Uncle Lees Tea Dieters Tea for Weight Loss 30 Bags, 2.12oz (60g) – (Pack of 2)

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Uncle Lees Tea Dieters Tea for Weight Loss 30 Bags, 2.12oz (60g) - (Pack of 2)

Uncle Lees Tea Dieters Tea for Weight Loss 30 Bags, 2.12oz (60g) - (Pack of 2)

Uncle Lees Tea Dieters Tea for Weight Loss 30 Bags, 2.12oz (60g) - (Pack of 2)

Uncle Lees Tea Dieters Tea for Weight Loss 30 Bags, 2.12oz (60g) - (Pack of 2)

Uncle Lees Tea Dieters Tea for Weight Loss 30 Bags, 2.12oz (60g) - (Pack of 2)

Product description

China green dieters tea is blended with premium natural herbs with no caffeine. It is 100% natural

  1. I love this product it works great. Taste is great too

  2. This will definitely make you go to the bathroom

  3. This tea works great for me. It really does what they say it does. I plan to buy this tea again!

  4. It is a Senna leaf be careful when consuming

  5. only tried it a couple of times but seem to work

  6. I don’t get mine on amazon because my local grocery store sells it. I swear by this if you ever feel like you haven’t had any bowel movements in days or feel bloated. This is NOT for those who go frequently and naturally. Lucky people like that should not buy this. If you are a shy person and cannot go in public, do not take this (roughly) 5 hours before leaving home. I drink this tea every night before bed (8:00-9:00 PM) and wake up having to go (5:00-6:00 AM) Yes, you do get bad abdominal cramps when you first drink the tea. It may be like this for the first few days (if you feel the need to pass gas, go to the bathroom. It’s not gas.), eventually if your body has been cleansed and you’re still drinking the tea on a normal schedule like myself, it becomes immune and will help bowel movements to pass through smoothly and regularly without the “explosives” (if you’ve tried this you know what I mean). Even once I go in the morning, I’ll have my breakfast and sometimes my body tries to push out a little more when I get to work. Which is fine. Most of it is the gas that makes you bloated that is left in your stomach and scraps in your colon.When I first tried this tea, it took up to 8 hours for my body to finally have to go. I remember waking in the middle of the night having to go, but it felt so great to get the pressure and weight off. Worth it if you can handle the cramps for the first few days. I sometimes switch my schedule up and make a cup when I am at work and have about 3-4 hours left (because I know I’ll be home right after work).I usually drink this tea every night for a week if my schedule permits. If I ever pause, I get the beginner’s cramp all over again. I’ve had two friends try this, one couldn’t handle the cramps (she goes often and naturally) and one has issues going like I do, but she was able to handle the cramps. So it’s possible if your cramps are unbearable then you don’t need the excessive flush like some of us do.

  7. tea is very good for digestive system .

  8. works n 4 hours or less. dont take if u have a busy day

  9. Very good tea. Just never drink in the morning or during work, you’ll thank me later. Better to drink before bed.

  10. So far so good…I had my first cup this morning around 7:30 and it has worked as promised. The tea itself was pretty good, I added a little honey and lemon like I would to any other tea, and it was fine.

  11. the best tea

  12. This is the only dieters tea that really works for me. Priced great.

  13. Only Works at night

  14. Works exactly as described. I find it’s better to have a cup before bed and get the next morning started off right. Contains no caffeine so it doesn’t keep me awake. A little honey and lemon, as I would any hot tea, makes it delicious, not like some of the numerous other cleansing teas I’ve tried. I’ll probably stick with this brand from now on.

  15. The taste is not bad at all. Makes you go to the bathroom in the morning. Maybe several times in a day. However, when your body gets used to it, you only go once in the morning. I don’t use it every day. I used it for like 4 days straight and take a break. Definitely makes you feel lighter.

  16. This product is awesome and works well. I would suggest drinking plenty of water.

  17. Work and you must definitely will have to goooooo.

  18. Ok so I’ve been trying different detox drinks (trying to be healthy without all the working out) and this one, so far, is my favorite. I can handle the bad taste and the small cramps that come with drinking this tea. I was reading the reviews before I bought this and I was worried it was going to give me nasty cramps and uncontrollable bowel movements and it does neither. The cramps are bearable and the BMs aren’t as bad as I thought they were going to be considering its a laxative. I like it so far and I cant wait for the results in the coming weeks.

  19. I don’t know about the weight loss part yet, but if you are backed up this will set you free!

  20. This stuff will work your bowels every morning in the restroom it really works

  21. This tea works great!

  22. Provides needed relief and results.

  23. Amazing tea! The taste and smell needed some getting used to but it is perfect for correcting bowel irregularities. I haven’t been able to time the response time from the time you drink it until you have to go, but when it’s time, it’s pretty quick! I have added it to my weight management plan. I don’t think it’s necessarily for weight loss (unless if used multiple times a day) since I only drink it once a day but it has controlled my weight and helped in my overall results.

  24. This works in about 7 hours after you drink it. Stay near a bathroom and be ready to have 3 or so bowel movements. Stomach cramps are expected as well!

  25. keeps you clean, but drink lots and lots of water

  26. love it

  27. Helped my stomach out. I normally fill my cup up with 4 ounces of water and let the tea sit for 5 mins. If I drink the tea at 8 am I’m in the restroom between 12p-1p. No cramps, so far LOL

  28. Good

  29. helps boost my weight loss as I exercise, Helps keep me regular, and very yummy!

  30. this tea is the sh!t (literally) makes my stomach gripe though

  31. Love this tea. It’s the best cleansing to I’ve tried.

  32. Great taste and bring fast results.

  33. Just what I needed

  34. Yes

  35. I love this tea great for someone who is dieting

  36. Product does what it’s supposed to do. I’m on day 3 and it hasn’t been too bad.

  37. Love this stuff! If you need to lose a quick 5 pounds. Look no further lol!

  38. Does what it says. My bowel moment goes crazy after 6-7 hours. It helps on weight loose, but at the same time it’s still a laxative. Not too strong but it does work. I’m using it to help jump start my diet. I’m trying to get back into shape, so this is a small push. Remember to drink a lot of water.

  39. This tea truly works. Its best to take before bed. In the morning you will have bowl movement and it will be A different experience. It really works. I would suggest not using it back to back on a consistent basis, it will cause Diarrhea. I’ve experienced mild cramps but usually the experience is smooth and easy. For the price, you can’t beat it. Great for A light detox.

  40. It’s a work in progress and I’m glad to get this tea so I can start on my weight loss goals

  41. Great

  42. Works great, the taste isn’t bad and you get used to very quickly.

  43. Works great

  44. works as stated! Will buy again, great taste, great value!

  45. This stuff really works i drink it at night and it has me going to the bathroom the next day..!!!

  46. Great product

  47. Keeps you regular

  48. Great product that really work.

  49. tea was very effective

  50. Boy oh boy, it works!! Don’t leave home while doing this regiment because it does work mirecals

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