Teami® Colon Cleanse Detox Tea – 15 Tea Bags, 30 Day Supply (Lemon)

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  • FEELING BLOATED is no fun, which is why we created our natural herb formula, to help reset, cleanse and refresh your body from the inside out!
  • RENEW YOUR ENERGY and Join our MORE THAN 500,000 strong Communitea that drink our All-Natural, Vegan blends and feel amazing every single day!
  • SIMPLY DRINK Teami Colon every other night before bed, and let the tea do its magic while you sleep. RESET + DETOX with our 100% natural, gentle, night time cleanse!
  • TEAMI COLON only contains safe, all NATURAL HERBAL INGREDIENTS that have been used in ancient, HOLISTIC remedies to produce the RESULTS YOU'RE LOOKING FOR, plus it's Vegan and Non-GMO.
  • WE AT TEAMI BLENDS want you to know we've got your back with whatever your goals are. If you are not completely satisfied with any Teami Blends Teas, we will help you resolve your concern or provide a FULL REFUND.

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Teami® Colon Cleanse Detox Tea - 15 Tea Bags, 30 Day Supply (Lemon)

Teami® Colon Cleanse Detox Tea - 15 Tea Bags, 30 Day Supply (Lemon)

Teami® Colon Cleanse Detox Tea - 15 Tea Bags, 30 Day Supply (Lemon)

Teami® Colon Cleanse Detox Tea - 15 Tea Bags, 30 Day Supply (Lemon)

Teami® Colon Cleanse Detox Tea - 15 Tea Bags, 30 Day Supply (Lemon)

Teami® Colon Cleanse Detox Tea - 15 Tea Bags, 30 Day Supply (Lemon)

Teami® Colon Cleanse Detox Tea - 15 Tea Bags, 30 Day Supply (Lemon)

Teami® Colon Cleanse Detox Tea - 15 Tea Bags, 30 Day Supply (Lemon)

Teami® Colon Cleanse Detox Tea - 15 Tea Bags, 30 Day Supply (Lemon)

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best detox tea, detox tea for weight loss, detox tea for fat loss
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Reset + Detox with our 100% natural, gentle night time cleanse!

Ever feel like you need topress the reset button on your body? We believe that maintaining a healthy gut isvital in living your happiest, healthiest life!

Toxins exist all around us- in processed foods, carbonated drinks, pollution and free radicals that we are exposed to daily. Doingan all-natural cleanse is great way togive your gut the love, attention and detox it deserves!

Traditionally, colon tea cleanses have been used because they aregentle, simple and 100% All-Natural! Our night time colon cleanse is one of ourbest-selling blends to give your body the restoration it needs!*

  • Rhubarb Root: A natural botanical to aid in digestion, we added rhubarb root to our cleansing blend as it is gentle on the stomach :)*
  • Hawthorn Berry Extract: Hawthorn berry extract helps protect from the inside out*
  • Lotus Leaf:The powerful lotus plant has been used in East and Southeast Asian for centuries for its many benefits!

Blends you can trust! We use premium hand-selected tea leaves to create our stunning blends – each targeted to help you live a healthier lifestyle!

15 servings per bag.

Only the Way You Need it:

  • All-Natural Ingredients, 100% Vegan
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-Free
  • Dairy & Soy Free, No Chemical Preservatives
  • No Artificial Coloring, No Fillers or Additives, NO Artificial Flavors

More than 500,000 people have felt the difference using our detox teas. We can’t wait for you to feel the difference too!

Get started today and feel the difference with us!

A Night Time Cleanse Made Just for You

best detox tea

best detox tea

best detox tea

Pyramid Tea Bags

Each individual serving of Teami Colon comes in a high quality pyramid tea bag, which allows the tea to move around more freely in the bag, resulting in a higher quality brew. Only the best for you 😉

Unparalleled Support

We’re here to help you along your detox journey. We want you to succeed and get the results you’re looking for. Message us anytime to get more tips, help, and encouragement with your detox!

Feel Lighter

Drink your Teami Colon every other night before bed.

Steep in a mug for 1-5 minutes if you are just starting out. As you continue detoxing, you should gradually increase the amount of time your colon tea is steeping in your mug. The longer you let it steep, the more effective the cleanse will be. Start from 1-5 minutes and work up to 30 minutes!

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Q. Does the Teami Colon create a “laxative” effect?

A.The colon cleanse tea bags create a gentle laxative effect in order to flush out all of the unwanted toxins. Usually, this just means that you go to the bathroom first thing when you wake up. You may experience slight cramping and frequent visits to the bathroom due to the laxative effect.

Q. The Teami Colon is upsetting my stomach. Any suggestions?

A. Yes, when you start detoxing you can definitely experience cramping as the body is trying to rid itself of all the toxins. It gets better once it is all out of your system, so stick with it! I also recommend steeping the Teami Colon for 1-2 minutes then REMOVING the bag from the mug, and that will stop the tea from getting any stronger. You can increase that steep time as your body gets more used to the detox effect of the tea.

Q. Will my body get used to the Teami Colon?

A. Yes! In the beginning of the program, your body is getting rid of the harshest reserve of toxins that you are holding onto. You have to continue with the program in order to see the results! Your body will become more clean every single day that you continue with your detox.

Q. How do you use this blend?

A. You drink Teami Colon every other night before bed! You put one tea bag in 8 ounces of hot water, let it steep for your desired amount of time, and then remove the tea bag! We recommend starting with a 1-3 minute steep time and increasing it from there!

Q. Does Teami Colon contain caffeine?

A. This blend contains a small amount of all-natural plant-based caffeine but it will not keep you up at night! Drinking a cup of hot tea before bed is a great way to promote a more relaxing and restful night!

Q. Can you drink Teami Colon every night?

A. We recommend drinking this blend every other night to see best results!

Q. Can you drink Teami Colon while pregnant or breastfeeding?

A. We do not recommend drinking this blend while pregnant or nursing! The Teami Colon Cleanse flushes out toxins from the body and while you are pregnant or nursing you want your body to keep all of the nutrients, so detoxing is a no-go! We do have some blends that are loved by our pregnant and nursing moms, like Teami Skinny, Teami Relax, and Teami Nursing!

**Have more questions? Send us a message or ask in the “questions” section of this page and we’ll get back to you asap!

CEO Teami Blends Adi Arrezini

About Teami

Our Mission

Our mission at Teami is to help our customers live a happier, healthier lifestyle through the use of holistic, all natural wellness tea blends and skincare products that are created with powerful tea ingredients!

What We Stand For

  • Natural, ethical products that you can trust! We take our time creating truly amazing products that we can stand behind.
  • Our communitea of customers around the world are the #1 priority for us. We are passionate about helping YOU make simple, positive changes in your wellness and beauty routine that will lead you toward living your happiest, healthiest life!

What We Believe

  • Teami believes in the incredible power of holistic teas, herbs and natural ingredients, which is why we source, curate and blend them into all of our products!
  • Teami believes that wellness begins from within. Our focus is to help you improve your overall well-being by taking care of gut health with our all-natural tea blends.

Brand Values

  • We believe in the powerful health benefits of tea. It’s not just Tea, It’s a Lifestyle!

  • Hand-selected, premium quality loose leaf tea

  • Holistic ingredients perfectly blended for delicious taste and effectiveness

  • Each blend is created with the intention to help improve your wellness routine

  • Made in small batches

  • Highest quality ingredients sourced ethically
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