Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine 1500mg (90 Capsules) Maximum Potency Pain Relief & Joint Support Supplement 95% Standardized Curcuminoids. Non-GMO Tumeric Gluten Free Turmeric with Black Pepper

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5 Great reasons to buy from us:

  1. I suffer from Fibromyalgia so I’ve been looking for a natural supplement to help with inflammation and pain and this seems to be doing the trick. I haven’t taken any NSAIDs or Tramadol this week so it seems to be doing its job.

  2. Working great so far , I’ve stopped taking the meds I was using before I started takingTurmeric

  3. Just started no bad after taste. I hope bit works

  4. So far so good. Have taken it 3 days.

  5. I like the product but not happy with a limit of one bottle

  6. This has improved my spice tolerance when it comes to spicey food and helped my GI Tract and I feel like it has really helped my digestion to an extent. And the added black pepper helps your body asborb more turmeric natural chemicals for your body to use. I do notice I’ve also lost weight in terms of size with fat loss. Nothing too dramatic. But it’s nice thermogenic effect. I recommend drinking more water in your diet though.

  7. Works really well for me

  8. this is a great product it helps me feel good i will get it again

  9. Helps bring down alot of my arthritis pain. I take 2 a day along with 2 apple cider vinegar pills. Helps my cope with my pain and was able to drop off all my other medicines

  10. Turmeric is good quality, and the capsules do not bleed onto your hands

  11. Works well for me helps with my joint pain and makes it easier to move around

  12. Recommended by my Doctor based on study’s done. I take this for chronic pain.

  13. Great

  14. Good product.

  15. Trying Turmeric Curcumin for pain and inflammation relief beside eating it I am trying it in capsule form to see if it helps relief the pain in my shoulders.

  16. Great deal! Praying they work!

  17. These capsules work pretty good, I was able to discontinue my blood pressure medicine with the help of these & some tea

  18. Provides the pain relief I was looking for….


  20. After taking daily for a month, I literally feel no different than before. Total waste of money.

  21. Great stuff! I use this to keep my endometriosis pain to a minimum when I have a flare up. Will buy again!

  22. Excellent product, but price increased unfortunately!

  23. good product

  24. Excellent product. When I can take this and know I’m not going to hurt, that’s a wonderful Blessing and a relief. Mmt physician had me taking Gabapentin every day 4 times daily and still hurt. Now I rarely need the prescription.

  25. No after taste, seems to help my arthritis pain in my hands and feet

  26. Too soon to tell if it is helping with pain relief even though my knee is feeling better.

  27. as i have said numerous times prior to this have not used the product long enough to make a judgement on this

  28. It has helped me with debilitating pain in my joints and chronic inflammation! I don’t take any kind of pain medication. I hope it helps others as well.

  29. Im hoping I notice a change in my mental state of alertness, clarity and motor function by the end of the bottle. I hear it takes time for curcumin to help.

  30. Resemble price

  31. So far have had great experience since I’ve been taking them it help w my inflammation

  32. Just needed to refill this item and decided to try yours.

  33. Definitely helps with joint pain

  34. Satisfied customer.

  35. Seems to help with my inflammation. Does not have a bad taste. Price is really good

  36. I am a regular taker of tumeric and it keeps my joints limber. I like this as it is a vegetable capsule and has the extras to keep it working well. Would order it again

  37. Good product been on for a week noticed some joint improvement

  38. It was fine!

  39. Helps with pain.

  40. I’ve seen a lot of ads for products like these and always thought they were a scam, but this really works! It takes a few days before you notice the change. My hip would hurt me all day. Now I get relief from taking 3 pills a day. For the cost, it’s a no brainer!

  41. So far, so good! I ordered it due to severe joint pain on my knees and shoulders and after reading some of the reviews. I am very happy as not only I feel less pain but I have been able to sleep well at night without need of over the counter pain killer like Tylenol.

  42. What can I say. .. it works!

  43. Since starting this I have not had a flare up of my arthritis in my fingers. Works great with inflammation & I do notice when I don’t take it my fingers are stiffer & sore.

  44. Makes life worth living with less pain.

  45. Was recomended by my PA and it helps.

  46. I was taking Turmeric with a Ginger instead of with the bioperene. The one with ginger worked great. Only been taking this one for a few days. Seems ok so far. For me, my pain in hips does not bother me at all while I sleep. The pain woke me up 3-5 times a night as I shifted from one side to the other. I can sleep through the night with no pain. Great for inflammation.

  47. Seems perfect

  48. All good

  49. Liked itEasy to useGood pain relief

  50. Ya comense a tomarlas espero q me ayuden en mi cuerpo. Aún no sé como me irá. Espero q bien.

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