Wormwood Herb Wildcrafted Cut & Sifted – Artemisia absinthium, 1 lb,(Starwest Botanicals)

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Wormwood Herb Wildcrafted Cut & Sifted - Artemisia absinthium, 1 lb,(Starwest Botanicals)

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Wormwood Herb Wildcrafted Cut & Sifted – Artemisia absinthium, 1 lb

  1. I often make tea with a small amount of wormwood in it. The initial flavor of wormwood is good but then it quickly turns to a bitter flavor. I typically make this tea with about 50% spearmint, 40% mugwort and 10% wormwood; any higher percentage of wormwood and you pretty much have to add sugar to it because of the bitterness.

  2. I have known about this herb for some time, so it worked just as I expected. The product arrived promptly and in good condition. It appears to be of high quality as is evidenced by its effectiveness. Highly recommend.

  3. Fresh smelling, nice packaging and worked great in my bitters recipe. A little goes a long way. I would have considered a smaller package for my use, but I will give some away, and the price was good.

  4. Fresh stock, grinds down for capping nicely, peaceful sleep along with a gentle pain relief. It is just what I was looking for and needed.

  5. I used this batch to make tea and found it was pretty relaxing. I drink it once every week or two.

  6. The bag was ripped and had been taped.

  7. product arrived fresh sealed on time and as expected i intend to make some different brews wines or just hooch if you will should be fun

  8. This is a great product from a great company.

  9. excellent product!!!!!!

  10. a

  11. High quality,fast delivery

  12. Just what I needed.

  13. Very good wormwood! Well cut and not too fine. Always expect this quality when an item is made by this company!

  14. Wow tremendous amount of excellent product! So worth the price and wonderful shipping!

  15. Good product

  16. Great product. Five Stars!!!

  17. Good product as described. I would buy again.

  18. This is a wonder product!! Very good quality.

  19. OK

  20. Great

  21. Perfect , thanks.

  22. a very bitter herb but it does wonders for my digestion!

  23. Brewed it up as per the instructions and tried this. It was the most ghastly thing I’ve ever forced down my throat. It literally tastes like poison. It’s not wonder at all why it kills intestinal parasites. How anyone could willingly consume this is beyond me. So why the 5 stars? I don’t think it’s fair to give a poor review unless the product is not what it claims to be. This stuff came in a really nice resealable bag. The quantity was much more than I imagined. Yes, they give weight in the description. But It’s hard to gauge exactly what the volume will be with herbs. I was pleasantly surprised at how much there was. It’s definitely strong and fresh. So, that’s the reason for the 5 stars even though I absolutely hated it and tossed the whole bag in the trash. I can’t express how much I hated the taste of this stuff!

  24. It’s a simple, well packaged and distributed pound-bag of wormwood. Nothing more or less.

  25. it’s a fine product

  26. I like it

  27. Exactly what it says it is. I’ll never forget the taste and smell of real wormwood, and this is definitely it. Quite bitter, very good. Not for the faint of heart!

  28. Very powerful anti-parasite herb. Works very well. Must be careful using, as it is very effective.

  29. It’s a bit dusty but satisfied. If taking internally I absolutely recommend the powdered form and putting it in gel caps. It is extremely bitter. You can also use a electric coffee grinder to powder this product.

  30. This is possibly the worst thing intended for human consumption that I have ever tasted. Absolutely horrid!! But it is exactly as advertised. So I give it five stars. If you are looking to drink this stuff, uggggghhhhhh. That was me cringing as I remember the taste. If you are looking to drink this, I suppose this is what you want.So, I take the first drink. “This isn’t as bad as I have heard”. So I take the second drink, and before the mug touched my lips, the aftertaste hit me. It takes a moment for the heft of the awfulness to reach the brain, but when it does. WOW!!! I did manage to get the whole mug down, and went to bed with a nice 101 fever, but I sweated it out before work the next day. I would have say it’s potent stuff. It probably does what it is supposed to do.

  31. More wormwood than i will ever use but the price is so good for bulk sizes

  32. It is very bitter but I really like it because it helps a lot to mitigate migraine headache.

  33. Doesn’t work great in automatic cigarette tube machine, best for a pipe.

  34. The brand is good. There are a lot of sticks but the wormwood is still a good quality product.

  35. Seems a good product. I understand it can be more leafy, not sure if that’s better or not. Product seemed good and strong.

  36. Amazing herb. I got my order right on time. It’s a very powerful tea. Not the best taste in the world. Probably the worse, in my opinion! Extremely bitter. It’s no wonder that it kills intestinal worms and destroys cancer cells!

  37. Does the job

  38. Works and is easy to work with

  39. Tastes like wormwood tea is supposed to taste…Awful. And it gets the job done for me… I give it a thumbs up

  40. very nice

  41. buy some

  42. Love this brand. Whenever I’m looking for am herb or spice I aleays check to see if this brand makes it. Eat a pinch of this every morning for energy and cleansing. Please stay true to your loyal customers by keeping your products pure and authentic.

  43. The taste it’s awful but the results are amazing

  44. It seem good. Will keep up

  45. Vermicide for my dog and chickens.

  46. Quality product

  47. You may have cancer but this bitter trees ingested together in long term will heal you, just do it!!!

  48. It’s great for what I needed it for, I expected it to be bitter, it is supposed to be; but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

  49. Great product!

  50. Exactly what I anticipated

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