Solaray – Dry Vitamin E 400 IU

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Solaray - Dry Vitamin E 400 IU

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    Have been using this product for some time. This is the only place that I can get vitamin E in a dry form. Our Veterinarian has told us that our cat has to take vitamin E the rest of his life. We tried liquid in his food and he always knew it was there and refused to eat. He never senses the Dry-E and his health has turned completely around. We just hope we can always buy on Amazon. Very fair price and always fast shipping. A++++++++++

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    Fast shipping and they are excellent vitamins.

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    Take one a day. Working out, eating clean.

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    I needed a powered vitamin E for homemade cat food. It’s what I was looking for and I like the brand Solaray.

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    They work well as a cat dietary supplement.

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    Love this stuff. It was for my little dog. I would sprinkle it in with her food twice a day and she had no problem eating it – I actually think she liked it.

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    Plays an essential role in daily life, great for nails, eyes & skin

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