bit! I tend to wake up to a puffy face / eyes in the morning, with the problem becoming VERY bad at high altitudes. As someone who snowboards in the mountains regularly, I couldn’t handle it anymore! Taking this pills even a few times a week solves the problem at home, and taking it daily when I’m at high altitude has done wonders! I may also be a bit less bloated in my stomach etc, but for me, that was a bonus 🙂 Definitely recommend for those that have water retention that is unpleasant but not a serious health issue..worked for me!

  21. So I retain water because I don’t drink enough of it so I decided to start taking these and they really work. I can feel the tightness in my hands, wrist and fingers when retaining and now I don’t feel that tightness anymore.

  22. This is a great product. I ordered it for myself to help with excess fluid that causes my feet to swell. It worked like a charm! Within the first 2 days of taking these pills, I could see how much fluid had already been lost. It has worked so well for me that I ordered a bottle for my mother. Thank you for making such a great product for such an affordable price! I would recommend this product to others and I will be ordering this product again.

  23. Sitting all day at a desk now that I’m older, my ankles swell. I decided to find a “natural” way to help with my water retention rather than ask the doctor for a water pill. I tried a few products and they didn’t work. Then I read the reviews for this product and all claimed it worked. Well, they are right! By taking one pill after breakfast and one pill after lunch, this product eliminates my swollen ankles entirely. One pill took care of most of the swelling, but two bring my ankles to a totally normal state. I highly recommend this product!

  24. Awesome product!! I bought hundreds of items on Amazon and never write reviews but this product is amazing!! My blood pressure was getting too high and averaging over 155/95 for well over a year. The next day after taking after taking this product my BP was back to normal 120/80 and has stayed there for the last 6 weeks! I take the pill twice a day and my blood pressure is perfect. Highly recommend “Water Away” capsules!!

  25. I was suffering from edema in the ankles and feet and decided to try Water Away to see if it would help reduce the swelling. After taking one pill a day for a week I saw significant reduction in the swelling. I would recommend this product to anyone who may have similar issues.

  26. I had been having an issue with very puffy eyes, so I decided to try this product. I had almost immediate results, meaning within the first couple of days my eyes looked much better.Also, I’m allergic to caffeine and had concerns about the green tea content. I have taken one pill in the a.m. for over a week and have had no caffeine allergy reaction.

  27. I have a real problem with water retention and especially from sodium. I noticed that when I eat bad for a day or am on my period, these help immensely and I dont gain the normal weight. I’m the type of person that has pizza, etc one night and gains 2-5 pounds of water weight from it. I must say you need to drink a lot of water while taking these pills because they will pull your water. I’ll wake up and my eyes will my dry, so when I drink enough water those things don’t really happen. Also, these make you go to the bathroom a lot but only if you have excess water to get rid of. So prepare to urinate a lot and have loose stools. You may not have that but I did. I recommend Taking these on a night before a chill day, not work or an event just to see how your body reacts. And I highly recommend these like on the night of a cheat day because you want that immediate relief the next day.

  28. I began using this after surgery that removed several lymph nodes. My ankles, in particular, would swell in spite of low salt intake, plenty of exercise, and elevating my feet at night. I used Water Away for about 3 days before I noticed a difference. I take one pill each morning, and the swelling has decreased dramatically. I will definitely be a repeat buyer!

  29. I purchased this for my mother who suffered from bloating in the abdominal area and wanted to lose weight. Originally, she tried taking a weight loss product thinking it would help but saw little to no results. Since I work in the natural health industry myself, I thought I would find a product for bloating and water retention that includes both “corn silk” and “ACV”. To my delight, this product has them both. She is currently on her second bottle already and she has seen TREMENDOUS improvement in bloating and has even lost about 5 pounds of weight within the first 4-6 weeks. Highly recommend this for anyone with severe bloating in the abdominal area or a lot of water retention.

  30. Wow!! These water pills really do work. I was so skeptical when I ordered them. I believed all these good reviews were fake but they’re are not. I have multiple health issues and during the summer I am just miserable. My feet, ankles, hands and even face puff up at times. No matter what shoes I wore I was miserable from the water retention and I felt this year was the worse. That’s why I took the chance and ordered these. I have no regrets!!! Saw a difference within the same day. Not exaggerating. These truly work. Thiis product is amazing.

  31. Works. Zero side effects. Slight increase in energy levels but not jittery. Excessive feet and ankle swelling all summer to the point of constant pain and my shoes not fitting any longer. I took 2 pills per day… first thing in the morning and again at dinner time. Took about 4 days to get all the swelling down but it’s gone now. Not one side effect. Hope this lasts.

  32. I was on prescribed a diuretic due for water retention due to malfunctioning kidneys. I started experiencing severe muscle cramping and was told it was due to loss of potassium. The recommendation was to take potassium pills to compensate for the depletion.This concerned me greatly because that meant another pill I had to take. I ran across Water Away on Amazon, poured over the reviews and decided to give it a shot. I stop taking the prescribed medication and started taking Water Away. It does not work as quickly as the script med, but I do not suffer from muscle cramping and the other side effects like dry eyes.I would recommend this product for those that are looking for a natural way to address water retention issues.

  33. Bought these for my fiance because her ankles keep swelling out of nowhere. It started with her being on her feet for 13 hours at work to just swelling whenever they felt like it even when she wasn’t on her feet. Needless to say it began to spread from her ankles to both feet and lower legs. So I bought these and after a week of her taking just one pill a day the swelling almost stopped 95% even after working double shifts 10+ hours.

  34. Wow. I am blown away by this product. I am 22 years old, and for the last 2.5 months I’ve been dealing with extreme puffiness and fluid retention in my eyelids. It was the weirdest thing. At first my doctor thought it was a bilateral infection, and then they thought it was allergies when the steroids and antibiotics did nothing for the puffiness. Finally, after trying every medication and herbal remedy under the sun, I bought this product. After just 2 days my puffiness is completely gone!!!! If you’re having fluid retention or puffiness in your face, try this product!

  35. Arrived on time (with prime) and as described by seller. Does a great job at relieving bloating especially that caused by water retention from PMS. I usually start taking it twice a day a week before my period starts and have noticed much less bloating especially when I’ve done a good job decreasing sodium intake significantly. Make sure to hydrate well throughout the day. Would highly recommend this product and this seller.

  36. I really like the all natural ingredients in this product. I carry a lot of water because I drink a ton of water each day. This especially helps pre-menstrual to stop water retention and swelling.These do not dehydrate either. If you do drink excess water though, I gave 4 stars because I find that I still experience swelling. I use the product daily/take it twice per day and the ingredients and how they are all natural are what really keep me as a continuing customer in comparison to other diuretics.

  37. I was retaining water/bloating/feeling stiff/high blood pressure–all peri-menopausal stuff. this works great & I was definitely peeing more. take one at night b/f sleep & one in morning. Peeing all day & in morning when wake up pee A TON. no adverse reactions & def lost water weight

  38. I love the fact that these pills are natural. I’ve been taking them for over 1 month every other day and wanted to see how they worked on me before I decided to write a review. They are just as effective as the Lasix ones my Dr. had prescribed. I like these bills better because they don’t give me that caffeinated rush and jittery feelings.

  39. I was skeptical at first to try since other products I have tried were not working. Since it has good reviews Im glad i purchased it. Ok so It makes you go to the loo a lot of times and voila you just lost that pound. The first time i took it I experience having cold hands, had to go to the gym to shake it off. I lost 4.4lbs in two days. I suggest to drink lots of water. Recently one of my friends had to borrow my uniform for work, she is a size 44 and Im a 40 she has a tiny waist though and a big bum. I gave her some tablets and ask her to take 2 per day for consecutive days until the day she has to wear my skirt. I could see her face and body become thinner though my skirt were still tight on her but she shrinked compared to the day I last saw her.(True story)She ask me to purchase a bottle for her whenever I visit the states. She didnt experience any side effects. She’s just very happy with the product. As for myself I wont take this everyday only if I have to , esp when I eat food with too much sodium in it that makes my face look like a balloon. I also would like to mention I think its also an appetite suppresant . Good product and will purchase again

  40. OK so here was my situation: For a good week i was consuming high sodium meals, i am obese, and live a sedentary life style due to unemployment. That included Fast food, instant meals, etc. My body took it’s toll after Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving-left-overs feasting. I was eating food without realizing how much sodium I was ingesting for a good 3 weeks. I went to my family doctor and he checked me and got back to me with the blood and urine tests and said everything seems to be fine, the bloating he believed was due to being obese, sitting around for prolonged hours, not being active, and high sodium intake. I took his advice and he said i needed to process the retaining liguid by taking either a prescription or natural diaretic and start moving my fat ass more often and lose the weight.Mind you I wanted to go natural eating right and take OTC medicine/supplements because i didn’t want any of the other possible side affects from the prescribed medicine he told that would might occur. I ordered these water pills and got them the next day with Prime.Mind you while taking these pills i changed my diet to high protein and fiber w/ low sodium and becoming more active steering away from the sedentary lifestyle. Lifting weights and getting my heart rate up by doing stationary jogging and high reps in the 20’s and 30’s with lighter weights. With the lighter weights I’d do 24-36 reps with weights i would max out to get my heart rate going doing pulls, arnold lifts, curls, bench presses. As an add on for my personal interest i am also doing muscle building, 6 reps of double to triple the weight performing bench presses, arnold lifts, curls, deadlifts, leg extensions, should shrugs. and leg presses. All of this with free weights.So for the first 2-3 days taking these pills, nothing legs were still bloated, peeing normally, about 4 times a day. Then out of the damn blue after waking up I did my normal routine of peeing and off to my computer workstation. Then a hour later, pee’d again. And again in another hour, and again in another hour, and again and again and again… for 2 days straight I was peeing every 45 minutes to an hour. The amount of times i was urinating in one day was making it extremely inconvenient and hectic but i knew that me body was finally flushing the water that was retaining in my legs. I wouldn’t recommend trying to hold it in, i didn’t attempt to because the urge was so intense and hit me like a train, i’d imagine if you tried to hold it in you’d end up soiling yourself or maybe do some damamge to your bladder or w/e.How did I know the retained water in my legs was finally draining and being processed out of my body? Because during those 2 days i notice my legs were hurting less, skin getting less tight, I was able to move around more freely since the water was prevent me from moving around. At the end of day 6 the bloating was gone and my legs looked normal albeit the skin being stretched and slightly wrinkly from the extreme bloating but i’d imagine it’d bounce back and eventually tighten up.When my legs were bloated it was the worst pain ever. It’s like a burning pain and my ankles and knees had limited movent due to the bloating. When i would poke my bloated leg from the knees down with my finger and leave it there for a few seconds and would retain the shape of poking it slowly go back to normal in i would say about 30 seconds. Ever since the Urination Blitzkrieg my legs no longer show any signs of bloating or any other issues, my legs are back to normal and i am now moving about more freely.BRB gotta pee.

  41. I’m recovering from back surgery and was accumulating a lot of water in my feet and legs . So much so that my surgeon recommended I get on some sort of water supplement. I’ve been taking these every afternoon around 1:00 and wow what a difference – my legs and feet look great. The only downside is I sometimes get dry mouth – which is sort of good, since I then drink a lot of water.

  42. I had an issue with edema in both legs after experiencing a side reaction to the pain medication Gabapentin. My doctor put me on a prescription water pill for 30 days, but after that time, the swelling returned. They would not renew the prescription so that forced me to look for an alternative treatment. I found Water Away online and have been taking it for about a month now and the swelling has gone down enough to bring relief.

  43. I purchased this product to reduce the swelling in my ankles and knees. After 2weeks I noticed my joints were less painful and my ankles were less swollen. in another week my ankles were normal. If I missed my dose, my joints started to stiffen up. My husband noticed a reduction in his swelling in his knees and feet in the same time period as me. we will continue taking this product for all the benefits.

  44. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT🙌🏽😍 2 days after taking these pills the swelling went away!!! I will be purchasing MORE!!!

  45. Its definitely not Lasix like I used to take, but this won’t leech electrolytes out of your body like Lasix does. I used to take spironolactone with Lasix just to balance out the potassium and magnesium, but I am happy to say that I no longer need it because of this product. It keeps the water weight down and I have not had water retention issues at all and I have been able to stop taking prescription drugs all together!

  46. I’ve been on these pills for about a week to reduce water retention due to my blood pressure meds. I must say that I am pleased so far. Though I didn’t see a significant urinary output, I have experienced significant reduction in retention especially in my feet and ankles. It has also helped me shed some weight which I’m guessing was water (6 lbs so far)Now the downside: My headaches were pretty bad the first 2 days but I stopped drinking coffee pretty much cold turkey when I took my first pill. Highly recommend NOT to do this if you’re a heavy coffee drinker like myself. Because it has a good deal of caffeine in the pill, I would just cut down and slowly stop or just keep coffee to a minimum. It will make your head pound pretty bad.I also experience MADDDDDD diarrhea the first 3 days. (Sorry for the TMI) and it was like water. So I highly recommend a probiotic with this pill.Other than that, the side effects did taper off so I’m going to stick to it for 30 days…..👍🏽

  47. My personal trainer mentioned to me that my body retains a lot of water and recommended to try “Water Away” type of supplement. After a quick search on Amazon, I found this brand and decided to give it a try.The first thing I noticed just after a couple of days taking just one pill a day, is my bloating decreased significantly!I always had bloating, doesn’t matter what I eat – almost everything “heavy” (bread, milk, sugar) gives me this discomfort in my stomach and it is almost impossible to eliminate 100% of it.About my water weight, I did lose 2-3 pounds but not as much as I expected. Maybe I do not have as much water weigh as I thought…Anyway, I would recommend to start with one pill a day and increase to 2 pills per day after one week to see if this supplement is the right one for you.

  48. I just ordered this product on Tuesday 06/04/19 and received it 06/05/19 via Prime and I took my first dose this morning. I saw immediate results. I have an issue with fluid retention in my legs and ankles because I have been sedentary and sit at a desk most of the day due to my job. The pic I shared is an hour and fifteen minutes apart! It didnt make me run to the bathroom but I am just within my first few hours of it being in my system so that may change. I just wanted to share because I was super excited about the initial results!*Update…it has also lowered my blood pressure too. My blood pressure was running around 143/94 and it has dropped to 113/72.

  49. I have a tendency to retain water, and my blood pressure skyrockets because of it. I was taking Diurex every 6 hours and it barely touched my swelling. This does the trick- for the first time in years I can remove my wedding band, and my blood pressure is back within normal range. I only take 2 a day and feel so much better as opposed to the 3-4 a day I had to take of the Diurex. Highly recommended thoygh they are large- take with water, not a hot beverage or it will start dissolving. I learned the hard way taking it with coffee and it made me feel ill.

  50. I bought this product because I suffer from high blood pressure and was unable to afford my regular HCTZ and Amlodopine medication. When I first started taking Water Away, I didn’t see any effects for 2 days. So I figured it doesn’t work and I let it sit on my shelf for 2 weeks. Then last week I took my blood pressure and I was in trouble–171/102. Not good!!! So I decided to really put this product to the test. I decided instead of giving it a 2-day test. I would give it a 2-week test. I gotta tell you, if I had of given this product one more day the last time, I really would’ve started seeing results. By day #3, I started getting up every other hour during the night to urinate. This is the only part of this process that’s bothering me. For some reason whether I take it in the morning or at night, the urinating frenzy doesn’t start until I go to sleep. By day #3, my blood pressure was at 161/92. Not good, but it was better than the last reading. Day #4 BP was 155/86. Day #5 BP was 144/80. All I can say is that is a heck of a lot better than it was last week. Still got a ways to go though. But this product has made a believer out of me.I wanted to come in and and add update for Day #7. My BP is now at 135/77. I took it again to be sure and then it went to 133/74. I’m in total shock plus I lost 5lbs already. This product is a miracle!!! Give it a week and YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!!!

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