Relentless Improvement EGCG Green Tea Extract 670mg Extract Per Capsule Standardized to 98%+Polyphenols 60% EgCG Very Low Caffeine No Stomach Upset

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5 Great reasons to buy from us:


  • Pure Extract Tested Free of Residual Solvents Pesticides and Flouride
  • Polyphenols standardized to 98+% Caffeine less than 0.50%
  • 670mg Extract PER CAPSULE 1340mg PER SERVING of 2 vegecapsules
  • GREEN TEA EXTRACT derived using a chloroform-free, water-based extraction method
  • Customers report far more gentle on digestive system than competitor products

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Relentless Improvement EGCG Green Tea Extract 670mg Extract Per Capsule Standardized to 98%+Polyphenols 60% EgCG Very Low Caffeine No Stomach Upset

Relentless Improvement EGCG Green Tea Extract 670mg Extract Per Capsule Standardized to 98%+Polyphenols 60% EgCG Very Low Caffeine No Stomach Upset

Relentless Improvement EGCG Green Tea Extract 670mg Extract Per Capsule Standardized to 98%+Polyphenols 60% EgCG Very Low Caffeine No Stomach Upset

Relentless Improvement EGCG Green Tea Extract 670mg Extract Per Capsule Standardized to 98%+Polyphenols 60% EgCG Very Low Caffeine No Stomach Upset

Relentless Improvement EGCG Green Tea Extract 670mg Extract Per Capsule Standardized to 98%+Polyphenols 60% EgCG Very Low Caffeine No Stomach Upset

Relentless Improvement EGCG Green Tea Extract 670mg Extract Per Capsule Standardized to 98%+Polyphenols 60% EgCG Very Low Caffeine No Stomach Upset

Product description

New single-capsule dose formulation. Maximum strength – minimum capsules. Customers report far more gentle on digestive system than competitor products. Rich in tea polyphenols, EgCG and EC (epicatechin).

Relentless Improvement brand EGCG Green Tea SuperPotent Extract. High potency, high purity EGCG Green Tea Extract. 90 vege-caps. Per capsule: 670 mg Green Tea Extract providing 606mg catechins and 409 mg pure EGCG.

Don’t confuse this product with “grocery store” quality products- your health depends on it. Formulated specifically for those who need the most potent and pure Green Tea EgCG extract possible.

New- full dose in one capsule and more mg EgCG and tea polyphenols per dose. NO added excipients, 100% natural.

Unlike other EGCG supplements on the market, our high-potency extract is derived using a chloroform-free extraction method providing you a product free of typical solvent residues. Relentless Improvement decaffeinated green tea EgCG is extracted and decaffeinated without Ethyl Acetate which could be harmful to humans.

Because this is an ultra-high potency extract, you will obtain significant plasma levels of EGCG with only 1 capsule. Compared to other products, this is more convenient and far more cost effective (you don’t have to take as many capsules or reorder as often). Plus you avoid the risk of ingesting residual solvents.

Extracted and decaffeinated only with pure water, unlike the traditional process with the solvents / Ethyl Acetate. This is may well be the most pure EgCG Green Tea extract available anywhere in the world.

  • Low content of solvent residuals: Less than 10ppm
  • Low content of organic residuals: Less than 1ppm
  • Low content of pesticide residuals: Less than 1ppm
  • High concentration of EGCg: >60%
  • Low content of caffeine: No more than 1%
  • Low content of heavy metals: Less than 10ppm
  • No unpleasant odor of solvent – Ethyl Acetate

Relentless Improvement High-Quality Nutritional Supplements

Relentless Improvement is one of the most trusted names in the nutritional supplement business.​ Serving You Since January 2005 – Intelligent Supplementation, Done Right​

Unique Formulations – Efficacious Active Ingredients – Honest Representation – Rigorous Quality Standards

Full up-front disclosure of ingredients.
Safety and efficacy are paramount.
No Gluten, soy or dairy in any of our products.
GMP compliant at every point.
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) are implemented and followed.
Established product specifications for quality, purity and dose.
Source highest quality manufacturers of raw materialregardless where in the world they are located.
Employ the best method to tablet or encapsulate using the bare minimum or NO excipients.


Quality Testing

Every finished product batch is documented at a USA-based third-party analytical laboratory for: Purity, Sterility, ID, Claimed content, Metals, Microbial.

From Our USA Families to You

Our small family-owned USA-based business works with other family-owned businesses at every step: Sourcing, Formulation, Encapsulation, Tableting, Bottling, Labeling, Testing, Distribution, Service, Administration.

Smart Shoppers Care About Details!

Other manufacturers will use a larger capsule, and pack it with filler to give you theillusion of value.

If we can maufacture with no added excipients we do! For example we used a vegecapsule and NO excipient in this product.

Vegecaps vs Gelatin Capsules

No animal content. Relentless Improvement ALWAYS specifies vegecaps when manufacturing our encapsulated products. They cost more, but discerning customers expect vegecaps. 

Direct to Consumer Business Model

No middlemen, no affiliates or re-marketers. Full control of inventory means the freshest products and fast turnover. Our margins go into highest quality active materials and you receive direct access to the manufacturer.

  1. Takes away breast tenderness when applied topically

  2. This is a great product. We recommend it to everyone.

  3. Top quality and high potency EGCG supplement.

  4. excellent

  5. Excellent product.

  6. I have been feeling better from the EGCG

  7. Great value for EGCG.

  8. Great Tablets.

  9. good product

  10. great product

  11. Good price, good product, expeditious delivery.Powerful!

  12. Excellent product.will buy again

  13. Fast shipment, no damage. Would buy again

  14. Great Product

  15. Great product. Info for FIBROID sufferers below.—- TMI Warning, graphic, explicit info follows. —- I bought this in hopes of reducing extremely heavy menstrual bleeding and clots. I had bled non-stop for months, with only occasional non-bleeding days, and clots often the size of an extra large egg. The anemia was getting to me and I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to live through it if it continued.In desperation I started using these EGCG pills in conjunction with fibroid reduction homeopathy drops and Chi’s Myomin, plus adding grape seed oil to my greens at meals. I also started doing however much I could do (not much) of HIIT exercise once every three days.I’d used this protocol for only 2 weeks before my cycle. This cycle I’ve had less than half the bleeding, and the clots are down to about 1/3 the size and frequency. Honestly I can’t say which of the items is doing the trick, or if it’s the synergy between them, but it’s working and that’s all that matters.Will definitely purchase again.– UPDATE –After amazing success doing this for a month, I had a bad detox overload (body ache, migraines, fever, in bed two days). I’m sad I didn’t prepare for the heavy load this kind of detox puts on the body, I know about Herxheimer reactions and should have seen it coming. I started taking support for the detox pathways (molybdenum, b1-b6, milk thistle, NAC, parsley, fresh organic lemon juice in water, l-glutamine and l-lysine) and it eliminated the detox side effects. I’m also taking a break from the detox to let my body recover before I do my next round. Next cycle I’ll be sure to detox the fibroids out with better detox pathway care.

  16. I have had a reduction in at least one uterine fibroid by 50%; evidenced by mri results

  17. As directed bay my oncologist I take 800 mg per day to help suppress Chronic lymphocyte leukemia . it helps.

  18. Good stuff, I love the quality of the product and lack of fillers. High amount of EGCG with little to no caffeine.

  19. Good product – will order again

  20. I just started using this Green Tea Extract to supplement the high dose of matcha green tea I add to my morning smoothie. I wanted more EGCG than I can get from matcha alone. I chose the Relentless product based on research other than just Amazon reviews. Made in USA in FDA registered facilities by a privately held company just makes sense to me and, in my opinion, Relentless is my best bet at honesty in labeling and high efficacy. I did NOT receive this product at a reduced price to entice a stellar review … just sayin’.

  21. You couldn’t drink enough green tea to get all the nutrients you get from these pills. Laboratory proven to fight cancer cells grade 4 Protocol with anyone concerned with getting or having cancer from an amazing company who seems to put out good quality products.

  22. I love this brand. I take a lot of supplements to avoid pharma. I love that Relentless Improvements leaves out the fillers. I feel confident that I am getting a clean product. I buy several products from this company.

  23. This plus cinnamon plus significant carb control has dropped my blood sugar from 150 fasting to 100

  24. Amazing

  25. 5 stars for this gentle and effective supplement!

  26. I have a small pharmacy at my house, and this is literally the only supplement I take now. If you have chronic illness (biofilms), infections and viruses can feed on different supplements (especially vitamins/minerals). This supplement actually helps fight chronic disease like lymes, chronic fatigue, and Alzheimer’s. Really amazing and life changing stuff. If you’ve tried every supplement out there with no luck, this this brand of EGCG a try before you give up.

  27. Quick delivery and I received the exact product as advertised. I can’t test the stuff for purity, but I’m pleased with what I got.

  28. I was diagnosed with Wild-Type Tranthyretin Amyloid. No Medicines currently available. A GERMAN study using Green Tea had a very positive result. I researched and found RELENTLESS IMPROVEMENT had the supplement with the EGCG I required with low caffeine. I currently take two capsules with a Natural Vitamin C (no stomach problems) at 4:00AM on an empty stomach for max absorption. I had a question on the amount of black pepper berry extract in each capsule. I sent the question to the company and got an immediate reply from Kim Bryant that the amount was only 1mg. I feel this is the best Green Tea Extract on the market because: it is decaffeinated, has the maximum amount of EGCG, solvent free water extraction process, and does not bother an empty stomach (can go right back to sleep after taking @ 4:00AM).

  29. Easy transaction and so far so good. I started taking EGCG last week and have had good results. I like the fact that there is only pure ingredients that enhance potency and results rather than drinking regular green tea. I also like that this is a small and caring company who are comitted to producing great and effective quality products.

  30. I take it due to a Mayo Clinic study that said it helps with CLL. I would like to correspond with others using it for this reason!

  31. What I liked was that when I opened my new bottle it was filled all the way to the top instead of the usual pile of cotton that is stuffed in most bottles. I take it with my morning coffee and I find that it makes me more alert and energized with no stomach upset and no jitters. I will buy it again. You only need one pill a day to get the full benefits. Great price too when compared to other products.

  32. This is a good quality supplement. Contains no bad “other” ingredients such as silica or magnesium stearate. We are happy to use.

  33. It seems to be a quality product. No adverse reaction whatsoever!!!

  34. Green tea extract was recommended for chronic lymphocytic leukemia to help keep the WBC numbers stable. I did research, and your product was the best I found during that search. My numbers have stabilized, and while I am not sure if your green tea extract is the reason, it certainly isn’t hurting anything and I will continue to take it daily.

  35. This allows me to go very high on my EGCG dosing without the caffeine. I appreciate their high standards.

  36. Recommended by my Dr. Assuming it is doing the job. Will know in a few weeks!

  37. I spend much time researching supplements, how their processed, bioavailability, origin, etc. The day I found this I knew I had found a gold mine. This one basically has no additives and has helped keep my husband and I free of illness for 5 years+ and running, even after we were sure we’d get ill from having a sick grandkid in our arms sneeze in our face! Add it’s antioxidant power…….never miss a day. I was just drinking green tea, but my hygienist complained about how hard it was to remove! Phenomenal Product and company!

  38. It is easy to swallow and causes no side effects. No caffeine effect. I was disappointed the price went up $2 between my first and second bottle. I am taking it for transthyretin cardiac amyloidosis. I cannot tell if it is helping because the disease process is slow.

  39. I enjoy that there is this option. Packaged in a healthy capsule as well. I have been looking for EGCG by itself and I have been happy to know this product exists. I mainly take it along with another rena supplement to help maintain bladder health; instead of having to brew mass amounts of green to get the same amount of EGCG.

  40. It makes me queasy and gag if I wait to long to eat after taking it. Don’t take it at work if you can. Overall it is an excellent product not for weight loss so don’t think that’s what it’s for. This product destroys abnormal cells living inside your body including cancer cells ,that is what it is for.

  41. Need more info on 3rd party testing!!

  42. hello i would like to know about another’s buyers how does work it for cll , thanks

  43. Great product that I’ve used and been extremely satisfied with for the past year.

  44. I did not like the taste of Green Tea so it was recommended by my Dr. to take this for cancer.

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