Organic He Shou Wu Fo Ti 30:1 Extract Powder 91 Servings Aged Roots Primal Herb

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5 Great reasons to buy from us:


  • LONGEVITY TEA / ENERGY DRINK – He Shou Wu Plus helps provide deep energy to the cells of the body. This is done without any stimulate compounds – zero caffeine
  • HAIR STRENGTH & HAIR GROWTH SUPPORT – Primal Herb’s Ho Shou Wu helps provide extra strength hair support and pigmentation this is done through HGF, β–catenin, SHH, and FGF-7 expression
  • AGED ROOTS – Aged He Shou Wu – Fo Ti roots have higher concentrations of active compounds which results in a highly effective formulation.

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Organic He Shou Wu Fo Ti 30:1 Extract Powder 91 Servings Aged Roots Primal Herb

Organic He Shou Wu Fo Ti 30:1 Extract Powder 91 Servings Aged Roots Primal Herb

Organic He Shou Wu Fo Ti 30:1 Extract Powder 91 Servings Aged Roots Primal Herb

Organic He Shou Wu Fo Ti 30:1 Extract Powder 91 Servings Aged Roots Primal Herb

Organic He Shou Wu Fo Ti 30:1 Extract Powder 91 Servings Aged Roots Primal Herb

Organic He Shou Wu Fo Ti 30:1 Extract Powder 91 Servings Aged Roots Primal Herb

Product description

He Shou Wu Foti

​ORGANIC – AGED – PREPARED HE SHOU WU – FO TI 30:1 – Traditionally “Prepared”

He Shou Wu PLUSis formulated from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) principles. In TCM, single herbs are rarely used – as herbal formulations (combinations) that are correctly balanced have more therapeutic effectivenessand achieve the outcome more predictably – Feel the difference of Primal Herb.

Current Batch Root Age: 4-5 Yrs. old

Prepared He Shou Wu (Polygonum Multiflorum) May Help Provide…

  • Strengthen & Stimulate Hair Growth
  • Liver Support
  • Blood Support
  • Antioxidant
  • Cognitive Enhancer
  • Digestive Tonic
  • Helps Alleviate Constipation


Our Prepared He Shou Wu starts with Organic Aged Roots to ensure potency and effectiveness. We then Traditionally Prepare the roots to process using a Dual Extraction: both water and alcohol extraction.

This process allows for the extraction of some of the most active and bioavailable compounds. The result is a highly effective Prepared He Shou Wu Extract so that you can feel the difference!


Organic He Shou Wu Fo Ti Powder


He Shou Wu PLUS is formulated from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) principles.In TCM, single herbs are rarely used – as herbal formulations (combinations) that are correctly balanced have more therapeutic effectiveness and achieve the outcome more predictably – Feel the difference of Primal Herb.

This formula includes a synergistic blend of:

  • Organic Prepared He Shou Wu Extract
  • Organic Siberian Eleuthero Extract
  • Cracked Shell Reishi Spores
  • Organic Goji Extract

Prepared He Shou Wu PLUS also includes the addition of piperine, the active alkaloid chemical found in black pepper. It immediately increases the bioavailability of the powerful compounds in these mushrooms so that you can feel the difference!

  1. Went on a wim because there were no customer reviews, but the product is packaged well and seems legit. I love that it is “prepared” as many other brands are not. Only just started taking this in addition to my other herbs (such as pine pollen, milk thistle seed, dandelion, and stinging nettle) but I feel this company needs more love because the quality is very nice, so I had to write a positive review for them. Hopefully helps more people attract to their product

  2. Great and consistent product. Aids in kidney function and general well being.

  3. The stuff is legit! My skin and hair look so much better. Organ function has improved. I feel like years are being added on to my life. Definitely recommend!!!

  4. Love this tea without anything added to it.

  5. my hair is growing faster

  6. No Comments!

  7. Great He-Shou-Wu

  8. I like the new little spoon and the packaging. It’s much easier to use now in this box. I took it on vacation and was able to use it every day without worrying that it would spill out all over the place. I think this stuff helps to keep me from getting sick. It is a bit expensive but I have returned to it after several months of stopping because it seemed to help me keep my immunity up.

  9. I take it at night before I go to sleep and I stay asleep all night now. I think this is the best quality and it’s made in the black bean soap so it is not toxic to the body

  10. Awesome herb!! Interesting taste and a must to blend into an jing tonics!!! Highly recommend!!

  11. I am not a review writing type of guy. I have purchased this product 4 times in the past 6 months. I can honestly say it has made me feel better and my facial hair has gotten darker – a little. My beard used to be all white and now is more “salt n pepper” than white. I am 47 and have been grey since my early 30’s.

  12. I have been using He-shou-wu for several months now and won’t be without it….. I gave this 5 stars as it has exceeded my every expectation….

  13. The He Shou Wu is awesome! My energy level is high I normally drink it in my coffee before I work out and man my sex drive is thru the roof, my girlfriend is much younger than me, I’m 55. I have been recommending He Shou Wu to all my friends.Thank youCharles

  14. Good stuff always feel energized highly recommend.

  15. I started taking this a few months ago, then stopped . BIG MISTAKE ! Now, I am back on it. I sleep a lot better than I did … and the main thing I see is that I get “Aroused” more . With several health problems /issues; I was only able to get aroused maybe once every ten days or so …. Now; taking this four times thruout the day (Once in the morning , Mid Day , Evening , and then Bedtime ) I find that I get going two or three times per day …. I’m getting ready to place another order ; probably next week ….

  16. The product works well I feel very good when I take it. Calmer, stronger, and energetic.

  17. This is the real deal! It gives me calm energy. I use the wooden spoon that is included and add a spoonful to my green tea a couple to 3 times a day! I’m 66 and I can keep up and not get tired after a full day at work.

  18. This is a first-class product. Top quality contents and packaging. Part of me thinks that the think box is not necessary, but that is a minor point. Even with the packaging the price is very good.

  19. On our third purchase.

  20. I am using this He-Shou-Wu powder as it was suggested for improvement with hair growth. I have not seen any improvement as it’s early on, I do notice that I have improved energy.The product is top notch… including the packaging. I especially love the little spoon included, as it makes the powder so easy to use. I’m looking forward to spectacular results.

  21. I can’t much as I just received it Ir does meet my standards

  22. Seems to be helping. Hair less gray after 3-4 weeks of daily use.

  23. I was skeptical of the claims that He Shou Wu would restore hair color and vitality but I am seeing the gray disappear and the natural color come back in my eyebrows, temples and elsewhere. My hair started returning its color after about 6 weeks of the daily recommended dosage.The hair color begins to return in the back first, then works its way forward to the sides and front. My energy, stamina, and libido have returned to the days of my youth, and I am approaching 63 years this fall. This review includes the He Shou Wu I have purchased from Lost Empire Herbs and VitaJing also. I am trying different brands and concentrations to see if I prefer one over another. So far, they all seem equal in quality and effect.I highly recommend He Shou Wu for restoring the vitality of youth.I should also mention that I regularly consume other tonic herbs such as gynostemma tea, asian ginseng, american ginseng, astragalus, pine pollen, ashwagandha root, ginkgo biloba, lions mane, chaga and reishi mushroom extracts, and occasionally bacopa extract.Perhaps all of these tonic herbs and mushrooms act synergistically to restore youthful vitality, but in any case I am pleased with the direction my health has taken, and I don’t see any reason to stop my daily regimen.

  24. Tasty! I have been really bad at disciplining myself to take it daily so can’t comment on the long term effects. However, when I do take it I notice a difference.

  25. Besides noticing healthier hair, my overall energy and mental health have been on such a consistently uplifted wavelength! I’m DEFINITELY going to keep purchasing this. It’s worth every penny and then some!

  26. This He-Shou-Wu is the best on the market. Yes, it is pricey but if you want the hair loss benefits, as I do, this is the one to buy! I use this with my Matcha tea once a day and I just love it! It has an earthy taste so I also add mint to the steeping and some sweetener.

  27. Everyone in our house uses this, even my 12 year old dog. No issues with anyone. I’m very satisfied with anything that promotes longevity, is natural, and doesn’t cause any side effects. I plan on repurchasing. Also, it sort of tastes like coco powder so I just add it to my coffee in the morning and enjoy!

  28. Very good product

  29. This is my favorite He Shou Wu. I have gotten it from Mountain Rose Herbs, and it was more grainy and a completely different greenish color with black mixed in. One claim about He Shou Wu is that it helps to restore your hair’s color. I don’t know about that, but I’ve been taking it for years, and my hair has gotten no grayer than it was when I started taking it. It has always grown fast and been thick, but both have increased with He Shou Wu. But I am more interested in the health benefits it purportedly provides, some of which are not discernible without medical tests.

  30. Awesome product

  31. Would buy again

  32. I’ve only been using for a few weeks so definitely early but I have noticed less hair shedding. I will continue using.

  33. Excellent product highly recommend

  34. I started taking the tea about two weeks ago but I think it is already helping my hair grow, and also, the amount of hair falling out seems to be decreasing.Thank you for the prompt delivery and service!

  35. He Shou Wu Fo Ti Root is good

  36. Good product, very satisfied with the result

  37. Of all three brands of He-Shou-Wu I’ve tried, this one is the best. Not only is it the highest potency & gives me the most energy (but not jittery like caffeine), but it also dissolves easily & completely. The other brands leave some gloppy residue in the bottom unless I use a blender.

  38. Happy with this product

  39. I only buy He Shou Wu with Fo ti Root Extract Powder. Without Fo ti your at risk for unwarranted results. Therefore, so far, I’m my experience and medical need He Shou Wu Fo ti Root Extract Powder the best.

  40. I have been using this product for 8 months now and it has been great. After the 6th month I finally started seeing my hair turn black again. I didn’t have a lot of gray hair but it was starting to show on the sides of my head. He shou wu was recommended by my acupuncturist and I came around this brand after I tried many others. It has worked for me and the gray is reversing as can be seen by black hair with gray tips and every time I get a haircut I see gray hair turning black again so I am vey happy with the results and will continue to take it daily with my morning shake.

  41. I bought this product in April ’19 and thought i should wait a bit to see if it really works. A couple of days ago, two months later, as i was moisturizing my face, I could see that my skin was glowing. Obviously at first i thought of the creams and face washes i have been using, but, i noticed that my hands and feet and the rest of my body were softer and clearer (or brighter) than before. So, since i have been drinking he shou wu daily, religiously, i figured it could be the answer to my overall health improvement. My hair is even growing longer and stronger than before. I do not regret buying this product at all. It is worth a try.

  42. Great product

  43. Great product. No real taste which is good. Not cheap, but not too expensive.

  44. Context: 38 y.o. active, more tired lately, problem skin, otherwise healthy.Most supplements I buy, I honestly dont expect to make any significant changes. I noticed right away a difference with this.I have been coming off a facial breakout that seemed would never quit. Within 2 weeks, my skin has cleared and is healing so so so so fast. Like I cannot believe how freaking fast! Nothing has ever done this for me.If only for this reason, this product is amazing.I havent noticed hair since it has been less than a month and I didnt know that was a benefit to this product but I’ll update.Taste.. so I usually take this in my coffee in the am, but this morning I accidentally poured hot water directly into my prepared cup instead of my French press. Not wanting to waste it, I drank it as is and holy smokes.. it tastes really good. It’s a pleasant tea by itself. I would very much drink this by itself. In fact, I may replace my coffee all together!I work from home and have been trying (and failing) to get up for a 5am start time. Like, I have been turning off my alarm in my sleep. Totally unable to wake up. Since starting this, I have been able to wake up easily at 430am without grogginess. I dont need a nap like I did before. It has done wonders for my vitality.Try this product!!!!Packaging is amazing too. I really hate to throw it away.

  45. Ads a little bulk to my coffee but I can’t say it makes me feel any different. Doesn’t entirely dissolve and you will find some of it at the bottom of your cup.

  46. Easily mixed with hot chocolate

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