SlimFast Advanced Energy Mocha Cappuccino Smoothie Mix Powder – Meal Replacement Shake – 11.4oz. (324g) Canister - Pack of 2

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5 Great reasons to buy from us:


  • ENERGY FOR HOURS – Energize your weight loss with as much caffeine as cup of coffee
  • GREAT TASTE – Delicious Mocha Cappuccino Flavor, Gluten Free and 99.8% Lactose Free
  • CURBS HUNGER – SlimFast Advanced Energy Shakes are an exceptional meal replacement product that curbs hunger for up to four hours
  • DIGESTIVE SUPPORT – SlimFast Advanced Energy shakes contain 5 grams of fiber to help promote better digestion
  • PACKED WITH PROTEIN, VITAMINS, & MINERALS – The Advanced Energy shakes by SlimFast contain 20g of protein along with 24 essential vitamins and minerals
  • PART OF THE SLIMFAST PLAN – The SlimFast Plan offers flexibility and simplicity to make losing weight as easy as 1 – 2 – 3
  • AWARD-WINNING – SlimFast has received multiple awards from Men’s Health and OK! Magazine for best meal plan

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SlimFast Advanced Energy Mocha Cappuccino Smoothie Mix Powder – Meal Replacement Shake  –  11.4oz. (324g) Canister

SlimFast Advanced Energy Mocha Cappuccino Smoothie Mix Powder – Meal Replacement Shake  –  11.4oz. (324g) Canister

SlimFast Advanced Energy Mocha Cappuccino Smoothie Mix Powder – Meal Replacement Shake  –  11.4oz. (324g) Canister

SlimFast Advanced Energy Mocha Cappuccino Smoothie Mix Powder – Meal Replacement Shake  –  11.4oz. (324g) Canister

SlimFast Advanced Energy Mocha Cappuccino Smoothie Mix Powder – Meal Replacement Shake  –  11.4oz. (324g) Canister

SlimFast Advanced Energy Mocha Cappuccino Smoothie Mix Powder – Meal Replacement Shake  –  11.4oz. (324g) Canister

SlimFast Advanced Energy Mocha Cappuccino Smoothie Mix Powder – Meal Replacement Shake  –  11.4oz. (324g) Canister

From the manufacturer

Slimfast Advanced energy, energy shakes, high energy, energy & metabolism, boosters, shakes caffeine

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Slimfast Advanced energy, energy shakes, high energy, energy & metabolism, boosters, shakes caffeine

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Key Benefits

Hunger Control

Coffee, Caffeine, Energy


Hunger Control

Advanced Energy shakes curb hunger cravings for up to four hours.


Energize your weight loss with as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.


The Advanced Energy shakes contain 20 grams of protein and 24 essential vitamins and minerals.

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Product description

Size:Pack of 1

Power up each morning with energy-boosting smoothies that fuel weight loss. Try SlimFast Advanced Energy smoothie mix. With as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, and packed with 20g of protein, it’s a wise choice that’ll help make your weight loss goals attainable. With a deep, chocolatey goodness that is simply irresistible, this gluten-free meal replacement powder is an important part of the easy-to-follow SlimFast Plan. While Advanced Energy and other pre-made shakes are convenient for on-the-go meals, smoothie mixes like this one, give adventurous eaters the food freedom to personalize their meal. It’s time to say goodbye to the &afternoon slump; once and for all, so mix this SlimFast energy powder into your favorite recipes for more variety in your diet. Mix up your morning routine with Advanced Energy Mocha Cappuccino smoothie mix. The 12-serving powder is an easy-to-make meal replacement that’s deliciously bold. Enjoy energy for hours with the subtly sweet combination of chocolate and coffee. No matter how you make your smoothie, Advanced Energy Mocha Cappuccino helps you lose weight fast, and keep it off! On the Plan, replace two meals a day with Advanced Energy smoothie mix. Use it along with three low-calorie SlimFast snacks and one sensible meal of your choice. You’ll see the fast weight loss results you want. Drink it off, blend it off, and snack it off! How you lose weight and keep it off is up to you! Whatever your day throws at you and no matter how hectic life gets, The SlimFast Plan offers flexibility and simplicity


Pack of 1

  1. This new formula is INCREDIBLE! I have lost 70lbs with Slim Fast so was excited to try the new advanced formulas and the Mocha Cappuccino takes it to a whole new level – keeps me feeling really full (Much more so than the original Slim Fast) and the taste is superb. Not sure how they have made a calorie controlled product taste SO good whilst also keeping you full.Also there is a comment on here about the sugar content – The Slim Fast Advance range only contains 1g of sugar!

  2. Great meal replacement! Live the taste and the energy it gives.

  3. I have tried slim fast products before, but this now advance energy is amazing. I do the two drinks a day, one for breakfast and one for lunch. I go workout after my morning one and holy sweat!!! I get a better workout and sweat a lot more. Since starting this i have lost 5 pounds. I ordered 4 so I won’t run out and have to start over with it.

  4. I haven’t had coffee In two weeks because this takes care of my caffeine cravings I have lost three pounds in the first week! I use the blender with ice and it tastes better that way

  5. only on my second shake but so far I love it. I’m using fat free milk and Mocha Cappuccino slim fast…I use a blender and the shake turns out much thicker then reg slimfast. I feel much fuller then I used to. we will see how the rest of the week goes.

  6. Great taste and gives me a boost of energy in the mornings. I only do one shake a day and it does keep me full until lunch time.

  7. I really liked this protein because it really gives me that boost that I need in the mornings to do my workouts and cleaning my house lol, and keeps me full for 3-4 hrs. The only thing I didn’t like is that it doesn’t taste like coffee it has a very light taste.

  8. This flavor is my favorite and hard for me to find. This was on time, as described, and already opened for consumption

  9. I used to have to buy expensive energy pills and drinks. Now I drink this for breakfast and don’t have a slump until dinner. It helps with my energy levels and i’ve lost several pounds just in a few weeks. I have less cravings and feel full for several hours after drinking it. (I only use half a scoop at a time, so imagine a full scoop making you feel even more full for longer). I’m in love and can’t get enough of this product. It tastes good too! It’s not chalky like a lot of the mixes I’ve tried. I was never a believer in SlimFast because you don’t hear about it as much these days, but I am a believer now!

  10. I normally skip breakfast and sometimes lunch. This is great for on the go so I am not skipping meals. Easy to use in a blender or shake blender bottle. Has caffeine and enough for a pick me up but not too strong where you’re shaky.

  11. I mix this with collagen, instant coffee & cinnamon in a big jar, then use a big scoop in HOT water to make the drink I use to take supplements with.

  12. This flavor is awesome. I dont miss beans and brew when I drink this lol.

  13. I weighed about 35 pounds I started to do the slim fast in between meals and eat less at my meals I caught my food down to the Palm of my hand when I came to vegetables I had more of them I am now a 119 pounds from from a 155 pounds it took about 6 months but it worked I give slim fast Hands up I use the mocha cappa Chino one I liked it the best I’d mix it with milk low fat milk Took it in the car with me and lost a lot of Wait you can do it too

  14. I have lost some good weight already with slimfast. I saw people on here complaining that it tasted like coffee and they don’t like that, it literally says mocha cappuccino as the flavor 🤔 duh lol. Tastes good to me!

  15. Love it !! Way better making your own ice , unsweetened almond milk and 1 scoop all in your blender!! Heaven.

  16. This tastes great and does seem to have caffeine. I like to blend it with milk, ice and frozen strawberries.

  17. Doesn’t taste super, but gets the job done. I would probably rather just have a big cup of coffee.

  18. I love these shakes n this seller will continue to be my go to source for them. I mix my shakes with silk almond milk unsweetened. This one tastes a lot better than many of the other shakes I’ve tried. I have lost over 20lbs so far this is lifestyle changes including slim fast and exercise over the past few months. Any diet plan will only work as well as the effort you put into it. I feel like these match my effort and help me to do better than I would without the supplement.

  19. I love this product and buying it again definitely see some weight coming off try youll love it

  20. This is one of my favorite protein powders. It gives you energy, vitamins and minerals, and has fiber. However the powder itself doesnt have 20g of protein! It has 20g protein if you use 8oz of skim milk. I use coconut milk instead so i dont get as much protein unfortunately.

  21. The flavor of this powder is intense. I’m giving this 5 stars because it’s great when mixed with other so-so tasting whey powders. I bought some whey protein powders I didn’t care for, I thought I was going to have to throw them away. SlimFast Mocha Cappuccino to the rescue!PS. I don’t use milk to mix my powders. I’m sure milk would tone down the taste.

  22. easy to make shake ,great taste ,keeps hunger at bay for hours an extra energy you get is worth the expense,i wish it came in larger quantity.

  23. Love this product. Gives me energy in the daytime and keeps me full. Wish it would dissolve a bit better but still my favorite.

  24. My favorite protein shake

  25. If you like coffee flavored drinks, this shake tastes A-MAZING!! I mixed it with 8oz of unsweetened vanilla flavored almond milk, a little water and ice, mixed it up with my Ninja blender, and it was so creamy and delicious! I drank it for breakfast at 5:30 am and I did not get hungry until around 11:00! I would give it 10 stars!! Love it an highly recommend!

  26. Tastes good. Kind of weird. Needs to be cold and make sure you have a really good shaker or be prepared to shake aggressively.

  27. Pretty filling, surprisingly good. I didn’t expect it to genuinely taste good… this kind of stuff never does. I decided to order this on a whim and my expectation was that I would tolerate it, but I actually look forward to drinking it. I also love that it has caffeine – I have Narcolepsy and need all the energy boost I can get! I keep the canister in my cubicle at work, it’s pretty small so it’s not hard to fit on a shelf at all.

  28. Great

  29. Best weightloss shake I’ve ever used (I’ve tried a ton).It tastes like a mocha latte (yes, that means it has a coffee like flavor for those that missed it in the name and the imagery) which helps keep my sweet tooth cravings away. I mix it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and it’s phenomenal.Nutrition is fairly well balanced for being a powder shake and it fits perfectly into my regimen.Best thing is I’m not hungry at all with this. I literally have to remind myself to eat otherwise I’ll keep going.Another plus is its soooo much cheaper than other brands I’ve used and it works better in my opinion.

  30. I love this flavor and the extra energy it packs with it.

  31. Great product

  32. A good source of protein without a lot of calories.

  33. It works. Lost 15 lbs.

  34. and to be able to shop online ,, appreciate the opportunity

  35. I did Slimfast maybe 25 years ago and the taste left much to be desired. I was expecting to have to just choke this down. My eyes literally widened when I took my first drink of this. It is yummy! Tastes like a real, rich mocha.The directions say to use a blender or mixer bottle. That is the best way to avoid small lumps. However, I generally use a plain water bottle and just shake the heck out of it. Adding the slimfast to the milk rather than the other way around will prevent big dry clumps stuck to the bottom.

  36. This is OUT OF CONTROL good!!! I make this smoothie with: 1 scoop, half cup water , 6 ice cubes and some fat free hazelnut creamer. It’s outstanding! Also saves me money from buying k cups for the caffeine factor!

  37. Fantastic flavor. A shaker bottle is necessary though. Worth the trouble, yummy.

  38. Love the flavor. Not sure how much energy it actually gives me but I live off of coffee so caffeine doesn’t do much for me. But holds me over and curbs my hunger. Cant ask for much more.

  39. We bought this at our local grocery store before but started buying on amazon because it is cheaper. I can’t speak to if it actually helps with weight loss. I can speak to the fact that it is filling and flavorful. We always mix ours with milk though because it isn’t as good with water.

  40. I finally found one shake that the flavor I actually like. Prior to this one, I drank the SlimFast Royal Chocolate (which was good but sweeter). I’m so happy to have found the Mocha for Advanced Energy one because it tastes like I’m drinking my coffee mocha (but slightly thicker) and it has lots of proteins and vitamins. It has less sugar than the Royal Chocolate and most other meal replacement shakes. I had tried other brands like Vega One Mocha, which was supposed to be way better for you with way less sugar but I couldn’t bear the taste of it (tasted too healthy for me). I also tried Herbalife Cookies & Cream which everyone raved about but I still didn’t like the taste. If you are like me who wants to replace your meals with healthier shakes but don’t want to completely forgo the taste, go with the advanced energy line from Slimfast. Their flavors haven’t disappointed me. It Keeps me full for a few hours. You just have to be consistent in drinking this 2-3 times a day so you don’t feel hungry.

  41. I lovebSlin Fast!

  42. Love the taste. My favorite and I’ve bought more than 1 time! I add peanut butter and bananas for a variety of taste!

  43. No fun business here. Bought the mix to try the slimfast diet. This is a high second choice for my drink mix. You can taste some coffee, but it’s not as creamy as the royal chocolate mix. Sometimes I’ll do a scoop of royle and then add a tiny bit of this for the caffeine.

  44. Best if used with unsweetened almond milk!

  45. I drink this with sweetened almond milk. Tastes awesome. I have tried regular milk, unsweetened almond, vanilla milk & wasn’t pleasant taste. Had a weird aftertaste. Price was very reasonable and & have lost weight. My favorite meal replacement & weight loss combo.

  46. Love the product but still too expensive.

  47. Good

  48. I really like the flavor of this. It’s like drinking an iced mocha but with protein and using whole milk keeps me fuller longer than using water.

  49. love Slim Fast with the 20 grams protein and only 1 gram of sugar. you do not miss/notice the sugar. lost 15 lbs with it so far.

  50. This stiff is good mixed with water, heavy cream or coffee. It has a good flavor and consistency. It kept me full for quite some time and I didn’t have any cravings. I didn’t notice an energy boost but I do drink A LOT of caffeine so that may be why.

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