Solgar – Hydroxycitrate, 60 Vegetable Capsules

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  • HYDROXYCITRIC ACID: Derived from the Garcinia cambogia fruit, Hydroxycitrate salt is a stable form of Hydroxycitric acid
  • RESISTS LACTONE: The Hydroxycitrate form in these vegetable capsules resists the formation of lactone
  • VERIFIED QUALITY: Solgar Hydroxycitrate is guaranteed for its potency and quality as has been verified by laboratory analysis
  • KOSHER, GLUTEN FREE & SUITABLE FOR VEGANS: These vegetable capsules are KOF-K Kosher certified, suitable for vegans and are certified gluten free. They are free of: gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, yeast, sugar, and sodium. They are also free of artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives and colors

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Solgar – Hydroxycitrate, 60 Vegetable Capsules

Solgar – Hydroxycitrate, 60 Vegetable Capsules

Solgar – Hydroxycitrate, 60 Vegetable Capsules

Solgar – Hydroxycitrate, 60 Vegetable Capsules

Product description

Solgar – Hydroxycitrate Vegetable Capsules 60 Count

  1. Hydroxy-Citrate keeps you from wanting to eat the house. We really like the way it helps curbthe mindless munching. Thank you!

  2. This items at 500mg is a bit too strong for me so I have to half the dose into another capsule. So far I haven’t been taking it before each meal as suggested so I will do an update at a later time in which I get into a more regimented schedule of these caps.

  3. Helps keep me calm while losing extra unwanted pounds and can fit back into some of my size 2 pants!

  4. Spectacular! I love it!

  5. I like this stuff, it works.

  6. So far so good

  7. received fast, great condition. I always like it when companies use glass amber bottles. didn’t know whether these would actually work, but I needed something to help with belly gut…I am over 55 & NEVER had problems with weight, but all a sudden I have this spare plump all around my waist. I do exercise, walk, ride bike & horses. I do not like to take over-the-counter chemicals. after reading about these products & how they are PLANT BASED. thought I’d give it a try. took app. a week, but doing better, not wanting to snack between meals & can tell that I’m not as hungry. so if you try it, give it a chance to work.

  8. Have used for a great and great prices.

  9. A great product!


  11. Works good and goes down easy

  12. I have been suffering with kidney stones for several years on a regular basis. I had stone removal surgery and numerous bouts with passing stones. I received a notice from a doctor who writes a newsletter that I receive that I should immediately start taking this product. I started taking it some 7 months ago and have had no stones since then. It did dissolve one stone shortly after I started taking it and it passed in tiny pieces. I highly recommend it for kidney stone sufferers.

  13. I’m giving this four stars because I did lose weight and noticed a reduction in appetite when taking it however within a week of taking it I broke out in a rash which cleared up when I discontinued it.

  14. Very good product

  15. I’ve had calcium oxalate kidney stones periodically since my early 20’s. I’ve been able to pass a few but unfortunately I’ve also had a couple that required ureteroscopy and stents. I would like to avoid ever going through that again. In addition to maintaining a high daily water intake (probably the most important thing overall), I’m also careful about diet. A high level of citrate in the urine is associated with a lower risk of kidney stones; it makes it less likely that they will form. There’s been some evidence recently that hydroxy-citratric acid (HCA) from tropical fruits like Garcinia cambogia and Hibiscus subdariffa make calcium oxalate more soluable in urine and very small stones can even be dissolved. This was only in lab testing and so far, the evidence for taking HCA as a way to prevent or treat stones is not definitive. But some nephrologists think there’s potential. I had a special lab test done by my hospital Stone Center before and then several weeks after I began taking HCA. It raised my urine citrate levels very significantly, which actually reduced (at least based on the formula used by the lab test) my chances of forming future stones.So, I will continue taking this product daily. I have not experienced any side effects. The label recommends 1 capsule per meal or 3 per day. (I have taken up to 5 in a day, but usually I stick to only 2 or 3). Even though it hasn’t yet been clinically proven, my feeling is that it’s worth taking HCA given the high financial cost (and pain!) associated with kidney stones. At minimum, it seems it will raise your urine citrate level, which is something urologists and nephrologists recommend if you have the most common type of stones.Now as to taking this for appetite suppression or weight loss, I don’t want to rain on any parades but there’s never been much evidence that it works for that purpose. (And I haven’t noticed any effect on appetite in months of use, for what it’s worth).

  16. I purchased this after it was recommended to me by a fellow kidney stone sufferer. She eliminated one of her stones using this and thought it was helping prevent future ones. I used it for several months and was told my 5mm stone was now 4mm at my three month follow-up. And there was no new stones. My next follow-up is in five months, so at that point I should really know if this is helping. I’m also taking magnesium and B6…so it could be the combination of all three.

  17. Great price

  18. Great seller. Appears to be what I’m looking for but too early to tell if it really works.

  19. super

  20. A high quality product. You get exactly what is advertised.

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