Vita Balance 2000 – Best Balanced Multivitamin

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  • All Natural Ingredients And New Spirit Naturals Products Are Vegan / Vegetarian Containing No Animal Ingredients.
  • Over 125 Ingredients In Vita Balance 2000 Provide A Comprehensive Nutritional Foundation For Good Health.
  • An Optimized Blend Of All Essential Vitamins And Minerals.
  • Please Look At Our Other Products As Basic Healthy Life Automatically Waives The Shipping Charges On All Orders That Total $100.00 Or More.

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Vita Balance 2000 - Best Balanced Multivitamin

Vita Balance 2000 - Best Balanced Multivitamin

Product description

Nutritional basics are covered. Over 125 ingredients in Vita Balance 2000 provide a comprehensive nutritional foundation for good health and wellness by featuring an optimized blend of all essential vitamins and minerals. Within hours a synergistic time released blend of essential vitamins, chelated minerals, trace minerals, and key nutraceuticals can make in unleashing your body’s natural rejuvenating and cleansing mechanisms. Contains NO animal products, sugar, corn, wheat or preservatives. Thousands of people around the world have used Vita Balance 2000 for over 25 years. Every day, they feel the difference that this extraordinary formula offers. We invite you to make Vita Balance 2000 a part of your daily routine… It can change your life. Item #2000 90 Tablets

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    I love these vitamins. They don’t make my stomach upset. I’ve been using them for a while and they seem to make a difference.

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    If it was something that my Amazon Prime paid the postage on and was’t a twice-a-day intake “requirement”, it would be perfect. A bit pricy but it’s the one of the few multi-vitamin and -mineral (chelated) supplements that I can stomach without a problem (with or without food) and no notable aftereffects (actually, it’s the only one that I always felt good taking regardless of what activity level, stress, or diet I was experiencing.) I’ll go back to it after I finish my current one (Nature’s Plus – Ultra I Multi Nutrient Supplement Sustained Release — not bad, but not perfect.)

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    Using this product for the past two years,

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