Seagate Products Freeze-Dried Nopal Cactus 500 mg 180 Capsules - 180 Count (Pack of 1)

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90 Capsules180 Count (Pack of 1)
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  • 100:1 Concentration
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Freeze-Dried
  • 100% Pure, No Fillers
  • 500 mg

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Seagate Products Freeze-Dried Nopal Cactus 500 mg 180 Capsules

Seagate Products Freeze-Dried Nopal Cactus 500 mg 180 Capsules

Seagate Products Freeze-Dried Nopal Cactus 500 mg 180 Capsules

Seagate Products Freeze-Dried Nopal Cactus 500 mg 180 Capsules

Seagate Products Freeze-Dried Nopal Cactus 500 mg 180 Capsules

Product description

Size:180 Capsules

Seagate Products Nopal Cactus 500 mg, 180 Veg Caps – Seagate freeze-dried Nopal Cactus reabsorbs approx. 50X its dried weight when released into the stomach providing an immediate feeling of fullness and reducing hunger. Unlike other diet products that may artificially stimulate the metabolism, giving a caffeine-like buzz, headache, or that falsely claim to burn fat, Nopal simply and naturally acts like a sponge – absorbing and expanding upon contact with the water and sugars in the stomach. The absorptive properties are temporary, allowing the slow release of the water and sugars, thereby helping to reduce sugar spiking immediately after a high-sugar meal or drink. The high insoluble fiber content (cellulose and lignin) absorbs wastes in the intestines and bowels, pushing them along into and through the colon, making this product an excellent cleanser. The Nopal Cactus (Opuntia strepacantha) is a desert plant that survives intense heat and drought because of its ability to absorb and retain moisture in the mucilaginous fiber contained in its large flat spiny leaves. This insoluble fiber acts as a natural sponge holding the water, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids in jelly-like masses contained within each leaf.


90 Capsules, 180 Count (Pack of 1)

  1. I started using Seagate Nopal Cactus capsules (the 100:1 freeze dried) about a year and a half ago. The doctor said my glucose and other indicators of kidney problems was out of the healthy range. I researched and got this product. I have lost about 15 lbs. It is not a major fast lose; I am not consistant. Over the Christmas holidays I was not using the Nopals. I gained about 8 lbs. A couple of months ago I started using it again fairly consistanly. I am down about 5 lbs again. I do change my diet a little, but I am not feeling deprived with this product. I will soon do my 1st annual physical since starting. We will see if my sugar is improved. I have however started some other aides that help with sugar.

  2. I purchased this product to assist with my diabetes. Friends have claimed success in using Nopals. These were shipped quickly and were a good value compared with similar products. Not sure if it’s helped my diabetes but they can certainly do no harm!

  3. I am on my second bottle and feel good benefits in taking this product. I have noticed less pain and it does make a difference in Colon Cleansing & Reducing Inflammation. Toxins in the body promote inflamation and pain… I have not lost a huge amount of weight, but it has kept me from gaining. I hope to fine more un-noticed benefits when I have my annual.

  4. These were shipped quickly and packaged well. Along with the others, I will know over time how they work out. I have taken them for about a month now.

  5. Having past back injury has affected my entire life and currently I am suffering not only from back pain but joints also. And not to mention overall tiredness. After a bit of research online I’ve purchased this product not only in hopes to help my joints, but for nutritional properties too, to add some fiber and calcium to my diet. And let me tell you, I think it helps. After a month of taking them I feel some relief in my joints and I am down 3lbs. I can’t contribute this minor weight loss just to these pills only. I also started walking around the lake 3 times a week. Not much, but every little helps. This is something I couldn’t do before because of the pain I suffered.

  6. I have Systemic Lupus & I get joint pain all over my body & really bad damage to my joints which also Lupus gave me arthritis also & I also get severe burning chest cavity pain & severe collar bone pain from inflammation accumulating in my chest from the effects of my disease Systemic Lupus. The fight for us & arthritis patients & other major diseases is & has always been inflammation, so I have declared war on inflammation in my body & this (Seagate Nopal Cactus 500mg) is one of the slickest coolest & effective penetrating weapons I have because if I feel a flare up stirring up in my chest cavity or collar bone I just take it & it fights it until it is down to a point of tolerance just under the pain threshold at least in my case, but I am taking other anti inflammatory things like Omega 3’s Anti-Inflammatory 60ct Bottle, Arthritis Pain Relief, Most Concentrated Omega 3’s Essential Fatty Acids & other things like Frontier Herb Organic Ground Turmeric Root ( 1x1Lb) &Frontier Ginger Root Ground non-sulfited, 16 Ounce Bags (Pack of 2) & also Durham’s Queen’s Delight (Royal Jelly 1000mg, Propolis 600mg, Beepollen 1500mg) in 3 Daily Capsules . I also eat healthier by implementing an anti inflammatory diet made up of mostly (organic fruits, organic nuts & organic vegetables mostly green. Most things I juice in a juicer & I drink them every morning like organic kale, organic spinach, organic Celery, organic Cilantro, 3 big organic Carrots, 2 organic Cucumbers, 2 organic green Granny Smith Apples, 1 organic Lemon, tablespoon of raw organic Ginger powder, (& any other green veggie that you want to add that is good for the body), & a tablespoon of raw organic Wheat Grass powder, tablespoon of organic honey (Not the orange kind that we all grew up believing was real honey which was not, real raw organic honey is white/ beige & it is not liquid based, it is like scooping wax out of a jar as far as the thickness) & I have gotten rid of regular sugar & replaced it with Madhava Organic Agave Nectar – Light, 46-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2) &YS Royal Jelly/Honey Bee – Raw Honey, 22 oz gel & also Raw Honey, Northern, 2 lb ( Multi-Pack). To get all of the raw organic powders I drink into the juice after I juice the fruits & veggies I then put the juice in the blender with the powders & then I blend them all together. I also eat a lot healthier, exercise & no soda pop drinking & It is helping a ton. I also drink 1 tablespoon of raw organic Tumeric mixed in a full glass of water. My disease has not gone away, but an extreme improvement on my prescription meds eating my joint & major organs, so if I stopped that from occurring, then that in itself is a wonderful thing in my eyes & now I am working on finding something to build the cartilage back in my joints & keep inflammation from eating the rest of my joints like the prednisone was doing & Methotrexate. I did find something that I am about to order named Cellaplex (120 Caps) Extra Strength Bone & Joint Support Formula w/ CM8. Well anyway (Seagate Nopal Cactus 500mg) works excellent for me, but I am also doing a lot of other things, but this clearly works because even all the raw organic natural stuff that I take does not do it all & when my chest is trying to fill back up with inflammation I just take the therapeutic dose of it which is 6 (Seagate Nopal Cactus 500mg) capsules after eating breakfast & it helps keep the inflammation from totally taking over my chest cavity which to me is perfect, it’s hard to do, but better then the dangerous harmful prescription drug alternatives that our doctors keep trying to push today that is extremely messing peoples bodies up & it is sad but our world today just seems like they do not care about healing people, instead they choose to treat us & while they treat us, they damage us. Our bodies are destroyed by there dangerous prescription drug body poisons. Things like prednisone & Methotrexate can do wonders for you in the beginning in an emergency setting like if you get Pericarditis, Arthritis, Lupus like I did or any other auto inflammatory disease that does damage using inflammation, then these drugs are wonderful for short term use, but most of these doctors give us these prescription drugs for years which eat major organs, joints, stomach lining & all other sorts of damaging things to your body & I am tired of them killing me so I said enough I will find my own cures & they may be a lot, but they work & no more body damage. Just now trying to repair my body & I know that it will never be the same again, but I just want to live a normal life again instead of painful suffering for the rest of my life & I am a young adult dang near living like a grandpa because of this terrible disease & harmful medicines that I refuse to continue to let damage my body any further. So I just keep the faith & I keep doing my own research online & talking to others trying raw organic natural things until I find one that works for a particular problem that I may have from having Systemic Lupus. The problems above that I mentioned are only part of the problems, there are many more, but I having improved light years what I was before, so I am very thankful & I thank God everyday for giving me the strength to keep searching & finding good successful results that are truly helping me like this supplement (Seagate Nopal Cactus 500mg). Yes it is a slow & tedious process, but you either try & help yourself or die or suffer for the rest of your life & I choose to fight & cure myself & not to just treat myself & make some rich guy richer for killing us all with there poisons. So I will take (Seagate Nopal Cactus 500mg) forever probably. Anyway go & try it & I promise that you will be truly happy that you did so. Good Luck!

  7. Seagate Nopal Cactus 500 mg, (180 Veg capsules)Been taking this product for about a month to help with inflammation. So far the Nopal capsules have helped. Thank you

  8. I have been trying to start and stick to a low carb diet for years. Anyone that has ever gone through “induction” for these diets, knows how difficult that is. I actually managed to get through this with a few cheats and the help of this product. As I am diabetic, when I do eat something high in sugar or carbs, I have night sweats. I can tell this works because when I take several of these before I eat.. NO problems and my blood sugar doesn’t spike. I can’t say I would recommend doing that at every meal. But this product has restored the joy in going out to dinner and the occasional cheat. I keep one bottle in my purse and on the kitchen cabinet.

  9. I had heard this product was helpful for joint pain, I thought it was worth a try, I’m very happy to say that my hands are very much improved since taking this product. I’m not sure it would help everyone, But I definitely feel it has helped immensely.


  11. I had issues with extreme lower back pain. I was literally unable to function every day without stretching and that was an extreme challenge. Turning over in bed at night was at least an 8 (on the pain scale). I was doing physical therapy and acupuncture for months and had ONLY some relief. After reading about cactus as being able to reduce inflammation, I thought I would give it a try. I started taking these pills (3 a day), I started feeling better after about a month (it took a while, I am glad I didn’t give up). Now I am able to function better than I have been able to in almost a year! Not sure if it is the pills (which I really believe it is) or mind over matter (believing the pills work). Bottom line is I am functioning a lot better than I have in over a year! I am not holding back on life and I am able to exercise and lift things which I could do for months!

  12. Great if you plan to drink alcohol heavily for an upcoming party or get together. There’ve been some scientific studies to suggest the cactus reduces inflammation in the body that can follow alcohol consumption, thus minimizing the effects of hangover. I can attest that this does seem to work effectively, hangover effects are noticeably reduced if I take the recommended dosage a few hours prior to drinking.

  13. My initial interest always comes from watching Health-Programs on TV. Then I do my research on line and when satisfied I order from Good, efficient service.

  14. I saw a utube video of a guy blending cactus…why? You can’t do that everyday! just buy the pills…they heal the body internally, give you extra PH in order to fight cancer/diabetes…a good source of fiber as well…I take some before bedtime for regularity..if you care about your health cactus may be the answer.

  15. being active all of my life has given way to ALOT of inflammation in my body. I started these a few months back and they are now a part of my regular routine. Able to take less pain relievers and have more enjoyable days

  16. Have used this product for 2+ years and I’m HOOKED!

  17. it seemed to help some

  18. N/C

  19. The price is right on this Cactus product, I can only find it at Amazon for the great price,

  20. 3 of these, and I feel much much better. Definitely effective!

  21. Excellent



  24. I have been taking this for a while and I do think it is helping me.

  25. It worked quite well for a while; now it appears less effective

  26. Diabetes 2 for 12 years, off metformin for 8, control by diet and this product, keeps my blood sugar even so when I do have sugar or carbs, no worries. I can take the therapeutic dose before going out to eat and blood sugar remains stable. Of course one still watch what they eat, carbs, sugars, no bread or alcohol. Only take as needed.

  27. I use this to regulate my sugar uptake, appetite, and digestive system. I find the capsules are easy to use.

  28. Seagate is a great co. Quality supplementsWould order from them againThank you

  29. I’ve been using this product for years and I’m glad to see that I can purchase on Amazon

  30. Seems to work for me.

  31. I have been using this stuff for years. Great for my lower back pain. It seems to be the only thing that works. Awesome stuff.

  32. Good product. Consistent quality

  33. I just want to say to this audience that NO PILL is going to work overnight. It takes TIME and supplements do not work like your magic Rx drugs thatare really not a cure, but a temporary fix, at best. You must take daily long-term to see results with any of the supplements, vitamins you put in your body. Yes, it may be more costly, but would’nt you rather have good things in your body without drug side effects? Why support Big Pharma that cares not about you? Giving a supplement a “bad rap” just because you took it once in awhile as a pain killer (like aspirin) is NOT going to work….All of this plus a good clean green diet and knowing your body, researching how to treat the problem is the key to good health.

  34. This product kills candida and shortens my colds when i get sick. Very reputable company!

  35. taking different brands since my usual is gotten rather more expensive and local source drying up. Next brand , taken three weeksseems to have more different smell an tablet is “rough”, harder to get down than capsule. This one may be my new go to, have no issues, and bonus is better value. Has been only two weeks and no issues so far.By a month , I will be sure…

  36. I take it with my meals and before bed

  37. Yes love this product!

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