SlimFast Bakeshop Meal Replacement Bars – Chocolatey Crispy Cookie Dough Bar, With 15g Of Protein & 5g Fiber, 1.59 Oz, 5 Count

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  • DELICIOUS TASTE – Who said chocolate can't be a part of a healthy diet. With SlimFast Bake Chocolatey Peanut Butter Bar you can indulge in healthier versions of your favorite sweets.
  • CURBS HUNGER FOR UP TO FOUR HORUS – Help curb hunger with delicious and satisfying SlimFast Bake Shop Meal Bars. They are packed with protein and fiber to help you feel satisfied
  • ON-THE-GO MEAL REPLACEMENT – Packed with 15g of Protein and 5g of Fiber SlimFast Bake Shop treats are meal replacements and easy to grab on the go, helping you stick with the SlimFast Plan
  • DIGESTIVE SUPPORT – SlimFast Bake Shop Meal Replacement Bars contain 5 grams of fiber to help promote better digestion
  • PART OF THE SLIMFAST PLAN – The SlimFast Plan offers flexibility and simplicity to make losing weight as easy as 1 – 2 – 3
  • AWARD-WINNING – SlimFast has received multiple awards from Men’s Health and OK! Magazine for best meal plan

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SlimFast Bakeshop Meal Replacement Bars -  Chocolatey Crispy Cookie Dough Bar, With 15g Of Protein & 5g Fiber, 1.59 Oz, 5 Count

SlimFast Bakeshop Meal Replacement Bars -  Chocolatey Crispy Cookie Dough Bar, With 15g Of Protein & 5g Fiber, 1.59 Oz, 5 Count

SlimFast Bakeshop Meal Replacement Bars -  Chocolatey Crispy Cookie Dough Bar, With 15g Of Protein & 5g Fiber, 1.59 Oz, 5 Count

SlimFast Bakeshop Meal Replacement Bars -  Chocolatey Crispy Cookie Dough Bar, With 15g Of Protein & 5g Fiber, 1.59 Oz, 5 Count

SlimFast Bakeshop Meal Replacement Bars -  Chocolatey Crispy Cookie Dough Bar, With 15g Of Protein & 5g Fiber, 1.59 Oz, 5 Count

SlimFast Bakeshop Meal Replacement Bars -  Chocolatey Crispy Cookie Dough Bar, With 15g Of Protein & 5g Fiber, 1.59 Oz, 5 Count

SlimFast Bakeshop Meal Replacement Bars -  Chocolatey Crispy Cookie Dough Bar, With 15g Of Protein & 5g Fiber, 1.59 Oz, 5 Count

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Get control over your hunger with the SlimFast Plan! SlimFast contains a combination of ingredients that help suppress the appetite. With up to 15 g of protein and 5 g of fiber, SlimFast keeps you feeling full for up to 4 hours!

Enjoy delicious SlimFast on-the-go anytime, anywhere! Whatever your day throws at you and no matter how hectic life gets, The SlimFast Plan offers flexibility and simplicity to make losing weight as easy as 1-2-3.

SlimFast has 50 published clinical studies designed and conducted by independent researchers. The research shows that The SlimFast Plan is proven to help you lose weight fast and keep it off. You can see results in just one week and lose 50% MORE weight than a reduced-calorie diet.

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Product description

Flavor:Chocolatey Crispy Cookie Dough Bar

If you’re like most people with a sweet tooth, chances are you’ve never met a candy bar you didn’t like. A delicious part of the SlimFast Bake Shop line, these weight loss bars are available in two scrumptious flavors – Chocolatey Crispy Cookie Dough and Chocolatey Peanut Butter Pie. Packed with 15g of protein, and only 1g of sugar, they keep cravings at bay and keep you full for up to four hours. Like the shakes, smoothie mixes and cookies, these melt-in-your-mouth bars are a meal replacement option for when you’re craving something sweet in your diet. You’ll receive five bars in each box.

No need to sneak bites of cookie dough with this delicious Bake Shop bar. Chocolatey and crispy, this cookie dough treat is packed with 15g of protein and 5g of fiber to satisfy hunger. It’s easy to stay on the SlimFast Plan with this decadent bar. So, indulge like no one is watching!

As part of the SlimFast Plan, replace two meals a day with Bake Shop bars. Make sure to have three low-calorie SlimFast snacks in between meals and have one sensible meal of your choosing. You’ll see the fast weight loss results you want.

  1. What the Wife wanted.

  2. I’ve been a Slim Fast fan for MANY, MANY years and I have tasted both good and bad things from them. As for these cookies, they are awesome! I think they taste more like peanut butter and oatmeal, which is great for my morning breakfast routine. Throw one in the microwave for 20 seconds, and you will think that you’re eating a warm freshly baked cookie that tastes exceptional! Dear Slim Fast, please do not stop making these!

  3. This is now my favorite Slimfast product! You receive 4 individually wrapped cookies in each box. These are meal replacements, not snacks, so there are 220 calories per cookie. The cookies are nice, big, and soft. As you can see in the picture there’s no shortage of chocolate chips or peanuts! I was very impressed with the taste of these. I have successfully lost 40 pounds so far following the Slimfast diet and am happy they’re adding a new variety of products to enjoy.

  4. I started the Slimfast diet last year and have since lost 40 pounds. I have another 30 to go so I’m happy to see Slimfast added these new Bake Shop meal replacement bars. You receive 5 individually wrapped bars per box. They’re each 180 calories so these are meant to be used as a meal replacement and not a snack. Of the two new bars I prefer the peanut butter bar over this cookie dough bar but I think both are very good! These taste more like a candy bar than a protein meal bar. I have one with a bottle of water and feel full until my next meal time. This one will be added to my regular rotation!

  5. Love the taste of these! The peanut flavor is there without being overly sweet. I appreciate the high protein content and the amount of vitamins and minerals. Definitely recommend!

  6. I adore these. I’ve been a long time Slim Fast user and I miss the bars so much (I don’t care for the shakes – I like chewing). They taste great and are portable. They don’t need refrigeration or any kind of prep so they’re great for work or on the go.And I do well on Slim Fast! I finally lost my stop smoking weight, and as long as I have access to the delicious products I like, I’m better at maintaining it. Unfortunately, these new Bake Shop products are extremely hard to get. None of my local stores carry them and sometimes Amazon is just dead out of stock.I still miss my bars (Chewy Chocolate Crisp was the best thing ever!) and I am a little miffed that the meal bars and porridge sold in the UK aren’t available here. But the Bake Shop line isn’t exactly settling.

  7. These taste great. One commenter said it has nuts and bad for allergy’s but the flavor is peanut butter chocolate chip.. not sure what they were expecting. But it is a little dry but soft the same time. Good flavor to me

  8. Actually feel full after eating a meal replacement bar with a bottle of water! And the products all taste great!

  9. I love these. I grab one every morning with my coffee or tea. They are very fulfilling. This flavor is my favorite.

  10. Love these bars, filled me right up!

  11. These are great for when I am on the go. Can be used as a meal replacement for any meal. They really do give you a full feeling for 3 or so hours! The only problem I have when buying this product from, it is an add-on item; which means I have to have a $25 order just to be able to buy them.

  12. These are different than old version of these bars, not as chewy and a little drier but it’s not bad – just different. I used to eat the cookie dough bars every morning for breakfast about 10-15 years ago so the recipe was bound to change. But again, no complaints. Just different than what I was expecting. They’re filling and a good meal replacement when you’re in a rush.

  13. They were good a little dry but good

  14. I love these cookies! However, I’m very hesitant to order these through Amazon Prime since I don’t know the expiration date. I find that closer to the expiration date that they become stale. So I want the freshest of the freshest! Just saying. I think I’ll stick with Target for $6.99 because I can see the expiration date.

  15. It is definitely less sweet than a normal cookie since the sugar is lower, but it still tastes good enough to get past my craving of sweets!! It’s also HUGE and is a chewy cookie, not crumbly or crunchy.

  16. These cookies are a great meal replacement. It takes a little adjustment to get used to having a cookie or bar for a meal, but they do leave you satisfied. I think this peanut butter chocolate cookie is my favorite of the bake shop line, they are delicious!

  17. it was good

  18. Stale and flavorless but better than the shakes

  19. ok

  20. Tasted really good. Im Haitian so you know I got great tatse in food.

  21. This is a great price and these bars taste delicious! Good for breakfast on the go!

  22. I love these – the trick is to warm them up in the microwave 🙂

  23. Yum

  24. If u wrap the cookie in a napkin and put it in the microwave for 20 seconds it’s great

  25. I love the cookies. They make losing weight tolerable. The best heathy cookie i have ever had.

  26. The chocolate chip cookie is much better but they are both good

  27. The peanut butter ones are good.

  28. It’s ok not bad. The bar is dry but I guess that’s what water is for huh lol! I would still buy again

  29. Flavor and price.I have purchased this cookie and the chocolate.I have them for my lunch meal.It works..

  30. They keep u full for a long time.

  31. A little dry but with some water they go down alright. The important part is they work. Along with slim fast shakes and these bars I lost 6.3 pounds in 1 week. I didn’t starve myself either. I had a shake for breakfast a meal bar for lunch and a normal dinner. I also have a snack if my colories for the day are to low.

  32. These are good, I personally like the double chocolate ones better but they’re still good. I get them just to break up my week a little. SAlso, they’re not as dense as the double chocolate.

  33. Pretty hard to chew but I don’t get cravings for more to eat until later in the day. New flavors would be great.

  34. what i like about this product is that there are so many varieties of slimfast bars and its so hard to choose of which one to buy. its been awhile since i had slimfast bars they are good meal replacements for skipping a meal. I havent tried these yet but they do look very good. i will definitely try the other flavors sometime and i will buy again.

  35. Not so tasty

  36. Good flavor really enjoyed these chips

  37. Its nice to have something solid instead of shakes all the time. It’s a good switch up

  38. Chalky, nasty but nutrition is sound. It other words…even though it satisfies the requirements of a diet snack bar in terms of nutrition…you have to choke it down cause it tastes nasty.

  39. Love it


  41. It’s not super sweet like a regular cookie of coarse but I like it! It has lots of vitamins and minerals and it’s satisfying. I’ve been alternating between this cookie, the chocolate one, cookie dough bar, and a shake for my two meal replacements a day.

  42. Great taste! Tried for first time. It was a little expensive but much better price than in stores! Will buy again!

  43. After taste

  44. The product is excellent but I have neglected my exercise lately and so get more hungry than normal and find it difficult to follow the plan.

  45. Great meal replacement

  46. I did not like but my husband did. Good flavor just seems chalky

  47. Bars taste ok but the artificial sweetener aftertaste wasn’t that great.

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