Starwest Botanicals Organic Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf C/S, 1 Pound

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  • Latin/Botanical Name: Gymnema sylvestre
  • Origin: India
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Kosher Certified
  • cGMP Compliant (current Good Manufacturing Practices)

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Starwest Botanicals Organic Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf C/S, 1 Pound

Starwest Botanicals Organic Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf C/S, 1 Pound

Starwest Botanicals Organic Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf C/S, 1 Pound

Product description

1 lb of Organic Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf Cut and Sifted (C/S), packaged in a resealable mylar bag.

  1. I purchased this tea for my husband and this tea met all my expectations and worth every penny! Would buy again

  2. Always Receive Very High Quality Cut leaf, unlike other Companies who sell a product with too much “powder”. Makes Great tea I use for Diabetes Care. I’ve bought other products from Starwest Botanicals and ALL have been High Quality. No complaints whatsoever.

  3. Using instead of diabetes meds.

  4. Excellent quality. Using to make tea for glucose control. Very satisfied.

  5. A good product if you like to skip the tea bag and have a re-usable infuser/strainer or whatever the heck it is called. I would purchase from this seller again.

  6. Always good quality from starwest

  7. I’m down 12 lbs already. I think I had subclinical metabolic disorder with insulin resistance. Ordered a bag and just chewed the leaves. Cuts sugar cravings, which is what was killing me. Also seems to clear “stomach heat,” which is what we call it when you desire to eat when you are full or not actually “hungry.” Haven’t chewed it in days, and just yesterday I started getting cravings for ice cream again. Time to chew some more leaves.

  8. A 1 lb bag is huge but this is a nice product. I grind it into a smaller powder because I use it for tea. It is helping me lose a sweet tooth. I grind this product and licorice root, then add Turmeric, all in equal amounts. I use 1/2 tsp for 1 cup hot water and let steep a few minutes. It still doesn’t taste all that good but at least I can get it down.

  9. this was a huge bag! for a great price!

  10. really cuts down your craving for sugar!!!!!

  11. This stuff is really strange. I bought it mostly for it’s novelty value, and don’t really use it for anything. It’s fun to play around with. It does deaden the sweet taste, even with steiva–that super sweet herb, just becomes bitter. I noticed that in the back of my mouth there was still some ability to taste sweetness that this herb does not affect, but in that initial taste there is no sweet at all after drinking tea made from this herb. Agave nectar at first tastes like nothing, then tastes buttery. A lot of foods have this kind of buttery taste if you remove the sweet. Bitter tastes remain too, foods will taste buttery or bitter, then maybe a little sweet when it moves to the back of your mouth. I guess people use this for weight loss. I don’t know how well that would work, as it does seem to wear off fairly quick, like a couple of hours. You would have to drink this tea, which is a bit bitter, many times a day. Also, people crave sugar often not for the sweet taste but because of the spike in blood sugar. I think it would be just easier to seek out healthful balanced foods in the first place. Deadening your taste buds would only lead you to seek out healthful food so it just seems like one could skip a step and just go to healthy eating, it would be much simpler. That said, this item is interesting and have enjoyed understanding more about the taste palate playing around with it.

  12. Very effective to lower you blood suguar. But drink in moderation because it really can lower you blood sugar very fast.

  13. Wow large quantity

  14. tasted like crap. the tea made of this do taste like complete crap. but this stuff is effective in dealing with your insulin resistance

  15. I made some tea it was ok, I tried chewing and to me that seems better, I buy for health reasons to improve my health, they come in very big bag last a long time seem to be very good product….

  16. I was diagnosed prediabetic, but after having this every morning (or before a big, sugary meal) for about a month, I was taken off that status. I don’t know how well this works for those already having diabetes, but can say for myself that it did work. I will say, however, the taste is bitter and my grandmother could not handle the bitter taste. But then again, I didn’t buy this to savor it, rather to prevent me from pricking my fingers three times a day like my grandmother.

  17. Made a tea with this and chewed some of the leaves. I tried to eat a piece of cake and it tasted like crap! I could not taste a bit of sugar in the cake or the icing and had to throw it away it tasted so disgusting. I’m not hungry in the least, although all I had to eat was a chicken sandwich early this morning with the tea itself. In the bag are cut up leaves which are almost brownish dark green with twigs, but since this is my first time purchasing this, so I didn’t know what to expect as to how it should look. The “best by” date on the bag is 03/2018. I mainly purchased this for weight loss and to control my cravings for sweets and eating when I’m not hungry. The tea tastes better than chewing it, but I can tolerate it. So far it seems like this is the answer. I am truly amazed!

  18. Most bizarre food product. It actually makes foods that are sugary taste gross. Its crazy stuff

  19. It worked the very first time I tried it! I have tried everything to curb my sugar addition, half of cup of this tea made me not want a second bite of cake. I love cake and I could not eat a second bite. The tea is bitter, but it’s so worth it.

  20. This review is for the Starwest Botanicals Organic Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf C/S, 1 PoundI started using this in my teas to help curb sugar cravings since I have wonky things going on with my blood sugar levels. I am not diabetic or anything but my levels do fluctuate and I tend to overly crave sugars at times. I don’t necessarily enjoy the flavor, it is bitter, but I can hide it in a good cup of Good Earth Sweet and Spicy. I have noticed that when I use this, my cravings are not nearly as strong and I can tell myself no. There does seem to be stems and such in the mix, I am not sure if those are needed or not, but overall I am happy with it and the one pound bag will last me a long time

  21. Nice quality herbs. Works like it is supposed too.

  22. Excellent tea.. love it.

  23. Very big bag! This tea is what many (not myself) would call a bitter tea. It completely neutralizes sugar! It’s especially fun for a class or close friends; just brew up a batch and have a taste test of various candy.I tried some with some students. M&Ms, gummy worms, Coke, Oreos…you name it, it will be as if there was no sugar in the product. Everything sweet tastes like dirt.Very cool and delicious tea!

  24. As Promised, this is a top grade herb that assists those with diabetes. I am happy to have found it.

  25. No more sugar cravings, no more in-between meal craving. the Tea is far superior than tablets starts working the first day you use it. My sugar levels for the day are now under 100 average and dropping, have lost 8 pounds, have recommended it highly

  26. I love this product, I just dont like to taste my gynemma so I grind in the blended and put in capsules.Always a fan of gymnemma. This will last me a lifetime and have enough to share with friends

  27. High quality product, prompt delivery. Thanks!

  28. Good product and lasts a long time. Best of all it is organic.

  29. good

  30. Good but need to use alot maybe like 3-4 tsp to get the effect.

  31. Fantastic! Blocks sugar receptors in your mouth and kills the pleasure of eating sweet things so you eat less. When chewed, just a pinch, it last about 2 hours.

  32. great stuff

  33. Product is just what I was looking for. Love it.

  34. good product

  35. I will keep buying it, because of the results I got

  36. I use the tea every now and then. I was told it lowers blood sugar. I haven’t had my blood sugar check.I like the taste of it.

  37. Works beautifully to lower insulin resistance. You must process it to powder it for easier capsuling and body use. I use my Ninja blender. I use a stainless colendar and wood spoon to separate the leftover large pieces and discard.

  38. Delivered on time. An excellent remedy to manage glucose (please check with your Doctor) and GI tract in general.

  39. The real deal. True gymnema. Helped with immune system. Yes, I recommend it!

  40. Thus stuff actually helps keep my husband’s blood sugar in check along with a nongmo diet.

  41. As advertised, all is well….it’s bitter but that’s what it takes to do the job

  42. excellent way to aid in Blood Sugar . I use with Amla and lemons plus a little ground fresh Ginger. Not the greatest tasting stuff in the world but adding other things with it makes it easier.

  43. A few sips of this made as a tea and you won’t even taste sweetness for a couple of hours! Has helped me lessen my sugar consumption!

  44. This stuff works! Period! Well ok, I’m not sure how it works for the blood sugar numbers. I don’t have a tester, nor really the need for one. I am a bit hypoglycemic so I just listen to my body and when I need sugar to bring it up a bit. However I have some pretty extreme sugar cravings. I needed to get these craving under control before my weight gain got out of control. After a ton of research, I decided to give this tea a try. I am so glad I did! It instantly kills the sweetness in all foods. Seriously… get some Skittles and eat a few. Savor that yummy sweet goodness for a moment… drink some tea or chew a pinch of the tea leaves for a bit and eat another Skittle. Blech! I drive for a living so I make my to-go cup of tea and sip on it throughout the day. It’s crazy when you forget you drank it and pop an after-dinner mint or a stray piece of candy. Blech!I did not notice a decrease in the cravings right away. That was just kind of gradual. One day I realized I could walk past the donut case or the candy aisle in the gas stations and truck stops without fighting myself. I thought that was pretty cool. Then I quit drinking the tea for about a week. I did ok but about the 2nd week, I couldn’t fight my cravings anymore and started getting those daily Long Johns and bags of Skittles, gummy worms, etc. Big bags. And I ate them all. Back on the tea for 2 days, and I’m not craving the sweets again. Whew! Sipping on this tea all day has also gotten me off soda and drinking more water. Again, it kills the sweetness so soda pop tastes horrible. You’ll forget though and take a big swig. Blech! Water still tastes… well, like water. So that’s good.Yes, the taste of the tea is earthy and a bit bitter. If it’s too bad, you’ve made it too strong. But it’s very easy to disguise the taste. Make it with your coffee (just don’t add sugar as it’s pointless). I like to make it with various herbal teas. The best so far is peppermint tea. Or add a couple drops of edible essential oils. Again, I like the peppermint. Orange tea or oil is good, too.The quality of this tea is excellent. It has a few small stems but nothing that won’t fit in my loose leaf tea ball. It is absolutely a non-issue for me.Will I order again? Absolutely! And I have given some to a diabetic friend. He is out of strips to test his sugars but is feeling better. He will be ordering once he’s low on what I’ve given him. This one pound bag will last a LONG time. Worth the try for sure!

  45. I love it, thank you!

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