Vitamin K2 + D3 with Organic Coconut Oil for Better Absorption | 2-in-1 Support for Your Heart, Bones & Teeth | Vegan Certified, GMO & Gluten Free (60 Veggie Softgels)

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    Been using this now that weather is cooler and I’m not getting as much sun. This is the first fall I didn’t experience mild depresssion and some weight gain. I take it daily with magnesium

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    I was diagnosed by my doc as Vitamin D deficient. I was given D2 50,000 IU for 8 weeks. Once that ran out, I had to supplement with something over the counter. I researched all supplements available and found this one to be promising. After taking it for a little over 2 weeks, the results are amazing! I feel great!

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    Diagnosed with low vitamin D level and take TWO softgels per day (10,000 IU). I have only taken about a month so I do not know how much this will raise my levels yet. Since taking this product I have noticed quick muscle recovery from the gym and much lower level of soreness (sometimes nonexistent). No complaints here.UPDATE: 1/26/2018 My lab results came back with a 94 ng/mL vitamin D level! My previous taking 50,000 IU Vitamin D2 from the doctor once per week only had my levels around 30. During my next doctor visit my doctor will probably have me take just ONE softgel per day to let the number level out a bit lower.UPDATE: 1/13/2019 Being my experimenting self, I stopped this and started taking 50,000 IU Vitamin D3 (lanolin) from my doctor. I have read studies where vitamin D2 does not really absorb/work as well as D3, so I thought I would compare. My lab result for being on D3 (lanolin) for about two months on December 2018 was 70 ng/mL. I had been outside more often so this may have skewed the numbers a little bit. Since I do not like taking animal products and there is no K2 to prevent arterial calcification with what I am taking now, I will stop soon and will start taking Sports Research K2/D3 again (permanently), but only one softgel per day and will report back around June 2019.

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    I absolutely love this product! I used to have to purchase 2 separate supplements in order to meet my daily needs for Vitamin-D and K2, but now I can get both doses in 1 easy to swallow pill. And what I love most is that this supplement is vegan, as I only purchase vegan products. This product will definitely help keep my vitamin-D levels where they need to be, and it’s such a great price!

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    I’ve been on the hunt for a vegan D3 + K2 supplement for a very long time. It was chaotic… a lot of brands didn’t offer the two together, or, if they did… it was a formula crafted with other ingredients that upset my stomach or broke me out. I was severely dissatisfied with all of the vegan options. However, Amazon happened to recommend this product to me when it was first launched, and I am *SO* happy they did. I’ve taken other Sports Research vitamins before and had a lovely time, so was hoping for the best.Turns out, I *did* get the best! These vitamins are small (easy to swallow), leave no aftertaste, have not given me any drawbacks, and are priced very well! I also love that coconut oil is an added ingredient for easier consumption. :)Overall, I absolutely adore these vitamins and will surely continue taking them in the future.

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    great product, took care of my low-D symptoms within a few days of taking one tablet a day

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    I love this Vitamin D with K2. I was looking for this combo with a higher dose D3 and I love that it is a plant based source with the coconut oil. The dosage has been perfect for me to raise my vitamin D levels.

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    I’ve been taking my Vitamin D3+K2 every morning with my breakfast. Along with upping my water intake, this vitamin has given me an energy boost like you wouldn’t believe! I can now say that I love Soorts Research and the fact that their capsules are veggie soft gels is great too. No added crap, which is always a plus! Will be buying more in the future!

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    My hair was shedding quite a bit, and my dermatologist tested me for a Vitamin D deficiency (I hardly get any sunlight). Turns out it was pretty severe. This completely stopped and reversed the shedding (thickened my hair) and overall my mood was improved.

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    I have Atherosclerosis, especially in my neck, been using this for almost 30 days now, and I can already feel the difference in my neck, not as much twitching, as I bought this for the K2 effect, and to boot, it has the exact amount Vitanim D I use. This is a High Quality product, and I suggest you at least try it !!

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    I love Sports Research supplements. I have to take Vitamin D3 for my thyroid disease. I also love that this product has K2 with it since learning about the necessary benefits to having both…AND I love that their fat soluble supplements contain coconut oil for absorption. I will continue ordering this product from them and others in the future. Thanks Sports Research!

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    I used to use a different brand of an identical supplement (same amounts of d3 and k2, different delivery system) and stopped for a few weeks when I ran out before ordering this brand. The SRC brand is AT LEAST as effective as my old brand (I notice a difference between taking the supplement and not but can’t distinguish much between brands) but at around HALF the cost.Same performance + less money + quality ingredients = happy customer

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    As a healthcare professional, mom, and wife I know the importance of a good quality supplement. These are small, easy to swallow and get some coconut oil into my family. We all use them. Important to have vitamin K2 when taking vitamin D3 and this is the perfect combo. The vitamin itself is fat-soluble making the addition of coconut oil perfect to insure absorption.

  14. Avatar

    I was excited to find a plant-based D3 with K2 , along with coconut oil to help absorption. As far as I know, sports research is the only company who offers this particular combination . I live in Oregon, so we don’t get too much sun and need our vitamin D. I believe I have more energy with the supplement.

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    I received this on 4/13/2018 and have taken 4 capsules so far. I am sure it is way to early to say for sure these are working, but something is changing. After 3 full term pregnancy, my stretch marks are numerous. I can live with that. I wear them as a rite of passage to giving birth to 3 beautiful almost day girls. What I have always felt uncomfortable about is how my skin never returned to normal around my belly. Frustrating to say the least and not the reason I bought this supplement. I discovered today that there seems to be less loose skin around my belly. In just 3 days.The reason I purchased this was because of a history of dementia in my family. I have started showing some signs and I remember my mother was much younger than I am now ( I am 52 she was in her early 40’s) when she first started exhibiting signs of dementia. I have been having problems with tinnitus and from what I have researched, tinnitus can be linked to Alzheimer’s and dementia. To say the least, I panicked and have done all that I can to either reverse or the symptoms or at least keep them at bay for awhile longer. I have taken D3 by itself for along time, but never seemed to see a difference. This product is changing things rather quickly. I have noticed no brain fog for the last 24 hours. Last night I slept thru the night a full 8 hours and felt really good when I woke up this morning. First time in probably 5 years. I have made so many changes in the last year, but taking this has been the best decision I have made. I have not yried any other brans and doubt that I will. I can only hope this is the key to helping me. So far, the added benefits are helping me to stay in a positive mindset and helping to keep the hope that I don’t fall prey to my family medical history. Thanks, Sports Research for giving me hope.. oh and the tinnitus, it’s not gone, but it’s not as loud as it was before starting this.

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    I have been taking Sports Research K2 supplement for about a year but decided to switch to the one that included Vit D supplement as well because the synergistic effect that the two vitamins have for placing calcium in bones. I use it to maintain healthy bone density as well as improve cardiovascular health.

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    Per my doctor, I was very deficient in vitamin D so she instructed me to take six capsules a day (30,000 i.u.) for the first thirty days then I will have blood work done again and reduce the dosage. I started taking this supplement about three weeks ago and within the first two weeks I could tell an improvement in my energy level and my overall mood has improved as well. Can’t wait to see what my blood work shows after 30 days but I am convinced that this product works!

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    I have been taking this every day with magnesium. I can feel my muscle tension equalizing and I am getting better rest at night. I am also noticing an improvement in my mood.

  19. Avatar

    I started eating a plant based diet and wanted to get a vitamin D/K mixture on the same line. It’s so beneficial to have the K2 as part of the formula, plus the coconut oil, it’s overall a fantastic product. I’m a big fan!! I have a subscription set up, so that I don’t run out!!

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    Proven effective by blood tests. I am on Vitamin D for life for medical reasons. At my annual check-up, my vitamin D level was up 48%. The increase, I believe, is due to the quality of this brand and the addition of the Vitamin K. This product really works. Proven!

  21. Avatar

    I’ve been taking the K2+D3 vitamin for about a year now and I don’t ever want to be without it! Where I live, we experience brutal winters that last 8 months with very little sunshine throughout. So it’s essential for me to take a high quality vitamin D supplement in order to maintain a healthy mind and body. I noticed a difference right away – I feel happy and positive everyday versus the crippling seasonal depression that I typically suffer from every winter. It has truly been a life changer for me.

  22. Avatar

    I’ve only been using this product for 9 days, but I’ve given it 5 stars, as it’s the very first vitamin D3 supplement I’ve been able to use, without an adverse reaction, in years! I assume lanolin was the culprit, and this particular brand is lanolin-free and plant-based. My most recent blood test, roughly 1 month ago, showed a vitamin D level of 15 (!), so I’m hopeful that this K2 + D3 will boost my blood level to a healthy range. I will post again with the results.

  23. Avatar

    I was on another brand of Vitamin D3 for a few months and it didn’t really do anything. I’m happy decided to give Sports Research’s brand a try. I noticed a difference after the first week. I’m sleeping better and have a higher libido, and overall I feel better in general. If you need a Vitamin D3 supplement then I recommend this. These are nice sized no nasty after burps.

  24. Avatar

    I like that the D3 & K2 are combined with coconut oil instead of soybean oil like many cheaper products. This gives me the option of taking it orally or cutting it open and rubbing it into my skin, which I can absorb transdermally. I can already tell a difference in my overall energy levels. And as long as I don’t take it too late in the day, I sleep better.

  25. Avatar

    I’ve felt such a great difference since taking these. I also have more energy and my hair is growing.

  26. Avatar

    I was diagnosed with low vit D count and searched for a quality vitamin supplement to to take. This has been easy to swallow, and I’m already noticing some improvements in my overall health. Even my skin seems to be holding hydration better. It will take more time to see complete results, but I am very pleased. The capsules don’t clump together like many other brands do.

  27. Avatar

    My doctor said I needed to take Vitamin D and K2 but she told me about two separate pills to take. This was awesome because both were in the same pill. She even wrote down the name and info on the bottle because she wanted to share it with other patients. I think it has helped my energy level improve.

  28. Avatar

    Since I work in an office, it’s essential that I get enough Vitamin D, since my last blood work showed I was deficient. I have noticed with continued use that my energy levels have improved. I am hoping my nest blood work will show my Vitamin D intake to be at a normal level.Also love that it’s gluten free since I am sensitive to Gluten and have shown a mild allergy to it when I took a blood test to test for food allergies.

  29. Avatar

    I bought this because most people are deficient in vit D and also hoping it would help me lose some stubborn belly fat. This is one of few supps that actually has a decent amount of vit D, along with k2 in the right dose. I’ve been taking it about 3 weeks and I am happy with the results. I’ve lost more weight and my midsection is finally getting smaller.

  30. Avatar

    Love it!I suffer each winter with Seasonal affect depression disorder. Finally got vitamin D level check and found it to be low. MD started me on vitamin D injections then PO. I found your product on Amazon and I am now an item subscriber. The product has help me mood and quality of life dramatically enough my friends and family have commented on the change. I will take daily especially during the winter months. Thank You for improving my quality of life.

  31. Avatar

    I have been taking this product every day for over 30 days and I’m completely sold on this. I was able to get off a depression medication due to how well I feel on these supplements. I will continue to take them as long as Sports research stays in business.

  32. Avatar

    I have been using k2 + D3 & Collagen peptide to not only strengthen my bone health, but to help heal an elbow injury incurred through resistance training. The pain has gone down and am able to continue my training with out the pain. The products from sports research work well, I have passed on the positive words to friends who have also purchased products.

  33. Avatar

    Almost ALL vitamin D3 comes from Lanolin which is the oil from sheep’s wool. I’m allergic to wool so every time I ingest D3 from Lanolin I get sick. But not with this D3 as it is made from lichen. A plant.

  34. Avatar

    Started taking this product as soon as I got it and have had ZERO side effects. In the past with other supplements I would break out with severe itchiness and stop taking it after a few days. But this supplement has been great. Ive been sleeping better interestingly enough, and have experienced reduced joint pain during exercise.The fact that this supplement is completely vegan is FANTASTIC. I hope that SR starts creating more supplements for vegans. Also, these are NOT horse pills!!! So they’re super easy to take, and I only need 1 a day.

  35. Avatar

    This supplement has changed my life! I feel better and happier. My bronchitis that I had for two months went away one week after I started taking it!

  36. Avatar

    I like that the pill is small and really easy to swallow. I have noticed that when combing through my hair I have a lot less hair falling out and it looks healthier. I also noticed in the past week I’ve had more energy too.

  37. Avatar

    over the past 3 years I have been using products from this company and I’m happy because I can see the results, this product I ordered for my friend who does not have an Amazon account but he told me that he felt the effects after 2 weeks, I have vitamin d3 and k2 in this series but not together I’m happy and I recommend it to others. When I finish this batch of vitamins, I will definitely buy these products again, I am really satisfied with the quality of services.

  38. Avatar

    My wife and I were both told by our doctor that we needed to take a vitamin D3 supplement. I immediately researched about the vitamin d and found that taking k2 was essential for the D3 to work properly. Your brand had very high ratings and I love the fact that you use real coconut oil.Since taking these I have notice an improvement in my mood swings and also find myself being able to concentrate better as my fatigue is a lot less. I will continue to take these and update as I see improvements to my health.

  39. Avatar

    I like the fact that the D3 and K2 are in the same capsule. I bought them separately before but this is much more convenient! I read in an article from Dr. Mercola that they are supposed to be taken together. I don’t get outside much as I work from home so getting Vitamin D is very important to me, specifically Vitamin D3. Vitamin D (D3) plays a crucial role in the healing process. There is a book on Amazon that is really informative entitled “The Miraculous Results of Extremely High Doses of Vitamin D3” by Jeff Bowles that is a really good read. I feel great when I take this supplement because most women, ESPECIALLY African American, like myself, are really deficient in Vitamin D3 and we have a higher incidence of getting uterine fibroids (which low Vitamin D levels has been linked to one of the causes of uterine fibroids). I hope my 2 cents has helped at least one person! I’ll continue to purchase this product from Sports Research!

  40. Avatar

    In June my Vit. D count was 19 and I was feeling sluggish and tired with other symptoms.I took this over the last 4 months and had my blood work retested. Went to 80!!! :)There is the proof!– Also, feel much better!

  41. Avatar

    I originally gave these a bad review b/c I felt terrible while I took them and assumed that 5,000 IU a day was too much for me. But I have since been reading about the importance of taking magnesium with Vitamin D. I’ve started doing that and am still trying to figure out exactly the right balance and amounts that I should be taking, but I’m trying to gradually work back up to taking these again, making sure I can handle them even with the magnesium. I do know for sure that these pills got my levels up and my hair started shedding some again when I stopped taking them, so they do work. I just have a sensitive system.

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    This is a new formula with the Vit K2 and D3 combined. In theory that’s great but the capsules remain white (which I believe is the coconut oil in them). Other capsules that contain coconut oil from this company are a mix of white and whatever product is in them and when warmed up in your hand the white goes away. (as the coconut oil turns to more liquid) These didn’t. Obviously can’t tell the internal contents but mentally it made me feel like I was just taking coconut oil. I haven’t had my Vit D tested recently to be able to speak to how well they maintained my blood levels. They also changed the bottle labeling (unit label) I prefer the old label measurements as that is what you mostly see when determining your level of Vit D and K2 to consume.Overall really like this company. Their customer service is exceptional. They stand behind their products. Definitely will use products from this company again (just not sure about this particular mix).Update 9/30/19: My Vit D levels were low at my last blood draw but I was’t taking these consistently. I will evaluate at my next blood level check.

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    Its been a month now and I feel like it is making a difference in energy. I make sure to take it with Omega3-6 and krill oil+ added calcium. I was suffering pretty bad all over from arthritis but just in the first week was a huge improvement. I sleep better at night with less bone and nerve pain. Every day is less and less. In 3 months I will post another review to see if it continues to show improvement. So far this is a very good product..

  44. Avatar

    I wish I had a before and after pic!! I had a calcium deposit appear in my eyelid. It was there for about 6 months and was becoming sore to the touch. I saw a video on line about how K2 grabs calcium and transports it from soft tissues in the body into the bones where it belongs. Organic products are important to me So I ordered and began taking this product. Within 1 week the eyelid was perfectly back to normal. I just woke up and the sore nodule was gone!! My left knee no longer had a sharp pain when doing yoga. I will continue to use daily. SO THANKFUL FOR THE BENEFITS I HAVE RECEIVED FROM TAKING THIS SUPPLEMENT

  45. Avatar

    I started using this product in November 2018. My vitamin D levels were critically low. I had read that vitamin k helps vitamin D work more effectively so I thought I would give this a try. I have noticed such an incredible difference. My doctor has me take 2 of these a day. My mood has elevated and I no longer feel like I am in a sleepy mental fog. I get these auto delivered each month from Amazon.

  46. Avatar

    i will be 56 in April and i have been so surprised with the results from this vitamin. i have struggled with O.A for 4 years and joint pain, sciatica and with sometimes remembering things, simple things – like what did i come to this room for ? or an event that i have going on . i know it’s not just because i told my brain–ok im taking this vitamin so my memory will get better– no, i just noticed that my memory was getting better, i’ve also noticed that my nails are growing a lot faster and my hair is not falling out as much. i’m not claiming this is a cure all for all that ails me, but when you can remember simple things that you couldn’t before it makes you whole body feel better. i’m on my third bottle with this order and i will continue to stay on it. Thank you Jesus

  47. Avatar

    I have been using this since December 2018. I was on prescription blood pressure meds, pain meds, and anxiety meds. Got off all of them and now take natural supplements instead. I have arthritis and bone spurs and had high blood pressure for many years. This supplement helps with inflammation in the joints and helps with blood pressure. My blood pressure was lower than it has been in 15 years at my physical this year after taking this for 2 1/2 months. While I was on prescribed medicine it was still high. Not now. I have seen the proof in my blood work results this year.

  48. Avatar

    I ordered this supplement because I had my Vit D level tested at the end of April and found out is was 12. My doctor prescribed D2, but I had read that Vitamin D2 is not absorbed as well as Vit D3. Having Vit D Deficiency is no fun. The bone and muscle pain, brain fog and depression had me feeling really bad. I have been taking these since May and I am starting to feel much better. I will have my levels tested again in July to see where I am at that point. These pills are small and very easy to take. I take mine with a meal that includes some fat since they are better absorbed that way. I recommend this brand if you are needing to up your Vit D levels.

  49. Avatar

    I received my order on or around 5/19/19. I suffer from arthritis. I have pain in my right knee. I tried one soft gel and thirty minutes later my knee pain was gone! I couldn’t believe it! I find if I don’t take one soft gel each day my knee pain comes back. I have tried so many vitamins and nothing helped my knee pain. Please don’t ever change the way you make your product. Keep doing exactly what you are doing. I will forever be your loyal customer!!!! Also people out there stretching/exercising is good (I don’t mean anything excessive) Keep moving and watch the carbs because they increase your pain trust me on this.

  50. Avatar

    I looked through all the vitamin D, K, and D + K supplements Amazon sells, and ended up recommending this one to my parents. Although the Sports Research product is one of the more expensive ones I looked at, it’s one of only _two_ I found that use coconut oil as a base, and the _only_ one I found that specified that it used _virgin_ coconut oil. Per my research, this is an extremely important differentiator, because the virgin form contains a significant portion of medium-chain triglycerides, which are said to improve the body’s HDL:LDL cholesterol ratio. Coconut oil has a number of other proposed benefits as well, up to and including possible preventative effects against senile dementia.I am also pleased with the dosage levels of D and K in the supplement; per my research, those are both nutrients people are often deficient in (particularly true for people who get very little sun exposure, or who don’t eat enough leafy greens, respectively). So given all that, having good levels of D, K, and virgin coconut oil in one supplement is a great triple-header. If the product were slightly cheaper, it would be an absolute no-brainer to choose this one over other brands.I should disclose that my bottle came with an offer of getting a free additional bottle if you submitted feedback to the company. The above review started as feedback to them for that purpose. On the final screen of their survey, they ask you nicely to copy and paste your review to Amazon (it’s not a requirement to get the free bottle). I did so, and made a few edits (e.g. to emphasize that the only reason I’m not giving them 5 stars is due to the comparatively high cost), and nothing I wrote above is influenced by their free bottle offer.

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