Slimming Instant Coffee Weight Loss & Detox Blend! 100% All Natural Ingredients! Appetite Suppressant! 30 Day Supply

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  • ⭐️GET RID OF THOSE EXTRA POUNDS AND IMPRESS WITH THE NEW YOU: If you have been looking for a way to shape your body and stand out with your slim, fit figure, you have come to the right place! This top notch ganoderma weight loss coffee is the perfect choice for you! Drinking it while following a healthy diet, combined with regular physical activity and exercising, this slimming coffee is bound to work wonders for your body. Are you ready to make some heads turn?
  • ⭐️NOTHING LESS THAN THE BEST: This ganoderma slimming coffee is free of additives, coloring, dyes and artificial ingredients! Featuring a natural formula that is enriched with ganoderma mushroom, l-carnitine and extracts of green tea, garcinia cambogia, ginseng, cactus plant, lotus leaf and guarana, this instant black coffee will suppress your appetite, boost your metabolism, energy levels and focus. Moreover, it will help you burn fat and promote an overall good health condition.
  • ⭐️INCOMPARABLY EASY TO PREPARE: Whether you are relaxing at home, or you are on the go, this weight loss coffee is all you need! Just tear the sachet, pour it into a mug, fill it with hot water, stir and enjoy! As simple as that! In case you do not like black coffee, feel free to add soy milk, coconut milk, stevia or a healthy coffee creamer! Have a cup about 20 minutes before breakfast and a second one before lunch if you like! Losing weight has never been easier before!
  • ⭐️ENJOY A TRIP TO THE TASTE OF LAND: This must have slimming coffee pack includes 30 sachets of slimming coffee and 2 additional, bonus sachets to enjoy before opening your box of weight loss coffee! Also included in the box is a healthy coffee recipe, a protein coffee creamer recipe and weight loss tips to get the most out of your slimming and detox coffee!

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Slimming Instant Coffee Weight Loss & Detox Blend! 100% All Natural Ingredients! Appetite Suppressant! 30 Day Supply

Product description

Do You Want To Lose Weight? Have You Been Looking For A Healthy Way To Get Rid Of Those Extra Pounds? This Top Quality Slimming Coffee Is All You Need!

Trying to lose weight and acquire a well-built, slender, stunning silhouette can be a difficult thing to do! You struggle to cut down on the amount of food you consume, you constantly feel hungry and tired.

We bet that you have tried a number of dietary supplements that offered no help!

This is where we step in! The Naturaltreme ganoderma slimming coffee is exactly what you need to make losing weight an easy task!

100% Natural, Premium Quality Arabica Coffee That Is Enriched With A Variety Of Herbal Extracts

This weight loss coffee is all about quality! Featuring green tea, garcinia cambogia, guarana, ginseng, lotus leaf, cactus plant and L-carnitine extracts, this micro-ground, instant black coffee is the perfect choice for those of you who compromise with nothing less than the best!

The unique bitter, herbal, mineral flavor with notes of deep dark chocolate will have your taste buds tingling with delight. In case you do not like black coffee though, add soy milk, coconut milk, stevia or a healthy coffee creamer and enjoy your coffee to the fullest!

Burn Fat, Suppress Your Appetite, Detoxify Your Body, Fight Fatigue And Remain Strong And Focused

This must have box includes 30 sachets of the best slimming coffee, plus 2 BONUS sachets, a weight loss tips document, a healthy coffee creamer recipe and a protein coffee creamer recipe! Drinking it will help you reduce your calorie intake, fight the feeling of hunger, provide your body with antioxidants, as well as boost your metabolism and energy levels!

You will also get to detoxify your body without experiencing any laxative effects.

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  1. This coffee and herb blend concoction is a wonderful drink! Tastes best mixed with hot water. I love to start my day with this drink. This has been helpful for me to lose weight and suppress my appetite. I also love how the ingredients are clean with no artificial ingredients. Highly recommend giving this product a try.

  2. This is a great coffee drink. I drink one cup in the morning, then have a high protein breakfast. I don’t get hungry until mid-afternoon, but knowing food helps burn calories, I have a light lunch and low or no carb dinner. I’ve lost two pounds in the two weeks I’ve been drinking the coffee. Plan on keeping this up for four months.

  3. It did do its job found my self returning to the same size week after week recommend it to all I already sold it to my close friends it sure works wonders

  4. tastes great

  5. Great taste. This is my second time ordering this product. Highly recommend it.

  6. Love this coffee. Not too strong. Good taste. Helps with appetite control. Have bought several times and will continue.

  7. Receiving it on time. The bonus packets,it tastes good and most of all it does help promotes weight loss.

  8. Have had this for a few days and at first I didn’t think I would like it but I enjoy the taste and it seems to work better each day. I have recommended it to friends. We will see what the results are after 30 days. So far it seems to be working nicely.

  9. This is my 2nd time to purchase this product, and am satisfied. It does’t leave me jittery, and satisfies my coffee craving.

  10. On am on my third order. The taste is good. I mix it with my protein shake every morning and afternoon. I have not lost any weight but it does help a great deal with combating my cravings!

  11. Just got it! I’m going to try it tomorrow, the ingredients are very beneficial, I love the tips on the other side of the instructions, I’ve worked in a nutrition environment for about 11 years, and those tips for slimming down are right on target! Wednesday 3-28, been using it for 4 days now, boy oh boy it gives you great energy, and yes it does curb the appetite, just follow the enclosed instructions accordingly and you should see awesome results in no time, spring is here so put the pedal to the metal and put your weight loss planin action!,

  12. Taste just like coffee, no chemical taste. If you like it stronger, use less water. It still taste good. I was pleasantly surprised

  13. Tastes really good I love it I like taking some in my purse in case I find myself somewhere there isn’t coffee

  14. Like this product. Order every month. Was gone on vacation and ran out and found how much my appitite was being suppressed by this coifee.

  15. love this coffee!!! I am getting ready to order more.

  16. I really like this as hunger curb and energy booster. On my second box

  17. But it tastes great!

  18. This coffee really helps losing weight and control my appetize. But it is not happening right away, it takes 1-2 months before you will see or feel a difference. But as I stopped buying it, I felt the difference in appetite and weight so now I make sure I always have supplies in my house. I do drink it with steamed whole milk which is not recommended but I still see a great effect!! I recommended to anyone wants to lose weight and enjoys drinking coffee!

  19. Good

  20. I love the taste. Not bad at all. It works for me.

  21. I enjoy this coffee a lot. It has become my go to. It gives me that boost of energy without the coffee jitters. No sweating either. I do drink 2 cups in morning which seems to be what works for me. Each cup is about 8oz. I drink it over the period of about an hour while I check my email in morning. I am not saying this will be the best way for you but it is what has worked best with my daily lifestyle. If you like smart coffee and are looking for an energy booster that also helps curve your appetite and you love coffee, I suggest trying this. You will still eat. It just seems to keep me from overindulging.

  22. I just love this product. I was using another “slimming coffee” & it was VERY expensive & I can honestly say that this is just as good or better <3 Thank you for a great product ........

  23. Taste good and gives me energy. I add it to my regular coffee

  24. Great product – thank you!

  25. It is a little stronger taste than what I’m used to but I really love it. It has worked so well on curbing my appetite but I do not feel jittery or any other adverse feelings. I feel great and want to get things accomplished. I’m loving this product.

  26. It’s not too strong and does have a good roast. I would recommend pouring it in before adding water because I found it harder to mix. That could just be my water, but other than that it was excellent choice.

  27. I’ve tried different slimming products. This product is honestly amazing. I don’t get hungry. 👍👍👍👍👍

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