Weyland: EGCG from Green Tea Extract, 400 mg (100 Vegetarian Capsules) - 3 Bottles

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  • Each bottle of Weyland: EGCG contains 100 vegetarian capsules.
  • EGCG is a polyphenol that is the most abundant catechin in green tea.*
  • It has antioxidant properties that help support proper cellular health; and has been studied fora wide variety of health benefits, including brain health.*
  • All Weyland products are manufactured in the USA at an FDA inspected cGMP and 3rd party rated facility
  • We guarantee your satisfaction, or we will refund 100% of your purchase, including shipping costs for up to one bottle of Weyland: EGCG per customer

Product Images

Weyland: EGCG from Green Tea Extract, 400 mg (100 Vegetarian Capsules)

Weyland: EGCG from Green Tea Extract, 400 mg (100 Vegetarian Capsules)

Weyland: EGCG from Green Tea Extract, 400 mg (100 Vegetarian Capsules)

Weyland: EGCG from Green Tea Extract, 400 mg (100 Vegetarian Capsules)

Weyland: EGCG from Green Tea Extract, 400 mg (100 Vegetarian Capsules)

Product description

enjoy nutrition
egcg green tea
egcg green tea

Additional Information

EGCG is a polyphenol that is the most abundant catechin in green tea.
– It hasantioxidant properties that help support proper cellular health; and has been studied for a wide variety of health benefits, includingbrain health.*
– Eachvegetarian capsuleprovides one serving ofEGCG (from Green Tea Extract) .

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Key Benefit

Supports dopamine levels

Supports mental calmness and memory

Supports calm, relaxation, and restful sleep

Regulates mood and sleep

Key Ingredients

Organic Mucuna Extract

Organic Bacopa Monnieri 450mg

Organic Valerian Root

5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) (from Griffonia simplicifolia) (seed)


Allergen Friendly

No Artificial Flavors

No Artificial Sweeteners

Organic Ingredients

cGMP Certified Facility


1 Bottle, 3 Bottles

  1. Avatar

    I tried taking this product a few different ways, and found taking it on an empty stomach was the most effective way to do so. Vegetarian capsules are a nice touch, I’ll definitely buy again!

  2. Avatar

    This is a nice green tea product, even better for those of you like me who are buying green tea specificaly for the EGCG content

  3. Avatar

    Great price for this product, happy customer!

  4. Avatar

    Just what I wanted, good price, and arrived on time.

  5. Avatar

    Great product. Would buy from this seller again.

  6. Avatar

    I don’t know if it works or not, it doesn’t cause me any issues.

  7. Avatar

    Love this product and the customer service. Great packaging and it was a very useful supplement for my friends and I

  8. Avatar

    Both my wife and I have worked this supplement into our daily routine. We take it first thing in the morning on empty stomachs and will definitely continue to do so!

  9. Avatar

    These pills are easy to swallow without any bad after taste. I combined taking this daily along with a diet change and adding exercise and manged to lose about 20 pounds in 4 months. I don’t know what part of that weight loss was due to these pills but I heard from several sources that taking EGCG is healthy and doesn’t have adverse effects so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to start taking them.

  10. Avatar

    Here is why I bought this brand. It appears to be made at a cGMP facility. It has the highest level of JUST EGCG I found available. The price was right. I was diagnosed with an illness that researchers at a certain well-respected institution found to have positive impact on the situation. I don’t like the supplement industry. It’s unregulated. It makes claims it can’t back up. But with the cGMP aspect and the level of active ingredient purported, I decided on this brand. Plus, the price seemed right for a green tea extract.

  11. Avatar


  12. Avatar


  13. Avatar

    Great product with high efficiency

  14. Avatar

    Too soon to know its benefits if any, Easy to take and hopefully working.

  15. Avatar

    Excellent quality product. My girlfriend and I take them daily. Never had any problems taking them on an empty stomach.

  16. Avatar

    Surprisingly, this has actually worked well. I honestly didn’t believe it would, but I have seen some weight loss over the past couples months without changing anything else. Before taking this, I wasn’t gaining or losing weight. I was maintaining my weight quite well with minor fluctuations based on time of the day, ect. I’m by no way overweight, so that may prevent me from losing as much weight as someone who is larger, but I have probably lost about 2-3 lbs over the past 10 weeks. This is about how much weight I was losing when I worked out everyday for an hour in the past. My abs are just slightly visible, so there is room for me to lose weight, but there isn’t TONS of weight for me to lose. I can see how someone who is larger would lose upwards of 5-10 lbs in the first 2-3 months. Also, I take 2 every morning, but I’m going to start taking one in the morning and one in the afternoon to see if that changes anything. They don’t have any caffeine or anything so they don’t keep me up. They are very very easy to swallow and I can handle them on an empty stomach without any issues.

  17. Avatar

    Seems to work. Haven’t noticed any side effects as of yet but only had a week.

  18. Avatar

    good product

  19. Avatar

    I needed to ween myself off of 5 hour energy drinks and this has helped immensely in doing so. I can’t stand tea, so having the extract instead is awesome. I’d recommend this for a few reasons, it’s reported to help weight loss (I can’t really comment yet), plus giving more energy (that it does). It has other health benefits if I recall, but I can’t so I’ll just move on.I have Celiacs and these ar gluten free and I’ve had no ill effects. I’d recommend this if you’re looking for this extract in gluten free.

  20. Avatar

    This works for me. While taking two a day I unexpected lost 3-4 pounds per week of swelling. Yes, I was taking other neutrients as well but the weight loss stopped when I quit the EGCG. I went back on it to lose an additional 4 pounds and now I feel healthy. I never felt any caffeine which I really liked.

  21. Avatar

    Definitely feel a difference in my energy levels after taking this! Curbs my appetite as well. Good product!

  22. Avatar


  23. Avatar

    No idea if it does what it’s supposed to or not…it arrived on time though. I have only been taking them for a week.

  24. Avatar

    Very good cleanser of free radicals

  25. Avatar

    Wonderfully potent pills. I noticed a change in at leat 20 min of taking the pills. I would take right before a workout to get that extra burn. These definitely did the trick. Unlike the claims of some other green tea pills, I liked the smell and potency of these.

  26. Avatar

    I like this product. Both my husband and myself are using it. We are not having any negative effects from EGCG.

  27. Avatar


  28. Avatar

    No side effects, give some energy, but I take only for treat fibroids, EGCG can help shrink…

  29. Avatar

    works great

  30. Avatar

    Good quality stuff with a high catechin percentage. Doesn’t make me as anxious/tight feeling as the <$5 bottles have in the past. Improves mental clarity and wakefulness in a significant but not "stimulating" way. Seems to make me more aware of dreams at night.

  31. Avatar

    As advertised.

  32. Avatar

    This product seems to give me energy and for the price and amount of mg. per capsule, it’s a very good deal compared to other more expensive brands. I only take one capsule per day because I do drink at least one or two cups of green tea per day.I don’t feel any negative side effects from this supplement so I will continue to keep taking it… I’m almost done with my second bottle.

  33. Avatar

    I really liked them best part didn’t feel the caffeine. I am defiantly going to order more.

  34. Avatar

    I like this…good value, dosent give me a huge bottle w a lot of wasted space.. no jitters and my tummy feels ok after taking. I can feel it working too. I’d repurchase this again. I have already recommended this brand to a friend of mine as well for fibroid issues.

  35. Avatar


  36. Avatar

    Awesome product

  37. Avatar

    Great product

  38. Avatar

    As described. Good quality.

  39. Avatar

    This supplement helped me get through my day. I’ve been dealing with seasonal sadness to the point where I moved into my apartment three months ago and haven’t unpacked yet. I’ve been numbly staring at the boxes getting on my nerves. The few dishes I’ve unpacked had been sitting in the sink for over a week. I took 4 of these (serving is 1) with my breakfast and chai latte. I actually started unpacking and cleaning. I even did the dishes! I also noticed I didn’t snack as much. Yesterday I probably had 5 snacks like sugar-free jello and pudding, but today I only had one. That’s great since I work from home.

  40. Avatar

    I believe this is helping me .

  41. Avatar

    I absolutely love this EGCG. It is helping me with my seasonal sadness. I had read on someone else’s review that this has helped them with their seasonal sadness. After reading that I had to try it for myself. So glad I did!!! Thank you to the person who wrote that review!!!

  42. Avatar

    I just started using them. No side effects so far. I will update after I take them for 15 days.

  43. Avatar

    I can’t believe the energy and focus I get from using these. I was very skeptical. I have to take painkillers on a daily basis due to an old back injury, and that makes me forget my words, but this stuff has helped bring some of that back! Obviously, your results will vary.

  44. Avatar

    Works really well, I am very pleased with my purchase.

  45. Avatar

    I bought a bottle of this about a month ago. I’ve never tried this brand before or this supplement before. I was skeptical about this working, because I had not ingested caffeine for roughly 3 months and was afraid that this would just be a caffeine pill. I was surprised that this not only gave me energy but had no effects that one would have with caffeine. I have tried green tea capsules before and I’ve always felt that I was taking a water down caffeine pill. I have more energy in the morning and am much more alert after taking the supplement. I also got my husband to start taking it as he was reporting feeling sluggish. After a few days he reported that he was feeling much more alert and energized and believed it was this in combination with some supplements we got for digestive health. It is something I would suggest giving a try. I am reviewing the three bottles because I do believe it is a good value .

  46. Avatar

    Weyland: EGCG from Green Tea Extract, 400 mg…Great product, works well

  47. Avatar

    Yep. It is what it is. It gives me only a tiny bit of jitters and I’m caffeine sensitive.

  48. Avatar

    Good product

  49. Avatar

    Always been a great fan of this product !

  50. Avatar

    I’ve been using this for years and I feel like it does help suppresses my AM hunger very well which I do feel has helped contribute to my slow but steady weight loss. It’s no magic pill but it is worth adding to the “arsenal” in the weight loss battle.

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