Sarken Royal Flush-Cut Supplement, 16 Ounce

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  • Royal flush liquid detox is the herbal cleansing drink formulated for people needing a rapid cleanse
  • It is designed to provide the necessary strength to blast through your body and help cleanse excessive toxin build up
  • One of the most popular detox products on the market, it proves time and time again to be a reliable and trusted cleanser

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Sarken Royal Flush-Cut Supplement, 16 Ounce

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Sarken royal flush-cit.

  1. This product works if used properly. Please drink plenty of water and refrain from using any substances at least three days prior before use. I would recommend this to anyone.

  2. This drink will block anything. I’ve used it 6 times in.the last 3 yrs! Best option if u don’t use the synthetic urine. Follow the instructions exactly and u will be happy! I also suggest using their pretox caps.

  3. This stuff never failed me!!! 100% reliable. However there needs to be a choice between the raspberry and citrus flavors because I don’t like the raspberry flavor, its horrible, the citrus one goes down easier. I ordered this hoping they would send the citrus flavor because they did that once but it was the raspberry and I don’t really want it 🙁 . Please provide an option to choose flavors PLEASE

  4. Got here within 4 days after ordering it. Very glad and thankful for that in case I had needed it that soon. I am definitely a returning customer!

  5. Absolutely work, just follow the instruction,recommend to purchase the thc test strips and ur good to go:no lie this really works

  6. my husband has to do some tests and started to take care of everything one week before, with fruits juices and vegetable juice, a lot, lots of water, and exercise, it is only a week, i know it may seem impossible for some… hehe! but it is important to do it. once in a lifetime. oh well! so yes it works! i bought the pills as well but he only took the liquid. thanks!

  7. If you are trying to pass a drug test and it is for Mary Jane, this product will work.If you do it several times a week, you are screwed if you think 48-72 hours of keeping clean then take a test after drinking whole bottle and 2 more refills. You need to be clean for 3-4 weeks and follow directions and you got the job.I have done this 4 times and passed every time. Never respond to their questions, because they will try to see if you verbally are guilty. My last test, the nurse said does your urine always come out this clear? I said I ALWAYS try to stay hydrated. It helps me stay healthy. She handed the sample to me and I initialed the sticker and got the job.Your best bet is to go to a psychiatrist to simply quit. All that time wasted and money is ridiculous. If you stop, you can apply for ANY job and get through their stupid drug test.One major issue. If you get pulled over by a cop, they have a kit that they take with them to the hospital and they draw blood and send to a lab for alcohol and CHEMICALS.Go to the gym 4-5 times a week and you will sleep better and smoking just ruins your life.Think about the risks you are taking.

  8. It Works!!!

  9. i like it

  10. Great always.Works

  11. Excellent transaction and product…works every time if you follow directions properly.

  12. Not the first time I’ve used and it has worked EVERY time , would highly reccommend

  13. I have used this 9 times myself, and have recommended it to at least 5 friends who have all used it, and it has never failed me once. Be sure to follow the directions, otherwise i cannot speak for its effectiveness. I usually drink a little more water than it says. This is the only brand of cleanser drinks I would trust. 20/20.

  14. I have used this product multiple times over the last 8 years whenever a drug test was required for a new job. It has never failed me. Follow the instructions on the bottle and you should be fine.One word of warning is one hour after taking this product you will need to go. I was once held up in the waiting room for an extra 30 minutes and my eyeballs were swimming by time they got me back into the exam room.As someone else stated your urine will be very light after using this product and drinking the required water afterwards. I was asked one time about it and gave the casual answer that I usually drink a lot of water and had even more today to ensure I would be able to provide enough for them.Even though I have never had a failed test with this product I am always very nervous after the test while I wait to hear the results. If you do not want to deal with that your best bet is to cease use of any substance for 4 weeks before the test, drink lots of water and exercise. If you do that there is no need to worry or buy this product and that is the safest way to go.

  15. Trust me….it works.

  16. I am 24 years old 6ft and 250lbs.Works like a charm if coupled with stat flush pills!Update- does not work if the test you’re scheduled for isn’t an instant result test. In other words, if they seal your liquid up, and pop it in a shipping envelope, the flush will not last the journey.

  17. Great product

  18. Stats: 220lb male, daily toxin user. Stopped toxins 2 weeks prior and exercised daily. Stop all physical activity 24-48hrs prior. Have some carbs, cannot be in keto. Buy 2 of these and do a pre-test to make sure it works for you!!! Do not “chance” it like some people did in the comments. Practice run with some at-home test kits. Buy the top rated ones on here, they are 20ng/mLTimeline:2:30pm – Full bag of Saline IV (Gf is a nurse). This could be replaced by drinking 2 bottles of Gatorade or Smart Water—-3:00pm- Drank Royal Flush Drink + Stat caps. Follow instructions EXACTLY.3:30pm – Pee #1 – did not test4:00pm- Pee #2 – did not test4:30pm- Pee #3 (90 mins post) – PASS!5:00pm- Pee #4- PASS!6:30pm- Pee #5- (3.5hrs post) – FAIL XXXSo, for me at least I was “clear” of toxins for about a 2-hour window.Second Time (The Real Deal)11:30am- IV of Saline12:00pm Drank Royal Flush + STAT Pills12:30pm- Pee #1 – did not test12:50pm- Pee #2- PASS1:40pm- THE TEST! Results TBD2:10pm- Pee #4- PASSThey said my results off to the lab for a Panel 10 to 50, which is 50ng/mL for THC. My at home test is 20ng/mL so even stricter than this test. I should be fine but will update after I get my results back!!!

  19. Life saver…..

  20. Works! Every time been using it for about 6 years.

  21. Good

  22. good stuff here

  23. The price for the drink is a little excesses however, I followed the instructions and it seemed to have worked. There is no guarantee or proof that any of it flushed my system or if my system was already cleared.

  24. Worked for me. I don’t know if this stuff has a short shelf life as to why a few folks failed their tests. Took per directions. Go pee 3x and head to where you need to go in the next 20-30 min… they are gonna make you wait in the office usually another 30 to watch you squirm in your seat. Did not buy off Amazon but did pass 5 panel screen with product.

  25. Its works

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