SUGAR SUPPRESS 60 – Stops Sweet Craving and Blocks Sugar in 60 Seconds Guaranteed – Controls Appetite – 60 Tablets

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  • Absolutely works in 60 seconds or your money back!
  • Quickly stops your uncontrollable desire for sweets that cause you to binge
  • Clinically shown to promote weight loss – Works great for emotional eaters!
  • Stimulant free herbal formula made in Canada – 100% SAFE
  • Nothing works faster or better!

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SUGAR SUPPRESS 60 - Stops Sweet Craving and Blocks Sugar in 60 Seconds Guaranteed - Controls Appetite - 60 Tablets

SUGAR SUPPRESS 60 - Stops Sweet Craving and Blocks Sugar in 60 Seconds Guaranteed - Controls Appetite - 60 Tablets

SUGAR SUPPRESS 60 - Stops Sweet Craving and Blocks Sugar in 60 Seconds Guaranteed - Controls Appetite - 60 Tablets

SUGAR SUPPRESS 60 - Stops Sweet Craving and Blocks Sugar in 60 Seconds Guaranteed - Controls Appetite - 60 Tablets

SUGAR SUPPRESS 60 - Stops Sweet Craving and Blocks Sugar in 60 Seconds Guaranteed - Controls Appetite - 60 Tablets

SUGAR SUPPRESS 60 - Stops Sweet Craving and Blocks Sugar in 60 Seconds Guaranteed - Controls Appetite - 60 Tablets

SUGAR SUPPRESS 60 - Stops Sweet Craving and Blocks Sugar in 60 Seconds Guaranteed - Controls Appetite - 60 Tablets

SUGAR SUPPRESS 60 - Stops Sweet Craving and Blocks Sugar in 60 Seconds Guaranteed - Controls Appetite - 60 Tablets

SUGAR SUPPRESS 60 - Stops Sweet Craving and Blocks Sugar in 60 Seconds Guaranteed - Controls Appetite - 60 Tablets

Product description


Turns Off Your Sweet Tooth Like Magic

  • No matter how strong your sweet tooth.
  • No matter how many times you’ve tried to cut back on sweets…and failed.
  • No matter if you have a tempting sweet treat right in front of you.

Sugar Suppress 60 will turn off your uncontrollable sweet tooth right before your very eyes. Your years of struggling with sweets will finally be over…and all it takes is 60 seconds.

Requires NO Willpower

  • How many times have you made a resolution to start eating healthy and lose weight…only to fall off the wagon a few days later because you didn’t have the willpower to resist your cravings for a sweet treat?
  • How many times have you come home exhausted after a tough day at work, so emotionally drained that all you want is something sweet to feel better…and you don’t have the energy to resist your strong urge?
  • How many times have you tried to take just one bite of your favorite treat and ended up going on an out of control binge…only to hate yourself after?

Sugar Suppress 60 is so fast and effective you don’t need willpower. It’s fast acting formula stops your desire for sweets BEFORE you give into your cravings.

No Other Product Works Faster Or Better

Unlike other products that you can’t tell are actually working, with Sugar Suppress 60 you’ll know for sure it’s working in literally 60 seconds!

Don’t be fooled by other knock off products making similar claims. In a live demonstration, Sugar Suppress 60 defeated every product in its ability to quickly eliminate the desire for ANY sweet foods.

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  1. Avatar

    Definitely takes away your sweet tooth craving. Does what the product describes it will do.

  2. Avatar

    Just tried this for first time. Its about 10 pm and i am heading off to bed soon and was having a really bad sugar crave.I certainly dont have one now. This stuff works great!!

  3. Avatar

    I read the reviews before I bout this product. It seemed too good to be true that anything can work in 60 seconds. Believe me, I was going to blast them on the reviews if it didn’t work, but this is for real. I know it doesn’t seem possible but after 60 seconds I tried a reese’s peanut butter cup and I had no desire for more. This deserves 5 stars!

  4. Avatar

    This really works! I tried it and then ate a handful of chocolate morsels and they tasted like wax! I used it the other night when I always get the urge to have something sweet and it totally supressed my craving. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the taste of the product itself. It’s minty, but super strong tasting and leaves a gross after taste. Still does the job tho! No sugar

  5. Avatar

    I am constantly surrounded by sweets at work. I take a few of these every day. I eat whatever I am craving, and usually do not eat more than a bite. I have introduced this product to many of my friends, mostly to see their reaction when they bite into something after taking this product. The taste isn’t the greatest, but to me, it’s really not a big deal as I know it is helping me fight cravings.

  6. Avatar

    Really works! It’s kinda minty. I normally could eat 3 candy bars in 1 sitting if I want. I took a couple of bites of a candy bar and immediately sacked on the pill for 60sec. When I took a small bite of the candy bar it didn’t taste sweet anymore and I lost interest. Amazing!

  7. Avatar

    Unbelievable! After sucking on the tab for after a minute, it had a strong herbal taste. Then I dug into my favorite bag of Swedish Fish and it tasted like… well, nothing. Tasteless. I spit it out. Then I wondered about other foods, so I ate some celery sticks and hummus. Healthy, right? It tasted just like it should. Then went back to the Swedish Fish, and one of my high protein cinnamon bars. The candy still tasted tasteless, and the bar tasted like cardboard. Spit that out. I think this will help deter me from those sugary things now!

  8. Avatar

    I am addicted to ice cream, especially DQ Blizzard. With the “Sugar Suppress” the Blizzard was pointless. It didn’t taste like anything sweet. I felt like i could have been eating oatmeal. Now i won’t even buy the Blizzard.

  9. Avatar

    I don’t write a on reviews, I always just scroll through them, but I just tried this tonight and tried to eat a Lindor truffle, and it was nasty. It tasted like I had coconut oil in my mouth. Its 11pm now and I took that tablet at 7pm and I just tried to brush my teeth with my Crest toothpaste, yeahhh…no, the mint tasted like salty nastiness. So, for me, the effect of the tablets have lasted 4 hours so far and I’m not craving the Sea Salt chocolates that are in my freezer, which is bizzare because I crave sugar 24/7.

  10. Avatar

    Tried tonight. Wow took a losenge and covered my tongue with it for 60 seconds like instructed tried to eat a Reese’s cup which would normally lead to a cabinet clearing binge and tasted like card board so I spot it out. I’ll update my review at the end of the bottle.

  11. Avatar

    Wow. These legitimately work!!! Before I get into the review itself, let me just say that these are not magic pills that will make you stop wanting to eat sugar and they only work if you have enough self discipline to take them, but I have found them to be very effective in my fight to break a sugar addiction and lose some weight! In general I eat pretty healthy and try to exercise daily, but I find that in the evenings after the kids are in bed, it’s like attack of the sweet tooth and I am weak!! Any good dietitian would tell you that the worst time to binge on sugary snacks is in the hours right before bed, so obviously this is a problem for me in keeping the fatitude off my latitude. I find that if I suck on one of these right after putting my kids to bed, I won’t eat sweets before I go to bed. That makes a HUGE difference for me! Here’s what I like about them:FAST – Just as advertised these reach complete effectiveness for me within 60 seconds or less (I timed it)!! You don’t actually have to finish sucking the entire lozenge down to nothing, you only have to suck it for 60 seconds, then you can take whatever is left out and throw it away (which is great because at that point it’s pretty nasty).EFFECTIVE – This is the most important thing right? Being a scientist I love to do experiments and gather data, so I really put these to the test. I started my stopwatch after the 60 seconds and tried to eat sweet things immediately and then every 15 minutes afterward until it wore off. The first thing I tried right after spitting out the pill was a mini oreo. It was completely repulsive and I had to spit it out and rinse my mouth out. AMAZING!!! 15 minutes later I tried a piece of sweet fruit. GROSS! Spit it out. At that point I also tried a pretzel to see if savory food was affected. It didn’t taste 100% normal, but pretty darn close! Sweet things continued to be nasty until about the 1 hour and 15 minute mark when I tried to suck on a sweet breath mint. It was kinda gross, but not so bad that I immediately had to spit it out. I was able to keep sucking on it though I still couldn’t really appreciate the sweet taste. 15 minutes later I ate dinner (udon noodles with shrimp in a spicy sauce and a roll) and the taste of my meal was completely unaffected by the pill. Within an hour and a half I could taste sweets again. An hour and half is a long time for 60 seconds of sucking!!!!EASY – I hate swallowing pills. I have to swallow tons of them for various reasons, so I was really happy that this isn’t adding yet another big capsule to swallow. They are tiny, easy to keep in a purse or pocket and easy to use!The only thing I don’t like about these are the nasty taste while sucking and the after taste which lasts for about 5-10 minutes afterward. They say it starts minty then changes to strong herbal. I’d say it just jumps right to strong herbal within like 2 seconds of sucking and just gets stronger and stronger. After spitting the thing out, I had a really nasty taste in my mouth for between 5 and 10 minutes, but that did wear off and the sweet suppression stayed in tact even after the nasty taste faded. It would be nice not to have that gross after taste, but hey, they work!!! I did compare these with similar products found in stores and those were a lot cheaper but I don’t know if they work as well, so I’m going to stick with these for the time being!I keep the bottle in the cabinet where most of the culprit sweets are that tempt me in the evenings to remind me to be strong and these give me the little extra help I need to avoid giving in! I also keep several in my purse in a little pill box so I can fight cravings at work or when I’m out in public. There’s no shame in giving your will power a fighting chance! If you just need a little extra help to kick sugar cravings like me, these will work great! But again, they won’t work if you don’t have enough self discipline to take them when YOU need them! I have found that my “need” for sugar has diminished since I started taking these, though it has not gone away. I can definitely recommend! And yes, I paid full price. I hope this helps a fellow sugar addict!

  12. Avatar

    I’ll start with my experience, and then I’ll say why I don’t think this will work for everyone. But I really think this will help many people. People who are full from dinner, and want to avoid eating sweets afterwards are going to do well… with a little will power. No matter what, you will need to really want this to work, and work with this product to get the results your hoping for. Hope that makes sense.The ”minty” flavor of this tablet wouldn’t be bad (kinda reminds me of a minty toothpick… wood flavor and all, lol) but the mint goes away as the product starts to go to work on muting those sweet tastebuds, leaving you with a pretty bad taste. It’s actually prettty awful. Lol. But after 60 seconds, I spit it out, and popped a few plain M&Ms, and Holy Cow! It worked! By time I was done chewing the M&Ms, the nasty flavor was gone from what the product left behind. The thing I thought was the craziest was I could taste the salt, (which I never tasted before in an M&M) but not the sweet taste of chocolate. If you’ve ever tasted bakers chocolate, I would say it similar to that. NOT GOOD.Then I tried a sip of my Vitamin Water (the kiwi strawberry one), and I could taste the flavor of the strawberry and kiwi, but again, no sweetness AT ALL!Then I tried my vape juice, and OMG, yuck! Don’t bother. LolI think this will work for a lot of people. I am very hopeful it will work for me on some level. I fear my sugar levels, and have a hard time controlling my sugar intake. It’s always been a vise of mine. I would think that you would have to really give this product a solid 2 weeks before fully judging it negatively. Get used to what it’s like to not taste sweet flavor, and YOU MUST find some foods and drinks that taste good when you use this product. It would be very easy to switch from one bad to another, and end up loving potato chips instead of cookies. Not a good trade off. So try to find a way to avoid that. I haven’t yet, but it’s my 1st day.Why I think it won’t work for everyone:1) The taste of the product is pretty bad. It doesn’t last long at all, but some people might not be able to get past that.2) Things that are good for you may not taste good, such as an apple, or any sweet fruit. Remember, all sweetness is muted, so nothing gets through.2.5) Because of what I mention above, some people who are actually hungry won’t have an option, and they may be discouraged to using this product because it limits you. Which I guess is the point, but you do still need to eat. You would have to eat something savory, and drink water, or maybe a lemon in water for flavor.3) Trial & Error might be discouraging… think about it, if you like barbecue chicken, you may not be able to enjoy it. Barbecue Sauce usually has a lot of honey or sugar, which would be gone. You’d be left with spices and vinegar in sauce form. Lol.All in all, amazing product. I hope I can have at least some success with it.I will update if I can, and wish you luck!

  13. Avatar

    The product does what it claims. Totally takes away any taste of sugar. I tried to eat an orange gummy candy and I could taste the orange but it wasn’t sweet at all. It’s too soon to tell if it’ll work for me in the long run but sugar is my weakness so I think it’ll help reduce my sugar intake. The herbal flavor is very strong and unpleasant but it’s not unbearable. I suggest letting the entire tablet melt and make sure it touches every area of the tongue and mouth for best results.

  14. Avatar

    This product arrived today. I read the instructions to test it and Guinea Pigged it on my husband. After 60 seconds he ate a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. He said the candy didn’t taste good, but it didn’t taste too bad. Disappointing! But wait…I needed to try it for myself before crafting a scathing review about how I wasted my money, blah, blah, blah. I followed the instructions and then ate a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup also. At first I just sorted of tasted a saltiness minus the sweet, not delicious but not awful, but about a second later I was literally gagging with disgust. So much so that I couldn’t even think of swallowing it and immediately spit it into the trash. I was very close to vomiting. This is a good thing because the “thought” of how bad I felt will definitely not be forgotten. I am the person who eats a meal and no matter how stuffed I am has to have something sweet. If I eat one piece of chocolate, I need 10 more. I will take one of these tablets after lunch each day at work. I am very pleased with this product. I still feel nauseous. You may not appreciate that feeling but I do as I need a strong deterrent. The nausea isn’t crazy, its just enough to make you not want to eat anything. As for my husband, I guess it doesn’t have as strong an affect on everyone but for me it’s a definite winner. I honestly didnt think it would work so I felt compelled to write this review.

  15. Avatar

    Ok. These things work!! They start off minty and then halfway through the 60 seconds turn herbal tasting. After 60 seconds you spit it out and then eat something sweet. Oh my goodness!! That chocolate was NASTY!!! I had to spit it out! I was gagging on how bad it tasted. I can’t even look at the candy without gagging. That was the result I was looking for!! If this conquers my binge eating I will be a happy girl!!

  16. Avatar

    I have a major sugar addiction but I am also recently diagnosed prediabetic. I’m pretty good about keeping sweets out of the house and pure laziness usually prevents me from leaving the house when a craving hits. Unfortunately my work has a communal chocolate drawer which is continually stocked by my well meaning manager. I tried buying sugar free chocolate for the drawer and that worked well until my coworkers ate it all. I then started keeping my sugar free chocolate in the work fridge with my name on it, but alas, that too dissapeared. Keeping the candy in my purse meant taking it home with me, where I would eat a whole bag in one sitting and sugar free chocolate is not cheap. Desperate, I purchased this product and decided to try it out for the first time tonight. The taste was not as bad as I was led to believe from some of the reviews. There is definitely a sort of bitter after taste that reminds me of drinking tea that’s steeped too long, but it wasn’t bad enough to make me want to spit it out. I tried an assortment of items after the requisite 60 seconds. Frozen grapes tasted mostly of ice. An oreo cookie tasted like that carob dog treat I “accidently” ate that one time as a kid. Most astounding, my beloved binggrae banana milk which normally tastes like pure liquid sugar, tasted like regular skim milk with a hint of bannana. Hoping this will help me out in avoiding sweets.

  17. Avatar

    These really do turn off sugar receptors! I tried honey, maple syrup, sugar, eggnog (no alcohol), and a Digestive biscuit (chocolate coated cookie). They ranged from seriously disgusting to meh. They had no effect on savory snacks like Goldfish crackers or popcorn. So, if you have a SWEETS problem, these are for you. If you have a snacking or seconds at supper problem, they’re probably not going to work.I tasted the herbal flavor in a few seconds, and the effect lasted at least 2 1/2 hours. My husband didn’t start tasting the herbal flavor for about 30 seconds and his only lasted an hour. You’re supposed to spit it out after a minute, but you might want to start counting when the flavor kicks in to see if it lasts longer.That said, they taste astonishingly bad, but it only lasts a minute, and it cuts off all physical and mental rewards you’d normally get from your sweets.

  18. Avatar

    Crazy….. i ate the mint. It wasn’t yummy but wasn’t awful either. Tried a piece of Hershey chocolate after and it tasted awful. No sweet satisfying taste at all!!! I had to spit it out because the texture of the chocolate without the sweetness was terrible!!!!! I really hope this works long term to help with my weightloss goals!!!!!

  19. Avatar

    Yes they taste terrible but it’s 60 seconds and they work perfectly so I can tolerate 60 seconds of yuck lol

  20. Avatar

    Wowza. Addiction to sugar is as real as addiction to common vices like cigarettes and alcohol. I know mine is real and the genetic turmoil is staring at me. I have always wished I could trick myself into not liking things. Putting hot sauce on a snickers etc. stulid sounding but I don’t eat cornbread because my grandpa told me it was cake. That travesty lives on! Ha.I got these pills today. I put it on my tongue. Minty. Not nasty. Tasted the herb. Little numbish maybe. Tasted a homemade sugar cookie I iced, I was shocked I tasted it but all the good was amiss? OMGOSH is this real. Finger of nutella. I tasted it. Not as sweet as normal but still good. But not heavenly. I’m like hmmm. Pink laddy taffy? I spit it out. I could taste the strawberry flavor and bits of flavor but it wasn’t right. So out it went into the trash and holy moly I’m so excited! I will eat one before my personal onslaught of boredom eating, sad eating etc. this stuff works as told. Much like the elliptical and mountain climber and gym membership….you still have to do your part. But this is certainly helpful and easy! Who doesn’t have 60 seconds!!!!!!

  21. Avatar

    I just tried the tablet for the first time . It was minty at first and then it changed into this bitter herbal flavor which might be hard for some. I then tried sweet potato pie ( yuck , it was weird, I spitted out ) , almond biscotti ( tasted like old crouton, nasty ) , corn bread tasted like some bland flavorless bread and grapefruit soda tasted very sour and flavorless. All inedible. It’s not a magical pill because you need to have a power to take it knowing it will ruin the taste of your favorite foods. I’ll update later on .

  22. Avatar

    I don’t know why so many people complain about the taste. I thought it tasted like a heavily fluorinated toothpaste. It wasn’t terrible. Most importantly, it actually did what it said. I tried a cookie after and it tasted like cardboard.

  23. Avatar

    Yes, it really does stop the craving. I crave carbs and sugar I kind of crave food or can’t decide what to eat and that drives me nuts going through the fridge or cabinets 9000 times looking for something and nothing appeals to me so I take one of these and before I know it, food is the furthest thing from my mind. I don’t like the Anise flavor enough to keep that in my mouth until the whole TAB is melted so I save it for later.No kidding. It works and I saw another brand that costs nearly 3x as much. I’m not watching my weight but I am watching my glucose. I’ll update when I get retested.

  24. Avatar

    I tried it and have had success. I have lost weight from using them. I use them mainly in the evening when I want something sweet. I don’t mind a bad taste in my mouth if it saves me from a sugar binge. I highly recommend them.

  25. Avatar

    Okay, I’m someone who loves sweets. I can avoid them during the day, but in the evenings I tend to overdo it. I got these hoping I could use them for some at-home aversion therapy BUT I was skeptical that they would do what they claim. I got them a few days ago, but waited till today to try them (honestly I didn’t want to be disappointed that they didn’t work). So, I got a chocolate-covered shortbread cookie and a piece of peanut butter dark chocolate, both of which normally are enough to open the sweets-binge floodgates. I dissolved the lozenge on my tongue for 60 seconds as directed. It was minty at first and eventually started to taste a little gross, but not so repellent I needed to spit it out. Then I took a bite of the cookie. It tasted like a dog treat. A nasty dog treat. That I did spit out. Then I tried the chocolate. It was waxy and unpleasant, just as nasty as the cookie. It followed the other bite into the trash.I’m not going to say that this is going to be a magic bullet; it won’t stop my urges to binge, but I can say that when I feel the urge to binge on sweets, I’m going to pop one of these bad boys and see how long it takes to derail that sugar train. It can remove that first-bite reward, and turn something I normally find ambrosial into something I can’t imagine wanting to eat. That is all I need-but you have to actually use them for them to work. So, while it may not fix your underlying food issues, it may make sweets unpleasant enough that you want to bypass them more often in the future.

  26. Avatar

    Just arrived today. I ordered it after seeing an ad for sweet defeat. Works the same way, so I figured I’d give it a shot. And I was mid cake slice when I remembered it came in. Grabbed one, sucked on it like a mint for 60 seconds,moving it across the entire surface of my tongue, and tried the cake. Still smells delicious, but tastes like cardboard. Stopped my binge mid slice! This product rocks! The bitter flavor kicked in within 10 seconds, but it wasn’t unbearable. And I still had a lot of tablet left after the 60 seconds, so I’ll just take half at a time. This is a game changer!

  27. Avatar

    I wanted to suppress my sweet tooth For a very short period it made sweets taste like nothing Pill itself ends bitterly as you taste it, but it does not last long at all. You would need to suck on them all day for any real affect. I threw them away

  28. Avatar

    To start with they feel real rough to your tongue but they do work. I love sweets and was really in the mood for chocolate, put in one of the tablets and started doing something else and totally lost the craving.

  29. Avatar

    I usually don’t leave reviews but I was too impressed not to share my review!!I honestly had my doubts on these but I’m amazed like the directions stated I would be haha. The minty flavor wears off after about 20 of the 60 seconds though, the herbal flavor isn’t unbearable by any means but it’s not pleasant either. I ate a frosted animal cracker after taking it and it tasted like the blandest cracker I’ve ever had. Then I tried eating some honey and it was so weird like eating tasteless gel.

  30. Avatar

    I received my bottle of Sugar Surpress 60 today, and woah. It really works. I followed instructions by putting a tablet on my tongue and setting a timer for 60 seconds. At first, it actually tasted nice, like a mint. Over the course of a minute, it started tasting more “herbal,” but it was still bearable. As soon as my 60 seconds was up, I put a Hershey’s kiss in my mouth…. and immediately spit it into the trash. It was disgusting! I also tried a gummy bear and a small piece of maple candy (basically pure sugar), with the same reaction. I then tried a salty pretzel, and it tasted about normal. Next, I took a sip of Diet Coke, which was almost unbearable! I was surprised, since there’s no “real” sugar in Diet Coke. But it makes sense that anything that would trigger a sweet taste, real or artificial, would be blocked with these pills.After 30 minutes, I tried again, and the food items were slightly more bearable, but still pretty darn gross. At 45 minutes and 1 hour, it had the same effect of being gross, but only if it put it at the tip of my tongue. Otherwise, it was bearable. It’s safe to say the effect was definitely dulled by that point. All in all, it took about an hour and 20 minutes for my tastebuds to get back to normal.Ultimately, I think this product is an amazing option if you have decent will power, eat mostly healthy, and just need some help curbing your sweet tooth. I normally eat healthy meals, but crave sugary snacks and desserts. I plan to use this pill as needed after meals to keep me from snacking. If you are expecting a miracle diet pill, you will be disappointed. But if you are looking for a little help to keep you from going overboard with the sweets, I think this could be a major tool to help you with your weight loss goals!

  31. Avatar

    My mind was blown. I am a sugar addict and my cravings come at night.. Its all about mental. If you just give yourself 60 seconds or less and pop this baby in you are good to go for the next couple of hours. STAY STRONG my fellow sugar fairies

  32. Avatar

    It works! I have terrible cravings for sweets after a meal and I also binge eat when stressed. Sugar Suppress takes care of both! Basically it makes everything taste bad for a while. And sweets taste really bland.

  33. Avatar

    I have been waiting all of my 60 years for a product like this. This tablet dies exactly what the advertising says! I took the first one , then tried pecan praline ice cream. No sugar taste at all! This is great! Thank you for making this product!

  34. Avatar

    I just got this today and I already tried it. It totally works! 😊👏👏👏 Even my coffee (which I put flavored creamer in) doesn’t taste right. It’s been about an hour and it’s still working. It does have a slight aftertaste, but not unbearable. Worth the tradeoff.

  35. Avatar

    The product works! It makes eating sweets very unsatisfying due to their altered taste. However, the mint does taste really bad. I had to take it out of my mouth only after 45 seconds because I absolutely hated the taste.

  36. Avatar

    I am literally SHOCKED at how well this works!!! Within 1 minute as stated on the packaging, all tastes of sweet or sure were completely 100% GONE. Cookies taste like bland crackers, apple sauce taste like flavorless mush, grapes and blue berries taste only sour, and sugar taste like sand!!! It’s truly incredible. I will be usuing this multiple times daily to curve my sweet tooth, and hopefully lose weight!!! Thank you SO much!

  37. Avatar

    I bought this product to help with my sweet tooth and after the first use I can already tell it’s my new go to in order to stop those cravings! I followed the instructions exactly and I went to take a sip of a sugary drink and didn’t taste the drink at all! I don’t have a craving for anything sweet or even savory now. This really helps to stop the snacking and cravings in between meals. Highly recommend this to anyone struggling with cravings between meals or for sweets in general.

  38. Avatar

    I went out for breakfast with my family this morning and there was the best coffee cake I’ve ever had in my life (I had ONE bite.) It was so good I felt like I had to inhale the entire thing, consequences be damned. I’ve been doing keto, so I didn’t want to fall off the wagon, but that coffee cake was so good, I almost didn’t care. Such a dilemma. Then I remembered I had Sugar Suppress in my purse that I hadn’t yet tried. I followed the directions and took a second bite of the taunting coffee cake. I literally spit it out in my napkin it tasted so bad. Never thought something could go from tasting that good to that bad.

  39. Avatar

    They don’t taste that great but I wasn’t able to even eat a piece of candy with these. It made it taste awful and unbareable

  40. Avatar

    Oh my…where shall I start? Let’s just say I love to eat ,especially sweet high carb stuff. My office does not make my life any easier. We have free breakfast every Friday with full of food I like. You name it, donuts, bagels, cakes, so today is Friday, I did not use this product right away. Instead, I ate a cake. I know! that’s the thing. You have to take it before eat anything to make it work. It doesn’t work just sitting on your desk. So for sure, I enjoyed my cake so much so that I took another one. Smart me! This time, I decided to give a shot before put the cake in my month. This thing did not taste bad at all, kind of mint taste. After 60 seconds, I put a piece of my favorite cake in my month. Oh, NOOOOO…the cake tasted so horrible to the extend I cannot swallow. What just happened?! Anyway…this is first product actually works on me. I immediately ordered another bottle so I can keep one at home and one in the office.

  41. Avatar

    Seriously this is life changing. It legitimately makes anything sweet taste like dog sh*t. I’ve always had candy everywhere I go. Tons of it. In pockets, purses, cars, suitcases, etc. I would get incredibly anxious without any close by. And I am a workout FIEND!! Daily HIIT wods but still always needed extra cardio on top of my daily CrossFit & was STILL chunky. I knew it was due to my candy addiction but I couldn’t stop. I could maybe cut back for a day or 2, but even that was near impossible. Well I’ve made it a week now almost completely candy/desert free!! Longest in my life & i don’t even miss it, so i have 100% confidence this will get me out of my candy habit long term! The will power struggle has been eliminated!! For instance, last night after dinner, I saw a doughnut calling my name. 2 bites in I stopped & popped a sugar suppress for one minute as instructed. Went to finish the doughnut & had to spit it out 😝. Gave the rest to my dogs. If you have any desire to get sugar out of your life, please try this. It could be the best $20 you ever spent!! Definitely was for me!!

  42. Avatar

    It’s amazing how well this product works! The taste is a bit weird, but not horrible! Follow the directions and find out what it does! I reccomend!

  43. Avatar

    I read all the directions. With an open mind and mouth, I put the first tablet on my tongue. It was pleasant, tasted minty. They tell you to roll it around your tongue for 60 seconds and if you taste the herb, it will work better for you. The taste changed at about 50 seconds in. It wasn’t horrid, but wasn’t actually a flavor. Just bland. I spit out the tablet not fully dissolved. I took a drink of water and waited about 10 minutes and had a soda. It didn’t change the taste of the soda, but it wasn’t quite as sweet as I would like – effective, I didn’t finish the soda. hours later, I went to eat candy, and had one piece, putting the rest away and then remembered I had had the tablet earlier in the day. For me, that’s effective in reducing my sugar intake.It doesn’t claim to be the greatest weight loss product on earth, and it isn’t. But it is effective for those of us who don’t know how to take one piece of candy and leave it. For me, it works.

  44. Avatar

    It really works! I don’t know what else to say.Yes, it has a bit of a weird after-taste, but not enough for me to not use it. A bit of an odd taste is worth the trade-off for not gaining weight from over-eating at night or when out with friends.I keep several tablets of this on me during the day.

  45. Avatar

    I tried one after dinner and waited 60 seconds (during which time it went from refreshingly minty to absolutely disgusting). Then, I took a bite of my beloved Dove dark chocolate squares (I keep them beside my bed for my nightly treat as I read). It tasted AWFUL! Like Baker’s chocolate minus ALL the sugar. Like other reviewers, I actually spit it out because it was inedible. I’m not sure how this will eliminate actual cravings, but it will definitely make the idea of having anything sweet far less appealing!

  46. Avatar

    I am a sugar addict trying everything I can to curb my cravings. I stumbled upon this product and thought I would give it a try. I followed the specific (easy) instructions and WOW. It did exactly what is claims and blocked my ability to taste the sweetness of my favorite go-to “Smart Sweet” gummy candy and also completely stopped my sugar craving dead in its tracks. I’ve only tried it once, but I will be using it as a regular tool from now on.

  47. Avatar

    I followed the directions and was impressed from the start. I would highly recommend to anyone who has a sweet tooth craving and no will power. If you have not tried this I suggest you do because one thing is for sure… they work!

  48. Avatar

    I am so impressed. I have absolutely no desire to eat sugar when I use these tablets. The taste could be better but it works so I don’t mind it. I am prediabetic so this might very well save my life.

  49. Avatar

    Taking it for a short time, so far, but feel it does help.

  50. Avatar

    This product is incredible. I am insulin resistant and sugar is the devil for me. I need to stay far away from it. But of course I dont!!! Since sucking on these mints my cravings for sugary foods have decreased by 70%!!! I no longer eat sugary foods in the middle of the night. I’m no longer a fruit juice feen. I’ve lost weight and toned up. Now my hourglass shape is on full display!! Dont get me wrong I work out. I fast and I also stay far away from sugar. Thanks to this product. It has truly changed my life. I’ll forever buy this!! I’m getting emotional writing this review because it really works!!!

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